Guest Post: TheSilkSpectre Talks About Glee

Hello, once again, to you all!

My friend, TheSilkSpectre, voluntarily braved the rushing crowds of highschool Glee lovers to see Glee: The 3D Concert Movie, just for you! 😀 Having done so, I requested to know her thoughts on the film (as I would not be watching it anytime soon)! It is unfortunate that this film did not receive all of the attention that it should have prior to release. However, gratefully, today I can post TheSilkSpectre’s thoughts on the film. A special “thank you” to her! Here we go:

TheSilkSpectre reporting:

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie is exactly what one would expect it to be: a light, feel-good summer movie. It has no aspirations for Oscar glory, and does not aim for critical success. Glee is simply a means of holding us “Gleeks” over until summer finally ends and Glee is back on our television sets (September 20th, for those of you who were wondering). Sure, it’s cheesy and only for fans of the show, but, let’s be honest here, why would you even consider going to the movie if you don’t watch it on TV?

The Glee movie does try to make more of itself by adding in some personal commentary from fans of the show, but for the most part this only distracts the viewers from the real reason they came to the theater: the singing. The actors perform as well as they always do, and some even did better (Corey Monteith finally got some singing lessons, it would appear), and it was nice to see Sam (played by Chord Overstreet) getting another chance to sing, as he will sadly not be returning for the new season. However, the only true standout of the movie was the “Little Warbler.” When this young gentlemen started singing and dancing to “Teenage Dream,” you could hear every woman, and some men, let out a collective “Aw!” If you haven’t seen him yet, be sure to check him out on youtube for some of his performances like the one in this video.

If you do get a chance to check the movie out, make sure you don’t leave too soon after the credits start rolling, or you could miss the encore performance. Overall, the movie was just a way of getting together a bunch of fans of the show to relive some of the highlights of the past two years, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Actress Jane Lynch (left)-not in theatrical release, but will be in DVD version!

TheScarletSp1der’s note: Great thoughts encouraging any fans of the show to go see the movie! I would encourage you to do the same and see it in 3D on the big screen while you still can if you love the show! Help out your beloved cast and see the film. Trust me, it could use the help, especially after it’s opening weekend performance:

Hurry and go check it out if you are a self-proclaimed “Gleek!” Thanks to TheSilkSpectre, for her thoughts and sharing her fun experience with us!

Did you see the film? Do you wish to? Share your thoughts! Leave a comment!!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!



  1. I’ve only seen one episode of Glee when I was at the gym (w/ no audible sound) and truthfully, I don’t know what the fuss is about. Sorry, but I never have any interest in it and I don’t think I ever will. No offense to those, T and Silkspectre.


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