This Just In! Captain America: The First Avenger–New Theatrical Trailer!

Movie fans, Marvel fans, Marvel Movie fans!!!!!! Behold!

Captain America: The First Avenger‘s latest theatrical trailer has released! OH MAN!!


So much more footage! I cannot wait for July 22, 2011!!! How about you? Does this trailer make you want to see it more, or avoid it more? Leave a comment!




  1. Twitter is all abuzz with tweets from various blogs who shares your sentiment, T. I must say I’ve become more interested in seeing this than when I first heard about it. My hubby on the other hand had always been excited for this project, so maybe that rubs off on me a bit 😀 They showed a bit more of Heinz Kruger this time, played by one of my fave ‘obscure’ Brits Richard Armitage (hopefully he won’t be so obscure anymore after this and The Hobbit!)


    • I understand. esp since he did JP3 and Wolfman (didn’t care for those 2 myself), but I did enjoy Honey I shrunk the kids and Hidalgo so..we’ll see. Many people didn’t like Branagh for Thor, but I thought he excelled where others might have failed. You are right…we will see.

      Can’t wait to see ya on the big screen Cap!


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