“Trailer Time Thursday!” 6.2.11

“Trailer Time Thursday!” is here! The first of the month of June! Without further ado, here is your weekly fix of “Triple-T” (aka: “Trailer Time Thursday!”). In case this is your first visit to “Triple-T,” here’s what it’s all about:

Seeing as how everyone loves movie previews, “Trailer Time Thursday!” was created to bring all of the trending trailers that you may have missed in theaters, or just need to see, all in one convenient place! It makes Thursdays so great! Get ready! Your Preview Pandemonium awaits!

ENJOY!!! :)

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World. Back to the world of the Spy Kids! Just when you thought the series might be through, here comes another. Spy Kids 4! Joining the crew: Jessica Alba, Jeremy Piven, and, yes, Danny Trejo returns as Machete. The undercover ops begin on August 19, 2011.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Guillermo del Toro’s creepy haunting movie starring Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce, and Bailee Madison has a second theatrical trailer now. The trailer is chilling to say the least. The fear and scream inducing is set to begin on August 26, 2011. Don’t be Scared!

50/50. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen combine forces to blend comedy and cancer into one with this film that is inspired by the true story and experiences of movie producer and screenplay writer Will Reiser. While battling cancer Reiser, Seth Rogen, and JGL made it a personal vendetta to eventually bring Reiser’s story to the big screen. I want to see this one. Look for it to launch on September 30, 2011. Rogen explains it all in the first few seconds of the video:

The Whistleblower. Rachel Weisz plays the part of Kathryn Bolkovac in a biopic based on the plight of a police officer from Nebraska who was sent to Bosnia to help keep the peace after the war, only to find scandal at the heart of an assuming cover up by the UN. This one seems rather familiar to North Country starring Charlize Theron…very similar plot. See if the whistle gets blown on this one or not on August 5, 2011.

Happy Feet 2 in 3D. Check out this teaser trailer for the sequel to the chilly and cool feature. Not feeling the gimmicky musical montage, but perhaps that is all it is. The animated feature gets to stepping on November 18, 2011.

Horrible Bosses (trailer#2). This second trailer for this upcoming comedy has extra footage that will continue to keep you laughing. Oh, and check out the cast: Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis,Charlie Day, Jennifer Aniston, Donald Sutherland, Julie Bowen, Colin Farrell, Kevin Spacey, and Jamie Foxx. Horrible Bosses releases on July 8, 2011.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It is amazing to me how closely this resembles the original Swedish version of the film! My mind goes back to scenes from the original as the trailer plays. Daniel Craig (007: Casino Royale), Rooney Mara (The Social Network), Stellan Skarsgård (Thor) and the rest of the cast look promising in this Americanized version of the film based on the best-selling first of three in a series of books.

Enjoy this first look, because the film will not be in theaters until the end of the year: Dec. 21, 2011.

Well, that’s it for this round of ‘Triple-T’ today! Which one has your interest?

Here’s what releases in theaters this weekend. June 3, 2011:

  • Wide Release: X-Men: First Class
  • Limited Release: Beginners, Submarine, and Beautiful Boy

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!


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  1. I saw The Whistleblower trailer, looks pretty intense. Rachel sounds very convincing as an American, though the film looks very B-movie-ish. Horrible Bosses seems like a hoot, I’ll watch it just for Bateman. Jen Aniston plays a slightly different character than her average rom-com, but still, not too much of a stretch. If I see her with a pixie cut (not a wig, so she’d actually have to cut her own hair) playing someone w/ cancer or something like that, then maybe I can say she’s at least attempting to be serious about acting.


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