It’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!” 51

It’s that time again! Today is another great weekly episode of “Time to Vote Tuesday”!

What is “Time to Vote Tuesday”? “Time to Vote Tuesday” is the session of fun weekly polls which spark thought, debate, and intrigue! Last week’s poll entitled “Post-Apocalyptic Pleasure” has officially closed! (click HERE to see the results. Thank you to all those who voted and shared it! On to this week’s fun poll!

Over at The Yellow Brick Road last week, BlueJ spolighted her favorite movies of 1998, one of which was Deep Impact. It made me think back to Morgan Freeman’s performance as President of the United States in that film and caused me to ponder other American Presidents in cinema. Sometimes a Presidential figure in cinema seems a much greater candidate than figures who aspire to occupy the oval office in actuality at any point in time!

With that in mind, today I ask you….

Remember, you can vote for 2! Pick the best Oval Office Occupant carefully! 🙂

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!



  1. I agree and really wanted to put President Palmer on here. because he is my fav. but, alas, 24 is a tv series (for the time being anyways!)

    Good taste Castor! You just went up even more on the “cool” chart!


    • I always welcome a plug for FC!! thanks for the fun link! Funny, you’re right about movies from the 90s!

      did you see that Donald Sutherland can soon be on the list of Presidents, since he will be President Snow in The Hunger Games!


  2. I think my favorite is Danny Glover in 2012…mainly becasue he sacrificed himself to be with his people…granted that would never happen in real life but still I liked him as president..and thanks for the shoutout!


    • haha, love the statement “down to earth.” Fitting, since his character in Independence Day had been a pilot, and is in a movie about aliens from outer space! To say he is “down to earth” made me laugh!

      just thought you picked the best words to describe him there! 😉


  3. I’m gonna go with the trifecta of Jack Lemmon, James Garner and Dan Aykroyd in “My Fellow Americans” The movie is fuunny!


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