Exclusive First Look at “EVO: A Documentary”

Greetings all!

Today, enjoy an exclusive first look at my friend (and current subscriber), Joel “Akka” Ortiz’s first documentary entitled “Evo: A Documentary.” Joel is an up and coming filmmaker and invited me to see his work in progress and to showcase it on the site. Excitedly, I accepted the opportunity and am glad to share with you this sneak peek of his film that focuses on a community of something I enjoy very much: videogames!!

Produced by and starring Joel Ortiz, here is the exclusive look! Leave some love in the comment section to support him and his work!

Below is a note from the filmmaker himself, followed by the trailer:

EVO is the Evolution Championship Series.  It is the largest fighting game tournament of the year along with Super Battle Opera (which is held yearly in Japan).  It originally started off as a small tournament that contained 40 players.  However, over the years it has only grown.  This year’s EVO featured roughly 3000 players, and players from 44 different countries from around the world participating in the brackets.

Currently, most people believe that fighting games died in the late 90’s early 2000’s.  However, although arcades in the United States are sadly near extinct, fighting games are actually more popular than they have been for many years.  It is also a misconception that these games are merely “video games” or “button mashers.”

In order to help resolve these misconceptions, roughly one year ago I decided to begin documenting the fighting game scene.  I wanted to be able to show people that have no knowledge of these games what they really are.  I wanted to show them the strategy, the challenge, and the mind games involved in these games at their highest levels of play.  Simply put, I really wanted to show people how these games are much more than “just a game.”

Here is a brief synopsis of my very first documentary.  Followed by the trailer.

“The documentary follows a few players from towns that have non-existent fighting game communities as they travel to, and participate in EVO. After being completely overwhelmed by acceptance by the community, they then return home to train harder than ever before for their return in 2012.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek of my upcoming documentary! Thank you for taking the time to view it out!

-Joel “Akka” Ortiz

Sincerest of gratitude to “Akka” for sharing this with me and all of you! I expect to see it in a few film festivals soon!

What do you think? Share your thoughts! What is YOUR favorite fighting videogame? Soul Calibur? Tekken? Street Fighter? Mortal Kombat?

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!



  1. Hey Spider!

    Thanks for sharing this. I really appreciate it. I look forward to finishing this project and sharing it with everyone interested! Thanks again!



    • Mmm Marvel and Street Fighter. Those are my favorites. I had the new Mortal Kombat but I just didn’t like its tournament balance. I’m horrible at Soul Caliber unfortunately. Right now I am focusing on SSFIV:Arcade Edition and SF:Third Strike for Evo next year. I will be putting a lot of time into Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 November 15th in preperation for next year’s EVO as well. But for right now I am working on my new secret EVO Marvel team that hopefully won’t change too much in ultimate Marvel :-D:-D


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