Movie News Monday for June 27, 2011!

Greetings everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and watched a lot of movies! Here’s what I watched: Cars 2 (review to post later this evening), Moulin Rouge, and Major Payne! How about you?!

After taking the weekend off from writing, it is time to return to providing you with the best bit of news, reviews, and more! Starting right off with what we love about Mondays! That’s right! Today is Monday and that means: “Movie News Monday!” (“MNM!”) is here!

What is ‘MNM’ all about?

In case this is your first time here, “Movie News Monday!” (MNM) is the place to visit every Monday for a quick recap of trending entertainment news! I’ve collected info, rumors, etc from all over just for you to keep you updated on movies being released, actors/actresses in roles, dvd releases to keep a lookout for, which movie won in the box office over the weekend, etc! Are you ready for your weekly update? Here it is!

This Just In!!…

#1- “The Weekend Winner.” This past weekend, Cars 2 sped past all the other movies to claim first place in the box office! The likes of Lightning McQueen and Mater brought this film a lot of success. It actually outdid its predecessor, Cars, on its debut weekend ($68m vs $60m)! Green Lantern, (#1 last week) dropped to #3 with a 65% drop in revenue (similar to that of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer). Which of the movies did YOU see this weekend?

Here are the weekend’s estimated results for Fri, June 24-Sun, June 26:

  1. Cars 2 ~$68 million (NEW RELEASE)
  2. Bad Teacher ~$31 million (NEW RELEASE)
  3. Green Lantern ~$18.4 million
  4. Super 8 ~$12.1 million
  5. Mr. Popper’s Penguins ~$10.3 million
  6. X-Men: First Class ~$6.6 million
  7. The Hangover Part II ~$5.9 million
  8. Bridesmaids ~$5.4 million
  9. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides ~$4.7 million
  10. Midnight in Paris ~$4.5 million

Congrats to Cars 2! Did you see it? Did you enjoy the Toy Story 6min short before it?

#2- “D.C. Universe Movie News” 3 Superhero movies of the D.C. Universe deserve mention today in “MNM.”

The Dark Knight Rises. Thanks to, set photos for The Dark Knight Rises have surfaced showing the rebuilt Wayne Manor and a cemetary (assumed to have the iconic tombstone for Bruce’s parents)! Take a look!

The Dark Knight Rises releases on July 20, 2012.

Man of Steel. Two new cast members were announced this past week as additions to the upcoming Superman reboot directed by Zack Snyder. After seeing Russell Crowe cast as Superman’s father, Jor-el, it was only a matter of time until Superman’s mother, Lara Lor-Van, was cast as well. Welcome, Julia Ormond for the part!

Also this week, Law & Order: SVU’s Christopher Meloni also joined the cast in a role that is yet to be announced, but he did reveal that he will NOT be playing Lex Luthor.

Man of Steel, with its star-studded cast, releases in December 2012.

Green Lantern. While most critics loathed Green Lantern, most of the (what I call) “popcorn movie goers” liked it a bit more. While the box office suffered greatly and the movie hopes to make up its $200m budget along with its $100m marketing campaign, Warner Bros is pressing forward with continuing the franchise. Even with disappointing box office results (remember, 65% drop in ticket sales in 1 week!) Warner Bros STILL plans on releasing a sequel in the near future.Notice that there has yet to be a Fantastic Four 3 ?! I have a feeling that this is a bad move, but we shall see.

**Oh, and on the Marvel side of things: Patrick Dempsey is still lobbying for a Doctor Strange movie! What do you think? Check out a 96 sec segment of him talking about it here.

#3- “Apollo 18’s New Trailer Tries to Capture More Interest” After a lot of back and forth on this film’s release date and appeal (it was supposed to release in February 2011, then March 2011, then April 2011, then 2012, and now back to 2011. Now Apollo 18 is officially set to launch on September 2, 2011. The new trailer attempts to keep the whole “actual footage” look and feel in order to attract viewers. The film looks mediocre at best. What do you think? Here’s the trailer:

#4- “4D?!!” Spy Kids 4 trailers have advertised that it will be shown in 4D! If you’ve seen the trailer, perhaps you wondered what exactly that meant. 4D includes the use of “smell-o-vision!” Called Aromascope, Robert Rodriguez’s film will basically use a prompted scratch-n-sniff concept to further the movie experience. 8 scent cards will be handed to viewers in order to “enjoy” the Aromascope aspect of the film when prompted to sniff a certain card at specific points of the movie! Here is an excerpt from the press release:

“When each of the 8 aromas are unleashed you will get to experience a special moment in the film and be transported into scenes in the family adventure film. This fun added attraction takes the audience beyond sight and sound and into a symphony of scents as the movie is coming to life.”

Aromascope cards will be provided for all theaters for all screens (2D and 3D) and will not cause any additional cost to the moviegoer. What do you think? Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World launches on August 19, 2011. I hope it doesn’t stink!

#5- “This Week’s Blu-ray release.” Sucker Punch, starring Emily Browning, Carla Gugino, Abbie Cornish, Vanessa Hudgens, and more features the perilous psychological plight of a group of girls fighting for their freedom against insurmountable odds! If you loved this movie it is a DEFINITE blu-ray buy due to the amazing visuals and hd quality of audio! Mixed reviews abounded for this highly imaginitive film of Zack Snyder, but it is definitely worth a watch! Click the picture below for the review!

BIRTHDAY BONUS: Happy Birthday Tobey Maquire (36) and Director J.J. Abrams (45)

Well, that’s it for this round of “Movie News Monday!”

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!


up next: Review for CARS 2, followed by “Time to Vote Tuesday!” Don’t forget to vote for your 2 favorite movie dads last week’s poll, it closes tonite!


  1. 4D sounds ridiculously silly…seriously. I also want to see Sucker-Punch just to get my own opinion on it, as my friends seemed to like it but almost no one else did

    And i liked Tobey in Brothers


  2. I like Julia Ormond, so I quite like that casting. Too bad there isn’t gonna be a Gladiator reunion though 🙂

    Btw, did I ever tell you that my Zumba instructor looks just like Emily Browning? She’s got another job though, so last night was her last class.


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