The Hangover Hurts!…twice over.

The Wolf Pack is at it again! Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis (a.k.a. “The Wolf Pack”) return with their crazy and drunken debaucheries that lead them in a spiraling story of unimaginable events and impossible predicaments! While The Hangover Part II pulls a few laughs, it is very familiar and repetitive. A victim of the “Sequel Curse” it borders along the lines of boredom as so much repeats itself from the original.

The film takes seemingly longer to take off than the original, setting the stage and introducing the characters, simple plot, and location. But, again, in the exact same format as the original. You may actually take a second glance at your movie ticket stub to make sure that the movie you are watching is indeed Part II and not the original that you paid $10 to see. The entertainment factor of this film is fueled only by the intrigue of how they managed to get themselves in the exact same type of situation, how much worse it can get, and how/if they can manage to get out of it?

The good news: Doug is not lost and he does appear for longer than 5 minutes! The bad news: Stu’s fiancé’s little brother is lost, in Bangkok, the Wolf Pack, too, is amnesiatically (yes, I made up that word!) lost in Bangkok and Stu’s wedding is only hours away! A money-making monkey, Russian roadsters, meditative monks, tacky tattoos, combustible cocktails, and even their old “friend,” the ever-talkative Mr. Chow compiles a short list of just a FEW of the obstacles and occurrences that stand between the fellas and the wedding!

Again, the entertainment factor does exist for this film, but it is short-lived and dependent on each individual event topping the previous one. Almost in a forced manner. A few different twists and turns overall, but Part II is nothing more than a remake of the original…stepped up in level of raunchy-ness, yelling and screaming, and perposterous-ness.

This film might not have been as boring (due to the “been there, seen that, show me more” factor), if the filmmakers would have taken some more time with the story and characters instead of repeating the format of the first film (Present-day to Flashback sequence to Present-day to Photojournal). The movie sets its audience up, in anticipation, for nothing new. The curiosity of how each scene can top the parallel scene from the first film (much like a horror-flick and its sequels). Not sure what to expect for The Hangover Part III as the script is already being written…(perhaps the monkey will be getting married!)

Rated R for crude humor, language, sex, and drug usage. Check out The Hangover Part II if you must. It should be rated R for REPEAT! Laugh, cringe, yawn, and cry as you watch. It honestly bores quite a bit because very little is not new or enticing. Very little development of the jokes, plot, characters, their stories, or their relationships. For a group of guys that had this happen before, there is apparently no learning from previous mistakes. It may have its laughs, but there are much better movies, including the original. Something must be said, though, to the fact that The Hangover Part II is now the biggest comedy in box office history!

Filmed in beautiful Thailand, yet little of the gorgeous countryside is showcased!

Oh, and the gorgeous Jamie Chung (Grown Ups, Sucker Punch) as Stu’s fiancé is, unfortunately, also rarely seen! But good going Stu! 😀

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy Watching!

TheSp1der’s Score1 out of 5 stars for “The Hangover Part II


    • You know Hollywood. Make movies to make money more than make movies that are great. the budget for Hangover 2 was $80million, and worldwide it grossed over $200million. That’s why part 3 is in the works…


      • …seriously, this is just getting ridiculous. I liked the first one, but i don’t get why it needs to be a franchise. I enjoy a good R rated comedy, but it seems like they are milking this too much.

        And now i appreciate Apatow not making sequels to any of his movies a lot more.


  1. I didn’t even watch the first one… doesn’t interest me one bit, although if one day I get really really bored at home, I might go and rent it but for now, I’m skipping all these adult comedies that I don’t find funny at all.


  2. I was very disappointed by it even knowing that it would be similair. Was surprised by how much it was the same though and as a result really hated it.

    Agree with you on Jamie Chung…she should have had more scenes.


    • I too was surprised. SO much was exactly the same. Even down to some of the smaller details! pretty bold move…yet it smashed the box office! hmmm.

      Thanks for the comment! and welcome to TheScarletSp1der’s Web! 🙂 Feel free to stick around!


  3. I was slightly curious about the first one when it came out but haven’t got around to watching it. For some reason, that curiosity has gone out completely, now I don’t think I’ll ever watch a Hangover movie even if someone paid for the ticket.


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