10 Fun Cameo Appearances

I love lists! It is a popular thing in the movie “blogosphere” to create lists of favorites of actors, directors, genres, etc. Check out these other inventive and surprising lists below that are worth a peek!:

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In the spirit of publishing fun lists, I have also created one of my own: A list of 10 Fun Cameo Appearances!

Remember when it used to be “the thing” to find director/writer M. Night Shyamalan in any one of his movies? or, nowadays, it’s all about finding Stan Lee in the Marvel movies. Cameo appearances operate much like Where’s Waldo and they can be fun (or distracting)!

Here’s a list of 10 Fun Cameo Appearances that you may already know, but I’ll bet that some of them will surprise you! (Remember, this isn’t a list about the most mindblowing cameos you ever saw, these are just 10 fun ones…and they are in NO particular order!) Enjoy!

1. Zombieland. Was not expecting Bill Murray in this one, nor was I expecting all the events that transpired with him! haha

2. Star Wars: Episode 1 -The Phantom Menace. Almost didn’t recognize 14 year old Keira Knightley as Queen Amidala’s decoy in Episode 1. And, yes, she is credited. Although the end credits spell her name “Kiera Knightley”…which is her birth name.

3. Tropic Thunder. One of the most hilarious and unexpected roles EVER for Tom Cruise. That’s right! The pic below is indeed the Maverick of fame dancing like a fool as character Les Grossman…tycoon hollywood director!

4. Dodgeball. “Thank YOU, Chuck Norris”…enough said! haha.

5. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Does this one really require a spoiler alert? I mean, this movie is a 20 years old now! The end surprise cameo of Sean Connery as King Richard adds the icing on the cake in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

6. Toy Story 3. Now, I haven’t paused my copy of TS3 to confirm this, but look who apparently made an appearance in Pixar’s Toy Story 3 !

7. The Expendables. We knew they’d be in it from the trailer, but it was just fun to see Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzeneggar in this film!

8. Beverly Hills Cop III. I had no idea he was in this film. I think it’s funny that the film itself has nothing to do with Star Wars or Indiana Jones, yet creator George Lucas is in the film. Sorry George, in this film, you don’t get your way! Lucas is credited as “the disappointed man.”

9. Star Trek. Speaking of George Lucas…one of his droids made it into J.J. Abrams’ blockbuster STAR TREK. Wars and Trek meet for the first time in this clip. See anyone familiar? Be sure to look closely.

In case you couldn’t see it, HERE is another vid!

10. X-Men: First Class. Classy Hugh Jackman has some choice words for James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender in this Superhero prequel by Marvel.

And, just because they never get old…here’s a tribute to Stan Lee’s Marvel Movie Cameos! Gotta love ’em. You can’t have a cameo list without showcasing Stan the Man! Which one is your fave? Stan Lee has stated that his favorite cameo is the one we have yet to see in The Amazing Spiderman. But for now, let’s enjoy the ones he’s done so far: Stan Lee’s Marvel cameos:

Have a favorite Cameo of your own??! Tell me yours in the comment section!

…and don’t forget to visit the links to the other fun lists at the beginning of this post!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!




  1. Bill Murray and Hugh Jackman instantly came to mind.

    Lance Armstrong showing up in Anchorman has always been a favorite as well. Or the number of cameos in Zoolander.


  2. I do love a cameo, especially when they are un credited. Like Cillian Murphy in TRON!! Brilliant.

    Great List T, Love it, also thanks so much for the LINKAGE!!



  3. My sister didn’t want to see First Class but her desire to see Hugh Jackman knows no depths. Hope it was worth it. Ha!

    Great article by the way.


    • Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and read/comment!

      haha, First Class was actually very well done! Are you a superhero movie fan yourself?

      Stop by my “web” anytime. always welcome!


  4. Hi, ScarletSp1der and company:

    Excellent topic and surprising list!

    I always get a kick out of Tom Cruise’s Les Grossman’s dance party! It’s not often you see someone gleefully make fun of himself like that.

    One of my favorites (And one of the first I had to check the credits for after the film) is Gene Hackman’s blind man opposite Peter Boyle in ‘Young Frankenstein’.

    Also enjoy Lawrence Fishburne showing up briefly opposite Adrien Brody in ‘Predators’. And any time B-Movie God, Roger Corman shows up in any film directed by one of his proteges (Copolla, Ron Howard, Joe Dante, Jonathan Demme, etc). Even if its to quickly check a pay phone for loose change.


    • Mr. Jack Deth! As usual, you continue to impress me with your versed knowledge on varying movie titles, subjects, and actors!
      so glad you enjoyed the list! I actually didn’t even know that Gene Hackman was in Young Frankenstein! Thanks for that!


  5. Hi ya, I’m so sorry I missed this post, T. THANK YOU for the kind mention about my list, especially in an ultra-awesome post like this one!

    These are all awesome, I had no idea George Lucas was in Beverly Hills Cop III, too funny! My fave is of course any one w/ Stan Lee!


  6. Great list. Cruise and Murray were both magnificent, the cream of the crop in my mind. But I would also add David Bowie in Zoolander (as noted above) and, as a wild card, Matt Damon as the punk rock singer in Eurotrip. Pretty terrible film but Damon is hilarious for his 3 minutes on the screen.


    • Thanks for stoppin in and checking out my “web” 🙂 Stick around!

      Yes, I forgot about Matt Damon in EuroTrip, mainly because it is such a forgettable movie to begin with. haha, but he was funny. Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!


  7. Thanks for the shout out! You’re #1 cameo is pretty spot on. I had no idea whatsoever Bill Murray was in it when I sat down to watch it and then he showed up……oh man, oh man.


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