Special Event: TheScarletSp1der’s Fantasy Movie Pitch #2

It’s that time again! Time to turn in my contribution to another great game hosted by Castor at Anomalous Material! The last Movie Fantasy Pitch involved choosing a cast and coming up with my own movie to pitch to a studio! (Click here to read my movie pitch entitled Eye for an Eye from the last game. It starred Kate Beckinsale, Aaron Eckhart, and more, with Ridley Scott directing!)

This time around, the game revolved more around bidding wars for the cast. Here’s how it worked:

“You are a producer with a hot movie script which has been green-lit by the studio and it’s time for you to find your dream director and cast. The budget for your principal talent is $50 million and not one penny more. You will engage in bidding wars with competing producers to get the services of the actors and directors you want for your movie! As your funds dwindle, difficult decisions will have to be made.”

(Click here to see who bid what for whom if you wish to see how it all worked.) Some of the cast I had to make high bids for in order to acquire, but when it was all said and done, the cast chosen was the cast assembled! After the cast was made it became time to put them to work. Below is my movie pitch along with the cast for it.

This time around, instead of creating my own movie, I decided to take a pre-existing one and re-cast it! For your contemplative pleasure TheScarletSp1der, along with RED WEB PRODUCTIONS proudly presents to you director Ben Affleck’s version of The Departed. (Hollywood loves to do remakes, so why not!) The Departed, afterall is a remake in and of itself. 🙂

The Departed (Affleck Remake)

Director Ben Affleck (in place of Martin Scorsese)- chosen for his love of Boston, Dramatization of a story, and to pitch experience vs. youth.

Based in…Boston. Surprise!! -Affleck’s location of choice and true to the original.

Ryan Reynolds as Billy Costigan (in place of Leonardo DiCaprio) -chosen as a believable “good” cop and acting. Also just as talkative!

Ben Affleck as Colin Sullivan (in place of Matt Damon) -Affleck to direct himself as the questionable Colin Sullivan.

Brian Cox as Frank Costello (in place of Jack Nicholson) -If anyone can play an evil crime boss in lieu of Nicholson, it’s Cox!

Samuel L Jackson as Capt. Queenan (in place of Martin Sheen) -as the ever-pursuant veteran police captain, with a personal vendetta to close up shop on crime.

Greta Gerwig as Madolyn (in place of Vera Farmiga) -chosen to play the professional department psychologist in the middle of a love triangle.

Clive Owen as Capt. Ellerby (in place of Alec Baldwin) -tall, authoritative, passionate. Perfect for the role.

Mark Ruffalo as Staff Sgt. Dignam (in place of Mark Wahlberg) -Ruffalo has been sinking his teeth into bigger parts lately. He can be calm and collected as well as forceful, angry, obsessive, and mean. (We’ll undoubtedly see that in The Avengers as he plays both Bruce Banner AND The Hulk.)

Sofia Vergara as Gwen (in place of Kristen Dalton) -I felt that Frank Costello should’ve had an even hotter girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, the redheaded Kristen Dalton- gorgeous! But, let’s take it up a notch for this remake! 🙂

Added cast:

  • Famke Janssen -Capt. Queenan’s wife -character not present in The Departed. Included to make Capt. Queenan more than just 2-dimensional.
  • Stan Lee -Cameo as Taxi Driver (I have always wanted to see Stan Lee cameo as a taxi driver. It’s my movie, so I’m putting him in it!) 🙂
  • The remainder of the cast can stay the same: Anthony Anderson, Ray Winstone, David O’Hara, James Badge Dale, etc.

The main difference with Affleck’s remake as opposed to the original (aside from cast): I wish to produce basically the exact same movie, short of a few details…Mainly consisting of further character devolopment.

  1. More of a story between Madolyn and Costigan and Sullivan.
  2. More background on Staff Sgt. Dignam,
  3. More insight into what drives the seasoned Capt. Queenan.

This remake would focus on giving a little more background development for both the crucial and supplemental characters, thus increasing the portrayal of the sense of drive and passion within them.

One thing I felt was lacking in The Departed: a better connection between several of the characters. Affleck, in his deep dramatic filmmaking, will draw that out of his characters for an even greater well-rounded story. Not just an assumed relationship built between Dignam and Queenan, or Costigan and Queenan, or Costello and Gwen. I also included a wife for Queenan to show a cop with a family and a “normal” life. None of the good, honest policemen in the film have that “normalcy” developed for them. These elements are necessary in The Departed because 1-not all cops are single, 2-not all cops are dirty, 3-everyone has something that drives them so, let’s explore that!


  1. Make Costigan have to get his hands dirty as an undercover cop!
  2. Create more of a chase between the good guys and the bad guys: For as much of a cat-and-mouse game movie The Departed is, there should be more of that essence.

All of these slight changes will increase the attachment the audience feels with the characters. That way, by the end, it’s not just the shock-and-awe of it that grips you, but an emotional sense of attachment, justification, and loss grips you as well, bringing a greater all-around feeling for the movie and characters. Better closure for the viewer.

Well, that is the movie pitch from Red Web Productions! What do you think? Would you watch a remake of The Departed with the proposed cast and crew? What would you change…if anything?

*OH! and 1 other thing! I would edit the amount of language in the film! This film uses the “f” word or something close to it over 237 times! (The most ever used by a film to win an Oscar!) A bit much I’d say!

This is a contest, and I am up against some stiff competition. There are a total of 21 “Production Studios” involved! We’ll see who wins! PLEASE be sure to visit HERE and read the other amazing pitches and then vote for the one that you liked!

Thank for reading! Happy Watching!


up next: Trailer Time Thursday!



    • Thanks! I actually had no idea it was a remake until I had already started on the project. But remakes of remakes happen, look at Jane Eyre as a quick example. I think it’s been done over 40 times! haha, The story that Cruel Intentions is based on has been made several times. Just to name a couple. I see your point. But I liked so much that was done with The Departed, why completely reinvent the wheel??


      • cop/gangster stories are done so much that the flip side to doing an original: Comparisons drawn between it and The Departed, or Goodfellas, or American Gangster, or such like. Instead of competing with all of them, just work on the one that sparked the desire for a remake in the first place. (my opinion of course)


      • I did see it, but couldn’t spend time reading it all right then. Want to give it the attention I should. I will check it out soon. Thank you. I haven’t forgotten. Just waiting for the right amount of time! Glad you worked to improve it!


      • Of course, the potency has been watered to nothingness and this latest adaptation did poorly at the box office. It’s a nice idea and clear you spent time on it, but the movies been done exceptionally well twice before.


      • thanks Graygrrrl for reading! I agree that it was done well, but, the remake should really focus on the areas that the previous one ignored! I’d hope to present that and with an additional amazing new cast!

        Glad you stopped by and commented.


  1. Great pitch Spidey! Extra credit that you manage to keep it short (helps that you don’t need to recap a lot of plot) there are way to many looong fantasy pitches out there.

    I would definitively see this. I didn’t find the US version so special to begin with and you certainly highlight some of the problems it has with characters and relationships great plot analys.

    Second the casing (including Ben Affleck as director) feels very solid and also not that unrealistic. Great choices in Samuel L. Jackson and Mark Ruffalo but I don’t think the studios would let you get Famke Jensen event hough I think its a great choice.

    When I develop my own scripts we often try reversing gender on characters to develop the story and find new perspectives. I think this could have been an interesting option to try here by having two females in the lead duo.

    Still a very good cast and a solid pitch! Great work, now you just have to await the hate of the Scorsese ranters. =)


    • Joel I appreciate your words. Thank you. Funny that you mention the gender reversals. I actually attempted that at first with Famke as Sullivan and Gerwig as Costigan, but I just didn’t feel it was right for Gerwig. Didn’t gel. I was very proud of Sam Jackson and Mark Ruffalo and am glad that you approve!

      I await the Scorsese lovers! ha! Thanks again!


  2. I’ve never seen The Departed as I’m not huge on violent gangster movie, but I like the cast you’ve got here. Funny to see Affleck replacing his buddy Damon, and I do think he’s got chops for directing (better than his acting skills surely). I love Brian Cox so kudos for including him, I’d rather watch him than Nicholson, though I’d watch this for Clive alone! 😉

    And since you plan on editing the foul language (though I doubt the studios would go w/ that), I’d be more inclined to watch it.

    Great pitch!


  3. hmmm Interesting concept you got the matey, with some very cool choices as swaps in the cast.

    I would like to see how a different approach this remake would turn out!!

    Cool job!


  4. Affleck as the director! Didn’t see that coming, I like it. Ben replacing Matt Damon, Sam replacing Martin, Clive replacing Alec, And Sofia replacing anyone she wants (perfect eye candy) are all great moves!! The casting changes alone make me want to see the movie that much more. Good call.


  5. Very interesting casting especially for the two leads. I’m a bit skeptical about Ryan Reynolds so certainly that adds to the intrigue. Definitely agree about your added emphasis on the characters and trying to create more suspense in the chase sequences!


  6. […] You can see exactly how it plays out here, but the general way it works is by drafting actors and directors onto a team and gaining points for your team based on their individual movie’s performances throughout the year. You can also earn more points by creating a film of your own, with said cast, and pitching it to a movie studio as it were. (This is my 3rd time at doing this, here you can see entry#1 and entry#2.) […]


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