It’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!” 63: “A Collaborative Creation” part 4

It’s FINALLY here!

Today/This week…represents the final part of our Movie Making Project!! Over the past 3 weeks, you have been following and voting on our collaborative project to make a movie. (See wk 1, wk 2, and wk 3). As part of Red Web Studios, today is the day that the movie starts to really take form. Below, you will find the pieces we have put together so far and the procedures on how to complete our project!

Thank you so much for making this a lot of fun! I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have! Here we go! All choices below are direct results from your votes over the past 3 weeks!

Title: The Frozen Fire

Picture courtesy demiruigi @deviantart

Directed by: Christopher Nolan

Starring: Gerard Butler, Scarlett Johansson, Viggo Mortensen, Keira Knightley, Stanley Tucci, and Diane Lane

Genre: SciFi/Action Adventure

Setting: Unspecified futuristic multiplanetary adventure


Today’s “voting” is of a different sort this week. So, here are the rules to this very special post:

1. I, TheScarletSp1der, will begin the movie with the names of the characters, a very brief bio, and intro to the setting.

2. The rest, will be up to you! You can continue the story of our film by commenting on the page. (click the “Leave A Comment” link at the top of this post)

3. When contributing to the movie:

  • Keep in mind what was written before you.
  • Keep in mind the characters and setting and director’s style (The Prestige, Inception, Batman Begins, Memento, The Dark Knight)
  • Please…no profanity. (keep it PG-13 guys!)
  • Comment/movie making will end NEXT Monday evening (the 29th).
  • Most importantly…Have Fun! This is YOUR movie! 🙂

4. As comments come in, I will update the post and add them to the published story for easier reading. But be sure to check the comment section prior to posting!

5. OH! and you CAN comment more than once, just refrain from commenting twice in a row!


  • Gerard Butler: as Captain Liam Norrigan
  • Scarlett Johansson: as Julia Feron
  • Viggo Mortensen: as General Ivan Macer
  • Keira Knightley: as Katherine Priest
  • Stanley Tucci: as President Ignacio Priest (Katherine’s father)
  • Diane Lane: as Prime Minister Daniella Feron (Julia’s mother)

Set in the year 2437 (I decided to “specify” that part), the United World Coalition, ruled by President Ignacio Priest (Tucci), is at war with the inhabitants of the self-proclaimed independent nation of the Terra-formed planet of Mars, led by Prime Minister Daniella Feron (Lane). Mars, now a thriving, however cold, planet supported by immigrants from Earth, was at one time a “colony” of the United World Coalition (Earth), but under leadership of rebelling forces, led by Captain Liam Norrigan (Butler), the martian nation successfully fought and banished all contending forces on the planet that flew under the colors of the UWC!

Now 1 year after the successful, yet somewhat ignored, uprising of the rebels, a recent “need” for more materials (mainly manual labor for increased industry) has caused President Priest to spark up another campaign to reclaim the so-called independent nation of Mars. With General Ivan Macer (Mortensen) in command of his attacking forces, many bloody and life losing battles have resulted, but more importantly, Prime Minister Feron’s leading commander Captain Norrigan now sits in a UWC prison camp with hundreds others, awaiting execution. Back on Mars, the gorgeously stunning Julia Feron (Johansson), most of all, wants her mother do all that is necessary to get Norrigan back. Unbeknownst to her mother, Julia and Captain Norrigan have been romantically involved since the death of Norrigan’s wife in the initial rebellion.

On earth, convincing her father that Norrigan is an excellent bargaining tool, Katherine Priest (Knightley) begins to show excellent diplomacy skills and is gaining approval from the father who never paid her much attention. Fortunately for General Macer, who has paid her plenty of attention for several years and has hopes to become President soon…and very soon.

Inside of all of these characters, a fire of a particular desire has been resting…frozen. But now, the fires burning deep within each are beginning to melt through the ice and consume them. Only, which fire will burn fastest and brightest?!


It is now…up to you! Leave a comment to continue the story of The Frozen Fire.

Enjoy, and Thank You for all of your contributions in voting, writing, and sharing these posts and ideas!




  1. Hi, ScarletSp1der and company:

    Tom Hardy/Dexter Phillips. San Francisco Night Club Owner. WWII Army Intel veteran who may have glimpsed something he shouldn’t have.

    Keira Knightley/Regina Vyne: Dex’s on again/off again girlfriend. Talent agent and part owner in the club. Knows everyone worth knowing. From the liquor board and mayor’s office to the cop on the beat.

    Diane Lane/Evelyn Collins: Social climber whose silver spoon past aids in her being seen with the city’s movers and shakers. Businessmen, Industrialists and politicians are all fair game.

    Stanley Tucci/Gerald Fourtier: The man in the shadows. Black sheep and errant son of an East Coast magazine empire. Few know of him. Fewer know what he does.

    Time: The week of Oct. 4th, 1957. Sputnik hysteria has swept the upper echelons of the county. People are seeing ‘Reds’ everywhere. Or are they?

    Club owner, Dex closes up and glides from one misted cone of diffused light to another and hears an argument that becomes scuffle in the distance. Undefined silhouettes trade punches. One falls by the time Dix comes to investigate. Cops show up and declare it a Mugging, but Dix isn’t so sure, since the victim had been in his club less than an hour earlier.

    I’m leaning more towards Color than B&W to get the optimum effect of San Francisco fog at night.


    • Jack!
      wow. I really like the idea of your movie. may I assume you intended Tom Hardy as opposed to the star quarterback? I can edit that if you wish. I love the details you mentioned. Thanks. I actually hope that you work more on this, because I’ve been interested in your movie since the beginning mentions of it. If Anomalous Material does another Fantasy Movie Pitch, I do hope that you enter in this idea with more, because it’s very intriguing!

      I’m curious what you may come up with in addition to the story of The Frozen Fire as well. Care to add to that one at all?


      • Hi, ScarletSp1der and company:

        Thanks so much for the kind words!

        I’ve wanted Tom Hardy from the start. Brains are more essential than Brawn for a 1950s Noir hero. Able to take an occasional thumping given as a warning, While not showing off over developed musculature or a solid, seeping sheen of Testosterone.

        I really like your take on ‘The Frozen Fire’!

        Getting a distinct ‘Coriolainus’ vibe with the political in-fighting and scheming. Also more than a hint that Butler and Motrensen will go head to head at ‘Knuckle Junction’. While the women in attendance manipulate their fathers to fit their respective agendas.

        If Joseph Gordon~Levitt is anyone to go by. I would like to see Nolan steal a bit from ‘Inception’ for the extended Zero-G flight to Mars.


  2. Woo hoo!!! Butler and Mortensen in the same movie, wow definitely a must see. Sorry T, I know how you feel about your movie wife but I’m not keen on Scarlet but I’d still watch it of course, I mean w/ Nolan at the helm and it’s a sci-fi… definitely right up my alley!


    • this was fun!

      just wish that more folks coulda put on their imagination caps and wrote continuation pieces for the story. at this rate…the movie will never be finished. ha. No one’s written to continue the story that we started out on together.

      oh well.

      I’m glad you like it. I know you’re not a fan of my Scarlett. haha but I’m glad you’d still watch the movie! 😉


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