Reporters Round-Up

Happy Friday!…In case you did not realize actually is Friday the 13th! Be safe! Be nice to those black cats, walk around every ladder, and donate some carrots for the rabbits in your local pet store to balance out the universe for the rabbit’s foot hanging from your keychain! 😉

Today’s post actually deals nothing with Friday the 13th! Instead, I rounded up a few stories from other bloggers I like to visit for you to check out today. Here is a snapshot at who’s talking about what among other writers in the blogosphere! A whole lot more movie news, reviews, and ideas make it to the web than what actually ends up reported here on the site. (I can’t write about everything….unfortunately….) So, today, take a look at a few mention-worthy stories and articles from other regular movie reporters.

For Each Report, Click The Picture For The Jump To The Full Article

  • First up- Ruth over at Flixchatter highlights her “Top 10 Favorite Scenes from Marvel Superhero Movies!” See which ones she picked, watch the clips, and comment about your personal favorite scenes from Marvel! This post is fun with a lot of neat vids!


  • Castor over at Anomalous Material shares his thoughts about the “Top 6 Best Natalie Portman Performances of Her Career!” Be sure to join in on the discussion…don’t miss this post! Before heading over there, try to already come up with your top 6 picks from all of her roles and have them in mind as you check out Castor’s picks! (All of his picks are pretty solid!)


  • The Movie Geek over at MovieGeekBlog shares thoughts on the recent thriller flick, Insidious! Check out the quick synopsis and thoughts on the film, since I have not had the opportunity to review it for you yet!


  • BlueJ over at the Yellow Brick Road spotlighted films from the 90’s in a couple of posts. Her second one focuses on favorite films from 1996. Pull out your memory caps and put ’em on. Which films from 1996 were YOUR favorite? Check out hers. You’ll see mine in the comment section. Walk down memory lane over at the Yellow Brick Road and leave a comment of your own!


  • And finally, In case you happened to miss My Cinematic Alphabet last month (List of movies A-Z that I thoroughly enjoy). Here it is! Do you have a list of your own? Share it!

Lots of goings-ons! Did you have a favorite Natalie Portman role? or the best Marvel movie scene picked out? or a great film for every letter of the alphabet? Spill it! Let us know! Leave a comment…….or two!!!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!


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  1. Hey thanks for the shout out, T, how very kind! I gotta do the DC version of that soon as I’m really more of a DC gal. Enjoy your weekend, my friend.


    • Absolutely Ruth! My pleasure. I really enjoyed that post. I forgot you were more of a DC girl. Right now that pretty much means a Batman/Superman post with a “what’s to come” segment added to. Can’t wait to see that post!

      Have a great weekend as well!


  2. thanks for the shoutout! I love your site because its such a great movie resource, i can come here and check for new trailers, reviews on current movies etc.. and i like that your tastes are so diverse so good job on keeping your blog interesting!


    • BlueJ, thank you for your very kind words and support! Your 90’s posts bring back quite a bit of memories for me and it’s fun thinking about the movies I watched back then. You always have great lists! Glad to give the shoutout!

      Thanks again.


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