D.C. Comic Superhero Photo Shoot

Greetings to all!

Today is just a quick post to show you 3 photos that released this past week from the set of a couple different superhero movies yet to come!

Take your look, if you wish, at Tom Hardy as Bane, Henry Cavill as Superman, and a fake and official look at Anne Hathaway as Catwoman! (Click any pic to enlarge)


(The Man of Steel)

(Catwoman’s fake 1)

(Selina Kyle/Catwoman’s Official 1)

Wow! Some people like the looks, some people don’t! How about YOU?

Do you like the fake Catwoman poster? Even though it’s fake, it’s impressive.

The Dark Knight Rises releases on July 20, 2012 and Man of Steel releases on June 14, 2013!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!




  1. Well I think it’ll be no surprise to you what my answer will be. I’m still not sold on Anne as Catwoman (no matter how cool her costume is), so we’ll see I guess.


      • He..he.. yeah, took me a while to get to ’em as I didn’t blog at all yesterday. Hey, sorry I missed your Cameo post, I LOVE it, and thanks again for the kind shout-out.


      • I understand that! I was busy too. We had tax-free weekend in my state…and of course…working in retail…we were SWAMPED! 🙂

        Glad to give the shout out! I love lists and yours was a good one! Always my friend!


    • I don’t think Anne occurred to a lot of people as the actress for the role. I think with a good role she can do well, as i think she did a good job in Rachael getting Married and in Alice in Wonderland.


  2. Hi, ScarlerSp1der and company:

    I’m with Ruth regarding Ann Hathaway as Selina Klye/Catwoman. Have never really been impressed with her work since ‘Havoc’. Getting tired of Hollywood trying to build her up as the next Meryl Streep or Glenn Close.

    Besides. No one did skin tight fetish leather better than Diana Rigg’s Mrs. Emma Peel in the 1960’s BBC series, ‘The Avengers’.

    Looking forward to and voted for Tom Hardy as ‘Bane’ and also as Rikki Tarr in ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’.


    • while her work may not be too impressive, I must say that, while I was not expecting her performance in Love and Other Drugs, it was highly believable and able to be related to. She did impress me in that aspect. Although i wasn’t the biggest fan of the film overall.

      Bane is an excellent choice! Man, Hardy has been getting some great roles lately: Inception, TDKR, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy…and, although it may be rather familiar and formulaic, I am waiting to see Warrior!


      • I actually haven’t seen Rachel Getting Married, but I seem to recall hearing that Hathaway was supposed to be Alice at some point in time but declined in order to be the White Queen!

        and Love&Other Drugs isn’t all that. BUT, I have to speak up for hers and Gyllenhaal’s onscreen chemistry and magnetism. Bravo there.


    • but you know, I remain hopeful for Man of Steel. I’m not the biggest Superman fan, but the more that other people keep bashing Cavill or the suit, the more I want to support it. The people involved already give good reason and all we’ve seen is just one publicity photo. Like you, I worry a little, but I think that as time goes on Superman will soar to new heights in the eyes, minds, and hearts of the skeptics! 🙂

      haha, I think you just inspired me to work on a post defending the Last Son of Krypton’s upcoming film! hahaha 🙂 thank you my friend!


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