Transformers 3: Definitely MORE than meets the eye!!

Shia LaBeouf! Transformers! Robots! Cars! Action! Explosions! No Megan Fox! Optimus Prime! A Real Hot Blond! Patrick Dempsey! Bumblebee!…Whatever your reason! Go See Transformers: Dark of the Moon !

Okay, so let me break from my usual format and talk to you Sp1der-a-Sp1derling! 🙂

First off, I don’t care about “staying true to every single element of Transformers lore,” which is one of the defenses for the 2nd film that purists seem to toss up! I care if the story is well done with believable events, unexpected happenings, great explosions, action, cars, and, well, you know…all the stuff we go to movies for! What?! and you don’t?!!! 😀

I tolerated Revenge of the Fallen, but, like several other #2 films in trilogies (Blade, The Matrix, etc) it was a less-than sufficient stepping stone to the 3rd (and possibly final) act! I understand the need for staying true to certain elements (you can’t have Optimus Prime be a female Decepticon leader for example), but I didn’t hear any of the purists complaining with the liberties Michael Bay took by making Bumblebee a Camaro instead of a VW Bug!!!

Fortunately, director Michael Bay listened to many of the criticisms and changed his approach with Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Instead of trying to please everybody (there’s a thin line that divides Purists from People who just enjoy great movies), Bay went back to some basics! When you watch the movie you will be glad that fight scenes don’t just look like a bunch of metal flying around; that the plot, action, and comedy are all nicely blended; that Rosie Hungtington-Whiteley looks SO much better than Megan Fox 🙂 ; …and that they didn’t spare when it comes to special effects, plot revelations, surprise happenings, and destruction!

My only complaint with this film, aside from the cliché transformer swooping in in just the nick of time when needed, is that there are portions of the film where you will find yourself asking, “Well, where is Optimus and the crew??” Leading to the mentioned cliché transformer swoop-and-rescue. But part of the fun is that at times you won’t know if it will truly happen or not!

I can’t wait for some of you to see this film and hopefully comment with your thoughts on it here!

For all of you “Michael Bay-haters” out there, STOP, and let me tell you real quick what he did right:

  • Retained use of Steve Jablonsky’s talent for a continued musical score!
  • Gave a better balance of Transformers/Humans, although some might say there’s still not enough of the Transformers! I would say that he underused some of the human characters we loved from the previous installments.
  • Included a better sense of peril and urgency than just some big Transformer eating away a pyramid to further Earth’s destruction!
  • Let us see more of Cybertron and better understanding of the backstory!
  • Give us more than just one epic battle scene! (remember the amazing one on Transformers 2 in the forest?)
  • Provided some great visual effects!
  • Made the story, setting, characters, and ideas/backstory a lot more believable!
  • Great 3D that adds, rather than distracts!

A few things I wish that Bay would’ve changed:

  • The length of the film. Sitting at roughly 150 mins, it is rather long, but mainly bearable with the action and story that has to take place!
  • The limited use of John Malkovich and his great wardrobe! Such a great talent whose inclusion and exit in the film is a shoulder-shrugger.
  • The lack of greater explanation of Shockwave!

(but there’s only so much you can do without making a movie too long, or cutting out a valuable scene.)

Some enjoyable things to look out for:

  • Spock’s dual cameo! (Leonard Nimoy voices the character of Sentinel Prime)
  • Some of the Transformers you wanted to see more of from the first 2!
  • A FANTASTIC opening sequence blending the past and the present in such an amazing fashion!
  • The flight suit segment! (Check out this amazing quick vid showcasing the work done to complete that scene which was NEVER done before in film! Watching this vid made me even MORE excited to see the scene take place!)

A great film that I am glad I saw! So far, this is the BEST action/adventure film of Summer 2011 (which started with Fast Five)! Yeah, you may find some plot holes, yeah, you may have a thing or two to gripe and complain about, that’s with ALL movies. But this time around, I just gotta say: Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon is fun, fantastic, and definitely more than meets the eye! Go see it!

If Michael Bay doesn’t make a fourth one, I’ll be happy with the way this one concluded! Shia LaBeouf has already stated he will not return for a fourth. There may yet be a fourth. You know how these things go! But #3 is enjoyable great fun!

Okay, back to regular format! Good talk! haha:

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy Watching!

TheSp1der’s Score: 4 out of 5 stars for “Transformers: Dark of the Moon

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  1. Megan is a shockingly bad actress. That said, it wouldn’t matter because most guys wouldn’t notice her weak acting skills because they are blinded by her hotness. She’s a total bombshell but it’s a pity that she’s only famous because of her looks and sex appeal. Not because of her (non-existent) acting talent.

    I’m not endorsing her replacement either. I agree with you that they have not put much thought into her role but, now that we are at Transformers 3 anything or anyone is better than Megan!


  2. Wow you watched it already?!?! O.O

    Nice review, nice pics too, I never really followed the promos because I wanna be surprised when I watch the actual movie… 😀

    Gonna see it for myself very soon… looking forward to Spock’s voice!


  3. I’d have to just take your word for it T, as I have no interest to see this one. Couldn’t even get past the first one when I saw it at a friend’s house.


    • haha. that’s too bad! I’d like for you to actually watch this one! Do you take requests?

      I officially challenge you to go see Transformers: Dark of the Moon with an open mind and write a review for your site! 😀

      I’d like to see your thoughts. Especially if you didn’t even reach the end of the 1st one??!! Truly not THAT bad! haha

      Challenge issued. Challenge Accepted??


  4. Oh interesting! Completely a polar opposite review from our own Sam 😉 Seems like this movie isn’t as bad as Transformers 2, at least in the fact that it does get some cookie point for reaching the point of eating one’s soul…


    • haha. I don’t see what all the bad reviews are complaining about! I actually really enjoyed it. The story, the action, the transformers! well, I’m not going to re-hash what you already read in my review! Go see it yourself and let me know your thoughts!

      Thanks for the comment!


  5. For me, I enjoyed myself so much because the story may start off slow, but as time goes on, the action is amazing and just happens non-stop to the point of where I left, I was just totally worn-out thanks to Michael Bay. Good Review! Check out mine when you can!


  6. Ha yea, I have to travel quite a bit too if I wanna catch an IMAX movie… I’ve already seen Transformers Dark of the Moon 2 times, once in 2D and 2nd time in 3d… I’m watching it in 3D again tomorrow… 🙂


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