From TheScarletSp1der’s shelf to yours…#7

Ah, yes! The summertime! With the rise in temperature also comes the rise of theatrical blockbusters for moviegoers all over the world. But sometimes, instead of choosing to go out to watch a movie, you may feel like watching one at home. Only…which one do you watch? Every so often I like to make movie recommendations for you from the movies that I have in my own personal stash through a segment that I love to call “From TheScarletSp1der’s shelf to yours…”

Do you like to collect movies? If you do, you know that the value of a worthy movie collection lies not in quantity, but in quality. As I’ve said before, “You may have 500 movies, but if 375 of them are horrible….then your neighbor with 75 classics has a better collection! In my opinion.” Hopefully these segments will help you in your quest for the perfect movie collection. Several great films never get the recognition that they are due. So, I choose to share the ones I know of with you! Here’s another peek into my own personal movie stash. Enjoy!

My movie to share from my shelf to yours today is: The Rock 

Yes, it’s true. Michael Bay did movies before Transformers ! Some would argue his better movies were pre-transformers era! One of my favs is this film with an all-star cast including Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage, Ed Harris, and a lot of other supporting actors that you recognize by face, but unfortunately not so much by name. David Morse being one of those great supporting actors. I was going to summarize the movie for you, but I like what it says on the backside of the dvd cover:

“All of San Francisco is taken hostage when a vengeful General (Ed Harris) seizes control of Alcatraz Island, threatening to launch missiles loaded with deadly poison gas! With time running out, only a young FBI chemical weapons expert (Cage) and a notorious Federal prisoner (Connery) have the skills to penetrate the island fortress and defuse the lethal situation! Edge-of-your-seat suspense and unstoppable action explode off the screen in this must-see motion picture event!”

This film, which released in 1996, was director Michael Bay’s 2nd big movie release (first was 1995’s Bad Boys starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence). Nominated for an Oscar for Best Sound, The Rock actually earned several other nominations, winning different awards altogether, including an MTV Movie Award for Best On-screen Duo (Cage and Connery). It is their quick witty back-and-forth banter that brings about a great sense of realism and urgency into this highly explosive and exciting thriller.

Trivia about The Rock:

  • With a movie making budget of $70 million, The Rock grossed $325 million worldwide in theaters! A very impressive feat, especially for the mid-90s.
  • Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer AND Sean Connery (who demanded, and got, a cabin built for him on Alcatraz so that he wouldn’t have to travel from the mainland to the island everyday!) 🙂
  • Connery’s character John Mason states to have been trained by British Intelligence! Hmm, a lot like his previous character James Bond!!
  • Uncredited screenwriters: Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction) and Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network)
  • Several of the Navy SEALS in The Rock were played by actual U.S. Navy SEALS.
  • An award-winning soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer (The Lion King, Inception, Batman Begins, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more!!)

Rated R for language, sexual content, and strong violence (Body count= 25), The Rock is an action thriller that remains one of my favs to stay at home and watch! Definitely one of Nicolas Cage’s finer moments in film! For your viewing pleasure, it is my great pleasure to recommend The Rock “From TheScarletSp1der’s shelf to yours!”

Thanks for reading! Click HERE to see the other previous recommendations from TheScarletSp1der’s shelf to yours!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Sp1der’s Score: I’m not going to rate the movies in the “Shared Shelf” segments….I already own them! That’s gotta tell you something! 😀

Thank you to IMDB for the trivia info!

up next: “Trailer Time Thursday!”



  1. I love this movie. Probably my favorite Nicholas Cage movie (though no where near my favorite Sean Connery ;)). Good choice!


      • I wish I’d get notifications when people respond to my posts on here 😦 In my book, no Connery character can compare with Ramirez from Highlander. Although he has a lot of great films, that one is my favorite 🙂


  2. Such a guilty pleasure movie for me when I was younger. I would tape this on my VCR when it came on TV and then watch it over and over again! 😉


    • haha. well, thanks for reading and commenting. I’ll be honest, I don’t see why so many people despise Bay’s movies. I quite enjoy them myself. It’s not just a director that makes a movie. One can’t discredit the work of the actors in several of the films! But, then again, I am in the minority when it comes to loving the film The Island! 🙂


  3. Wow, what a coincidence! I may feature this movie in my SF-themed post to commemorate my CA trip. I love this one, you make me want to rewatch this again soon.


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