A Countdown of Summer 2011’s Movies

Summer 2011 has come to a close! During our summer we saw superheroes and villains, and pirates and mermaids. We were possibly bored to death by a tree of life, or possibly laughed so hard at smurfs ’til blue in the face!

Regardless, tons of movies came to theaters and I hope you enjoyed yourself. Did you have any favorites? Any disappoints? Missed any that you wanted to see?  Are there some you’re glad you missed? Well, the answer for me for all of those questions is: “Undoubtedly, Yes!”

For your reading/viewing pleasure, my list of summer movies considers films that released between May 6 and August 12 of 2011. [That’s correct, Fast Five (April 29) and Conan the Barbarian (August 19) are not eligible to be considered summer films.]

Here’s a look at my countdown list for Summer 2011:

6 Movies I really enjoyed in Summer 2011:

Thor, X-Men: First Class, Super 8, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Captain America: The First Avenger, Rise of the Planet of the Apes

5 Movies I wanted to see -but missed- in Summer 2011:

Midnight in Paris, Larry Crowne, Winnie the Pooh, Attack the Block, The Help

4 Movies I’m GLAD I missed in Summer 2011:

Priest, Zookeeper, The Smurfs, Bridesmaids

3 Movies I wish I had missed in Summer 2011:

Green Lantern, Tree of Life, The Hangover Part II

2 Fun Alien Movies of Summer 2011:

Super 8 and Cowboys & Aliens

1 Favorite Movie of Summer 2011:

Tough to choose, but I crown Rise of the Planet of the Apes as my absolute favorite of Summer 2011.

………….okay, okay, okay!! I can’t do this! There has to be a tie for #1. Because, as much as I liked Rise of the Planet of the Apes, there’s a reason I went to see Captain America: The First Avenger FOUR times in theaters! Allow me the one guilty pleasure! The #1 spot for me must be shared with Director Joe Johnston’s Marvel film:

(fyi, I still have yet to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. But, not being an HP fan, I don’t see it having a good chance of being in my personal countdown.)

To see a list of all of my movie reviews, be sure to click the link HERE.

Well, that is MY countdown list. What’s yours?

Take A Glimpse Into The Future:

Here’s what I am looking forward to for the rest of 2011:

  • August-September: Colombiana, The Debt, Contagion, Warrior, Drive, Restless, Dream House, Take Shelter, Abduction
  • October-November: The Ides of March, Real Steel, The Three Musketeers, Immortals, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Hugo
  • December: Coriolanus, Sherlock Holmes 2, Mission Impossible: GP, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Darkest Hour

Haha, it’s going to be a busy 4.5 months…and then…Award Season!! 🙂

Is there a particular movie you can’t wait to see in the next 4.5 months? Let me know. (View all 2011 movies HERE).

Thanks for reading! Happy watching!




  1. I have to say I wasn’t too fussed about the new Planet of the Apes film. I felt the remake was poor and we didn’t need another one. But it looks like I’m wrong. I really enjoyed the trailer and from what I hear, it is a cracking film. I’m now really looking forward to seeing it.


  2. Best friend, I am telling you, Bridesmaids was hilarious! You should be said, not glad, that you missed it! It’s really really good, you just have to give it a shot!


  3. Hi, ScarletSp1der and company:

    I’ve seen the clips for ‘Colombiana’ and ‘Contagion’. The first looks like a solo sequel to ‘The Losers’. While ‘Contagion’ sports a high end cast in a B-Movie plot that has had a dumpster full of money thrown its way.

    Looking forward to ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’ for its superb cast. And to see how much has been lopped off from its outstanding, even more superbly cast, BBC mini-series.

    ‘The Ides Of March’ gets a nod for its cast and political intrigue. Kind of feels like this generation’s larger scale take on Redford’s ‘The Candidate’.

    Also ‘Coriolanus’ ,’Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ and ‘The Darkest Hour’ for refreshing palate cleansers.


    • Haha. For Colombiana, its basically a guilty pleasure derived from the trailer for me. I am hopeful for many of the movies I listed. We’ll see. Thanks for your fun comment as usual! 🙂


  4. Have yet to see Apes but overall, I would have to say the big blockbusters were a huge disappointment. Outside of the Harry Potter movie, I doubt any of them would rank anywhere near my top 10 for the year.

    My favorite movies of the summer were Horrible Bosses, Harry Potter and Bridesmaids. Let’s hope the fall/winter season is more satisfying…


  5. Hi T, hope you’ve had a nice weekend. Wow, glad I also didn’t see those movies you’re GLAD you missed this Summer. Y’know, the ‘Apes’ movie was excellent indeed, but I had to go with First Class as my absolute favorite this Summer, I am sure of it after seeing it a second time… hence my rather indulgent post I just published last nite 😀


  6. Hi T

    Are you well? Sorry I haven’t been here in a few days. Been a bit busy as I am sure you know (big screen)

    I agree with you on Apes. LOVED IT loads!!

    Fright Night is a great film too!!

    We watched a long fight scene from the Immortals and I thought it looked really bad. 300 on acid. I have had enough of stylized blood and slo mo fight scenes…personal point!


    • Scott,
      I know you’ve been busy. My apologies, I have been too. Been following you more on twitter as I can easily do that from my phone.

      I can’t wait to do all my catching up on your page here later today! sorry to hear about Immortals though.

      Have a great day!!


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