Super Saturday Trailer Matinee!

WOW!! This week has been crazy and chock-full of trailers, photos, and news. Yesterday we got a look at several of the photos that have released for upcoming movies. Click HERE to see them. Today we get a look at several of the new trailers that have released for upcoming movies. Bear with me, there are 8!!!

*How this post works: Click any movie title in gold to visit the imdb movie info page for it! Click the play button to watch the trailer! 🙂

Trailer for Bunraku, starring Woody Harrelson & Josh Hartnett.

Trailer for Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark, starring Katie Holmes & Guy Pearce.

Trailer for Paranormal Activity 3, spooking kids in the 80’s.

Trailer for The Pirates: Band of Misfits, voicing Brendan Gleeson & Jeremy Piven.

Trailer for Drive, starring Ryan Gosling & Carey Mulligan. (CAUTION: this trailer is rated “R for REDBAND” due to its violent nature.) 

Trailer for Main Street, starring Colin Firth & Orlando Bloom.

Trailer for Haywire, starring Gina Carano & Ewan McGregor.

Trailer for Bel Ami, starring Robert Pattinson & Uma Thurman.

First Fans for Captain America: The First Avenger ! (Thanks to my friend Casey Messer, for all of the First Fans vids!)

Please take a quick few secs to visit here and help support Casey as she auditions for an upcoming project! The more views the better! Thanks everyone! Good Luck, Casey!

My favorite 3 trailers from today: Haywire, Drive, and, The Pirates: Band of Misfits. Which ones are your favorites??

Have a GREAT weekend!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!



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