In TheScarletSp1der’s Spotlight: New Posters of the Week

Happy Friday everyone!

As you all know, I love movie posters! I also love collecting them! Today brings another spotlight on the work of the artists of some great posters for upcoming movies! I hope you enjoy them as much as I!

1. Real Steel (10-7-11) 

2. The Skin I Live In (10-14-11)

3. Texas Killing Fields (10-7-11)

4. The Three Musketeers (10-21-11)

5. Blackthorn (10-7-11)

6. The Ides of March (10-7-11)

7. Margaret (9-30-11)

8. My Week with Marilyn (11-4-11)

So, what do you think? Which ones are your favorites? I personally really like the ones for My Week with Marilyn, The Ides of March, and Texas Killing Fields. Check out the new gripping trailer for Margaret HERE.

Just so that you know, I am taking the weekend off (being Labor Day weekend and all). I will be back on Monday for your fresh look at all the movie news of the week with “Movie News Monday!” Stay tuned and have a safe and fun weekend!

(In the meantime, I will be providing updates on both Twitter (@Scarlet_Sp1der) and Facebook (, you can follow me there!)

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!




  1. Real Steel looks awesome… 😀

    3 Musketeers… meh, not something I would rush out to see… it looks like the kind of thing where after a long day at work you come home and sit down on your couch and then the last half hour of it is on TV, and you’re like yea, this is okay


  2. Hi, ScarletSp1der and company:

    Great looking posters, Scarlet!

    I’d also thought about the Rock Em Sock Robots during the trailer for ‘Real Steel’ when I mentioned the loud and shiny in earlier comments.
    Good catch, ian.

    ‘The Skin I Live In’ has a creepy look all it’s own. The kind of uncomfortable creepy Cronenberg mastered in ‘Dead Ringers’. Just from Banderas what’s hidden behind the facial surgery’s mask.

    ‘Texas Killing Field’ looks interesting. Not much of a Sam Worthington fan, but Jessica Chastain ups the ante and Jeffrey Dean Morgan shows all the signs of being this generation’s Powers Boothe.

    The more I see of ‘The Ides Of March’, the more I flash back to Robert Redford’s ‘The Candidate’, but on a larger, grittier scale.

    ‘Margaret’ looks interesting for its cast alone. The poster is the first I’ve heard about it.


    • Glad I could bring something new to your attention in Margaret!

      you know, in reference to Sam Worthington, I’m not a fan either, but he very much impressed in The Debt. I may just have to give Texas Killing Field a shot as he co-stars with Chastain once again!


  3. Oooh I like the one for My Week with Marilyn, it captures the mood of the movie perfectly. Btw, I saw a photo of Branagh as Lawrence Olivier the other day, I almost didn’t recognize him.

    Man, none of the posters for Three Musketeers is any good, the trailer seems like good fun though. And I didn’t know Chastain is co-starring with Worthington again in Texas Killing Fields, they had a nice chemistry in The Debt.

    Hope you had a nice vacation, T!


    • vacation, as always, is too short! 🙂

      I’m glad you like the Marilyn poster. I do too! The use of color and b&w seems so appropriate.

      Branagh as Olivier?? You must provide a link. I’m not aware of this!

      haha, you’re so right. None of the posters for Three Musketeers have looked any good, but I think the movie will, at the least, be entertaining!


    • really sir? wow! I’m glad to have the honor of showing you first!

      (although, i must tell you, the trailer was up on Trailer Time Thursday on 8-25-11 which…you did comment on. I’m a lil confused rt now.

      anyways, I hope you enjoy the trailer nonetheless and glad you saw it here first!


  4. You know I wasn’t the slightest bit interested in Reel Steel but it may actually turn out OK. I have heard some good things about it.

    Ides poster is OK I preferred the last one!!

    Have a nice day off T


  5. The real steel one looks weird, it’s almost as it is not Hugh Jackman. The Margaret poster is also very strange, feels like someone did a very basic blur in Photoshop.

    The My week with Marilyn one is very nice.


  6. Well, I’m one of those people that will stare at the ground or close my eyes and will put my fingers in my ears not to hear anything…I must look like a complete fool but don’t care what others at the cinema think of me at that moment 🙂


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