From the 3-Point Line!


3 Points for you, straight from the pressed court of all things “movie!” 3 quick groups of 3 quick bits of news for you! Enjoy!

3 New Movie Updates

Update 1– Great Scotts! Tony Scott and Ridley Scott both talking about possible remakes/reboots.

  • Tony Scott- in talks for a remake of the 1969 western The Wild Bunch !
  • Ridley Scott- in talks about revisiting Blade Runner !

Update 2Iron Man 3 and RDJ! Robert Downey, Jr. spoke about the project, which is to be directed by Shane Black. He stated,

“My sense of it is that we need to leave it all on the field — whatever that means in the end. You can pick several different points of departure for that.”

Hopefully that means not holding back on anything when it comes to great storytelling, action, Happy, and Pepper Potts!

Update 3Sin City 2, Rodriguez repents for delay! SIX years after the first one, director Robert Rodriguez finally shares that Sin City 2 is finally coming. While he hasn’t spoken with any of the actors yet, take a quick look at what he said in a recent interview.

“We’re still working on the script for Sin City 2. I’m excited about that, I know a lot of people are always on the look out for that one, the time is finally coming. We’ve been telling everybody that we’re going to shoot this year, so we actually have to shoot this year.”

3 New Trailers

Machine Gun Preacher

Johnny English Reborn

Underworld Awakening

3 New Posters



Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Well, that’s it from the 3-Point Line! Do they score with you?!




  1. Hey cool, so you got the MGP trailer too, awesome! You must be writing this when I commented on the other post. Castor, bless him, he tweeted me too right in the middle of me posting that one, ahah. Well, you already know which one I’m looking forward to the most 😀


  2. I don’t know what to think of Scott doing another version of Blade Runner, hopefully he’ll come up with a new idea for this new film.

    As for Iron Man 3, I hope they go with a new plot instead of dealing with The Avengers storyline. Let’s bring in The Mandarin!


    • Ted! thanks for the comment!

      I hope that Ridley will too! But I have a feeling he won’t disappoint by screwing up a classic!

      As for Iron Man 3. Sounds like Shane Black has some excellent support from Jon Favreau. and they’ve acknowledged that after The Avengers movie it will be a challenge to have a solo Iron Man movie, in that he shouldn’t have to end up facing enemies alone once the Avengers have been introduced. They seem to have some plans for that though! The Mandarin would be amazing!!!!!! We’ll see!


  3. Hi, ScarlerSp1der and company:

    Great selection of trailers and posters!

    Especially ‘Machine Gun Preacher’! Looks like Gerard Butler is finally getting the meaty, multi~layered role he deserves and no doubt, will deliver on!

    Remakes of ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘The Wild Bunch’?…. Blasphemy!!!
    One does NOT mess with perfection!

    Never got the hang of Rowan Atkinson’s ‘Mr. Bean’, though his ‘Blackadder’ is close to well timed comedic genius.

    ‘Underworld: Awakening’ looks like a superfluous excuse for Kate Beckinsdale to dress up in shiny PVC or leather and offer yet another variation of Rhona Mitra’s disappointing ‘Doomsday’ and Milla Jojovich’s done to death, ‘Resident Evil’.

    ‘Melancholia’ looks intriguing. Have been a fan of Kirsten Dunst since first seeing her in ‘Interview With The Vampire’. A talented actress for whom the sky’s the limit.

    ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance’ will have to knock it out of the park to make up for its disastrously bad original.


    • ha, The beauty at least of the Blade Runner one is that it is indeed Scott who will be revisiting. There is no word yet on if it will be a prequel or sequel or reboot or what… I don’t imagine itd be a reboot though. I hope not.

      Have you seen the trailer for Melancholia. It’s quite…well…melancholy. I do like Kirsten Dunst’s work, it’s Lars Von Trier that I’m not a fan of. The trailer is available online, but since it is NSFW I have not posted it.

      Ghost Rider BETTER be good! haha I hated the original myself. The trailer is rumored to be hitting the web today. We’ll see.

      As for Underworld. Your comment made me laugh! Thanks! Yes, Doomsday and RE were both disappointing and done to death, but I really like the Underworld series. 🙂 however, this first trailer doesn’t look to be anything special…

      Thanks for commenting! have a fantastic weekend Jack! Any movie plans for you? I saw Fright Night Wed night…hmm! 🙂 review soon to come!


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