Rollin’ through the Rolodex

Oftentimes when blogging, so many ideas for posts, articles, projects, etc come to mind to keep things fun and exciting on the page. Unfortunately, sometimes, certain projects, post drafts, and ideas get filed away in the “Writing Rolodex” with a status of “awaiting completion.” 

Ah, the abyss known as the home for The Forgotten Files…for it is there that ideas and posts tend to temporarily disappear. Well, today I’d like to share with you a peek into said file to glance at some things that just didn’t make it to your eyes.

1. Artistic trailer for The Artist. Ruth over at Flixchatter posted this wonderful trailer last week and I meant to include it on “Trailer Time Thursday!” Featuring a silent film that debuted last week at the Cannes Film Festival, this movie looks older than it actually is! Take a glance at the story and the surprising actors that you will recognize. Enjoy.

2. Reality or not? Remember the four year wait and the heightened anticipation for the sequel to 1999’s The Matrix ?! Only to be let down by Reloaded and then Revolutions ? Well, over the past several months, rumors have circled the web around the issue of Keanu Reeves reportedly meeting with The Wachowskis and planning The Matrix 4 and 5…and in 3D! When that rumor started, the blogosphere erupted in protest!!

Well, now, Warner Bros. Studios is declaring the rumor as false. It would appear that we have seen the last of Neo. What are your thoughts? Would you have been for or against such sequels?

3. Reviews that didn’t make it. Due to a full schedule, I was unable to get to the theaters to review a few films, but, as usual, Casey Messer with Hollywood Dailies was there interviewing the First Fans to see what they had to say. Here are 2 vids for 2 movies that you may have interest in learning about! Did you see the films? What were your thoughts??

First Fans for Bridesmaids


First Fans for Priest 3D 

Thank you once again to my friend Casey. I appreciate your help! 🙂

4. Hi-Ho! Hammer!! Those of you that are Johnny Depp fans perhaps have been waiting to see who would share the screen with him in the upcoming production of The Lone Ranger. Depp is cast as the Lone Ranger’s sidekick, Tonto. Actors such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Ryan Gosling have been associated with the possibility of landing the part in the past, but the winner is none of them. It has been confirmed that the title role now belongs to Armie Hammer.

Hammer, who played as both of the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network will now take on the lead role with Johnny Depp as his sidekick…wow! Well, Hi-Ho Hammer!!! Screenwriter Justin Haythe (Revolutionary Road) also wrote the screenplay for The Lone Ranger which is supposed to release some time in 2012. 

5. Super Gr8 news! Some of you have asked me specifically about Super 8 news, but I purposefully have avoided any news, vids, trailers, etc about the film. I prefer to be surprised and hopefully enjoy the film without any spoilers or extra information. I loved the first preview trailer and am wanting to go into the movie with that in mind instead of any other news. So the film has explicitly been excluded from my research ever since the 2nd trailer launched. Recent trailers tempt me to fear director J.J. Abrams new project, but I remain hopeful and turn a blind eye towards any news about it until I get to see it for myself. FYI.

Well, there’s some of the news that’s been in the “Writing Rolodex” waiting to make it to you. Enjoy your weekend!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!


up next: Movie News Monday


    • Ha..ha.. you and me both Castor!

      THANK YOU for the shout out T, very much appreciate it. It looks like a cute movie isn’t it?

      As for Matrix, I wish they’d just leave it be. I’d rather see Keanu do other movies.


      • The shout out was a couple of days late, I meant to put up the trailer on ‘Triple-T’…so, my bad. Just got to busy and caught up and so I forgot about it. Hence, the idea and premise behind this post! I still have soo many projects in “draft” status. I’ll take it as a sign that we are constantly looking at ways to bring new exciting things to our readers! 🙂


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