It’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!” 49

Welcome to another edition of “Time to Vote Tuesday” today!

What is “Time to Vote Tuesday”? “Time to Vote Tuesday” is the session of fun weekly polls which spark thought, debate, and intrigue! Last week’s poll entitled “Series-Ending Sequels” has officially closed! (click HERE to see the results). Thank you to all those who voted and shared it! On to this week’s fun poll!

This weekend, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides releases in theaters nationwide! Due to the third film of the series, a fourth one seemed all but hum-drum to me, until watching a few more trailers and featurettes. I actually am looking forward to watching On Stranger Tides.

From 21 Jump Street to Nightmare on Elm Street, from Alice in Wonderland to Sleepy Hollow, from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape to Public Enemies…Johnny Depp continues to entertain audiences all around the world in numerous roles.

Quite the formidable and versatile actor, known for his continued work with director and friend Tim Burton, Johnny Depp has received numerous nominations for awards, of which he has won several.

(One of the reasons I like Johnny Depp is not just for what he does on camera, but for some of the things he does off camera, such as THIS).

Today I ask you….

Remember, you can vote for 2!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!


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**Editor’s note: Yesterday on “MNM” I reported that Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman (starring Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, and Charlize Theron) would launch approximately 6 months AFTER Relativity’s Snow White (starring Lily Collins, Armie Hammer, and Julia Roberts).

Snow White and the Huntsman– Dec 21, 2012 and Snow White– June 29, 2012.

Well, yesterday, Universal announced that Snow White and the Huntsman‘s release date has been pushed ahead of the competition. The date has now moved up from December 21 to JUNE 1, 2012 (4 weeks before the other one)…………interesting!! Will Snow White change its release date? Would you sit through TWO Snow White films in one month??


  1. Toughie this one. I pretty much love all of Mr Depps work and could have gladly ticked all the boxes. Alas that would be a little boring.

    I await patiently for the result…:-)



  2. I voted for OTHER because I like Johnny in his more ‘normal’ role in Finding Neverland.

    Btw, I’m so glad he’s definitely gonna be making a cameo in 21 Jump Street, that’d be a nice nostalgia for me as I love that show as a teen.


    • Once Upon A Time In Mexico, huh? Interesting choice. It wasn’t as great of a film I was expecting. Guess I was hoping for more of the first two parts of the story. I already know your thoughts on The Tourist…and agree! Thanks for voting.


    • I understand. Sometimes Depp can be a take it or leave it actor, as a lot of his more recent roles mirror each other.

      Ya know, I still haven’t seen all of Donnie B. Is it truly worth a shot? Hey thanks for stopping in and voting!


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