“Trailer Time Thursday!” 6.23.11

Some days are not so fun…and then, there’s “Trailer Time Thursday!” Thursday is pretty much the best day of the week! 😀 Gotta love Thursdays! Your weekly fix of “Triple-T” (aka: “Trailer Time Thursday!”) has arrived. In case this is your first visit to “Triple-T,” here’s what it’s all about:

Seeing as how everyone loves movie previews, “Trailer Time Thursday!” was created to bring all of the trending trailers that you may have missed in theaters, or just need to see, all in one convenient place! It makes Thursdays so great! Get ready! Your Preview Pandemonium awaits!

ENJOY!!! :)

Footloose. This remake starring Dennis Quaid, Julianne Hough, and Kenny Wormald will Step Up to the dance floor on October 14, 2011. Dance, Dance, Dance! It’s a revolution!

Puss in Boots. Check out this newest trailer for Dreamworks prequel of a story about the kitty that wore boots, and spoke with Zorro’s accent! Antonio Banderas lends his vocal talent once again to the character of Puss in Boots. Salma Hayek and Zach Galifianakis joins him on November 4, 2011.

Flypaper. Dr. McDreamy and two sets of bank robbers robbing the same bank at the same time. Ashley Judd and Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development) co-star in this “Ro-Maction-Comedy”(?). Directed by Rob Minkoff who directed The Lion King, Stuart Little, and The Forbidden Kingdom.

Dolphin Tale. Watch trailer #2 for a movie about a boy and his friends who try to save an injured dolphin. Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, and Harry Connick Jr. star in this film that swims to the big screen on Sept 23, 2011.

Neverland. A miniseries prequel to Peter Pan. I am interested in checking it out! I also love how Bob Haskins “Pre-prises” his role as Smee!

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked. Oh, fun! C-H-I-P-M-U-N-K-S. They’re back and back at their same-o shenanigans on December 11, 2011.

Killer Elite. Jason Statham, Clive Owen, and Robert DeNiro all in the same movie! Just watch the trailer! yeaah! The kills begin on September 23, 2011.

Well, that’s it for this round of ‘Triple-T’ today! Which one has your interest?

Here’s what releases in theaters this weekend. June 24, 2011:

  • Wide Release: Cars 2 and Bad Teacher
  • Limited Release: A Better Life and Leap Year

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!


Yesterday’s spotlight focused on new movie posters to hit the web! Check out these 4 that came out yesterday! What do you think? (click any poster to enlarge it)



  1. The only one i have any real interest in is Killers, and that looks like it could potentially end up being another Expendables

    And as for the posters, i really like Sean Penn, but that poster kind of scares me


  2. I had just seen the Killer Elite one on my hubby’s iPad. I was initially excited for it because of Owen but the trailer is pretty meh to me. It’s like Heat meets Transporter meets Shoot ‘Em Up (which I loathe). Having De Niro no longer means it’s gonna be a good film, either.


    • haha, you are right! so right! but I still want to see it.

      and it’s too unfortunate that DeNiro no longer is synonymous with AMAZING!

      how do you like the ipad? I used one for a while, but I’m not a fan of the Ipad version of our wordpress sites on it. u?


      • Oh it’s Ivan’s iPad, and he LOVES it. I only get to ‘use’ it during dinner time when he plays videos/trailers on the dining table 😀 I think my blog looks ok on the iPad.


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