Movie News Monday for August 8, 2011!

Today is not just Monday! Today is “Movie News Monday!” (“MNM!”)! I’m glad you’re here!

What is ‘MNM’ all about?

In case this is your first time here, “Movie News Monday!” (MNM) is the place to visit every Monday for a quick recap of trending entertainment news! I’ve collected info, rumors, etc from all over just for you to keep you updated on movies being released, actors/actresses in roles, dvd releases to keep a lookout for, which movie won in the box office over the weekend, etc! Are you ready for your weekly update? Here it is!

This Just In!!…

#1- “The Weekend Winner.” Apes, Cowboys, Smurfs, and Superheroes all contended for the top spot in the box office arena this past weekend. But, as the catchy phrase goes: “many will enter, few will win.” Today we sing praises of the Apes. Rise of the Planet of the Apes which conquered the box office by storm. The other new release, The Change Up, however, did not fare so well.

Here are the weekend’s estimated results for Fri, Aug 5-Sun, Aug 7:

  1. Rise of the Planet of the Apes ~$54 million (NEW RELEASE)
  2. The Smurfs ~$21 million
  3. Cowboys & Aliens ~$15.7 million
  4. The Change Up ~$13.5 million (NEW RELEASE)
  5. Captain America: The First Avenger ~$13 million
  6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 ~$12.2 million
  7. Crazy Stupid Love ~$12.1 million
  8. Friends With Benefits ~$4.7 million
  9. Horrible Bosses ~$4.62 million
  10. Transformers: Dark of the Moon ~$3 million

Congratulations to Rise of the Planet of the Apes ! Reviews and ratings show this one to be a good choice! Have you seen it yet? Stay tuned for my review!

#2- “A Reunion of OZ-some Proportions!” The dynamic duo of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell comes once again as Campbell confirmed that he will indeed be in Sam Raimi’s upcoming prequel entitled Oz: The Great and Powerful. Highschool pals Raimi and Campbell have teamed up for a number of films including Evil Dead 1-2, Army of Darkness, Darkman, Spiderman 1-3, and more, and here is Campbell’s announcement via Twitter from last week:

I. Am. In. Oz. Sam Raimi refuses to tell me what character I will portray. Just know that the role is PIVOTAL.

Not only will Oz: The Great and Powerful reunite Raimi with Bruce Campbell, but it will also reunite him with actor James Franco (Spiderman 1-3), and music composer Danny Elfman (Spiderman 1-2).

Oz: The Great and Powerful, starring James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams, Zach Braff, and now Bruce Campbell, launches on March 8, 2013.

#3- “Sequels Recently Announced.” Over the past couple of weeks, several movie sequels were announced! Check out what continuations should be in the works here soon. Some may make sense while others may be nonsense!

  • Conan the Barbarian, part 2: Sequel plans already in the works. Proposed script written by the star, Jason Momoa
  • The Amazing Spiderman, part 2: Sequel date already announced for May 2, 2014
  • Green Lantern 2: Promised to be “darker” and “edgier” than the first.
  • Die Hard 5: Currently shopping for a director.
  • Blade Runner prequel or sequel: RUMORED
  • Thor 2: considering director Brian Kirk (Game of Thrones) to direct.
  • Rise of the Planet of the Apes sequel: EXPECTED
  • The Dark Knight Rises sequel: just kidding! hahaha 😀
Found this pic, thought it was funny/appropriate!

Sequels, sequels, sequels. *sigh!* Well, let’s just hope that films like The Smurfs or Skyline do not receive sequels. Bad enough that Alvin and the Chipmunks #3 is about to release!

#4- “New Depths for Johnny!” Johnny Depp is an actor who needs no introduction. While some role choices remain questionable, there is no doubt that he commits to the roles he accepts. Here’s a quick look at a few projects the actor has recently taken on:

  • The Lone Ranger: in pre-production; cast as Tonto; directed by Gore Verbinski; co-starring Helena Bonham Carter, Armie Hammer, and Tom Wilkinson; releasing December 21, 2012.
  • 21 Jump Street: in post-production; co-starring Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum; releasing March 16, 2012.
  • Dark Shadows: currently filming; cast as vampire Barnabas Collins; directed by Tim Burton; co-starring Helena Bonham Carter, Chloe Moretz, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Eva Green; releasing May 11, 2012.

Recently Johnny Depp also announced that his production company Nihil will produce a movie adaptation of the Image comic book series called The Vault. Here’s a quick synopsis, courtesy The Hollywood Reporter:

Written by [Sam] Sarkar and drawn by Garrie Gastonny, the underwater sci-fi story centers on a group of divers who, off the coast of Nov Scotia, uncover a sarcophagus with unusual remains and inadvertently unleash an ancient evil. Sarkar and Gastonny previously created the supernatural Western graphic novel Calber for Radical Publishing.

Sounds like fun! What do you think? Depp’s going to new depths with this one!

#5- “This Week’s Blu-ray release.” This week check out the following film on Blu-ray to possibly add to your collection:

Super -Frank’s wife has left him for a drug dealer. Now, transformed into the Crimson Bolt, Frank embarks on a mission to fight crime and all that is evil with one simple message: “Shut Up, Crime!”

#6IMPORTANT: Please do NOT forget to click HERE and vote for your selections for our collaborative movie-making project! Remember polls close tonite and further options will be up for a vote on tomorrow’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!” Results for this poll not what you wanted to see yet? Share it with your friends and tell them to vote for it. YOU have control over the movie we make! So get to sharing the link and vote! Vote! VOTE! 🙂 (there are currently a few ties, we definitely need more votes!)

Well, that’s it for this round of “Movie News Monday!”

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!


up next: “Time to Vote Tuesday!”


  1. Nice round ups, T.
    Sequels are everywhere nowadays…should we be happy with that or shake our head in disbelieve?

    I will not read your review on The Apes because I really want to see it (tho not clear when)….hehehe I always avoid reading review of movies I want to see really bad.


    • I COMPLETELY understand about not checking out reviews prior to seeing a movie! I hope you get to enjoy it soon my friend!

      Sequels, prequels, and remakes always abound in movies. more often than not they are cause for head shaking!


  2. Hi, ScarlerSp1der and company:

    Intriguing bunch of Monday Movie News!

    Will have to look for ‘Super’ on DVD. Big fan of Ellen Page since ‘Hard Candy’. Curious to see if Nathan Fillion shows up as ‘Captain Hammer’.

    Rarely a fan of sequels. Especially badly done sequels. Don’t see any film on your great big list that reaches out and grabs my eye. Though Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi is always interesting. As is Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp.


    • a whole bunch of news, no doubt! Thanks for checking in!

      I actually really want to see Super! it looks fun with all those people in it!

      just like you, I tend to be skeptical of sequels. When it comes to sequels: at least The Empire Strikes Back was amazing!


  3. Hi T, yeah Hollywood is seriously overrun by prequels/sequels! [sigh]

    Rise of the Planet of the Apes deserves to win box office, it’s really good, and this is coming from someone who didn’t even care to see it initially. Jon Favreau’s definitely got some ‘splainin’ to do to the studios huh, as the box office tally of C&A is much lower than The Smurfs! [gasp]


    • About to watch Andy Serkis here in a short while! I saw that your review posted a cpl of hrs ago! Will visit your thoughts upon my return!

      When it comes to sequels, I know that you are just so super excited for Die Hard 5! 😉 jk


      • Hi T, hope you have a chance to look at my review. What do you mean you’re about to watch Andy Serkis in a short while, you mean the ‘Apes’ movie??


      • I went to watch Planet of the Apes last night! I waited to check out your review. I am writing mine now and will be over directly! I’m sure it is great and can’t wait to read your thoughts.


  4. Jason Momoa is writing the Conan Sequel? What? Crazy.

    I am supposed to be meeting him this weekend but the rioting in London may stop me from going. I don’t like violence.

    I love Bruce Campbell and will see him in anything!


  5. Oz remake… Bleh. But the cast looks pretty pleasing. I’ll be sure to read the review, there’s no way I’m going to see that monstrosity.


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