My Top 10 Movie Rain Scenes!

Greetings and Happy Friday, all!

It’s been raining and thunderstorming almost everyday here in New Mexico this week. (yes, it does rain in the desert!) That being said, I began to think about my favorite rain scenes in movies. So, Grab your umbrella because MY Top 10 Movie Rain Scenes are about to rain down upon you!!

NOTE: If there is a picture instead of a clip, click the picture to watch the clip on YouTube itself!


Spoiler Alert!! If you haven’t seen some of these movies, the clips will contain plot spoilers, so…watch at your own discretion.

Rating Alert!! Some of the movie scenes are from rated-R movies. Violence and Language are contained within some of the clips. Again…watch at your own discretion.

#10: The Matrix Revolutions. It all comes down to the end here! One of the few redeeming scenes from this film!

#9: Pride and Prejudice. (dedicated to my sister, Kristen) This clip with Matthew Macfadyen and Keira Knightley deserves praise.

#8: Jurassic Park. Everyone remembers seeing that T-Rex for the first time! Captivating Danger!

#7: The Quiet Man. John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara in this scene! Classic! One of John Wayne’s BEST movies ever! If not his best! Click the pic!!

#6: Saving Private Ryan. An intense, yet touching, performance of Vin Diesel. Feel the fear and the tension.

#5: Road to Perdition. If you have NOT seen this film…you are missing out. Truly. A masterpiece of a scene.

#4: Spiderman. No, it’s not #1 on my list…but pretty close! 🙂

#3: The Notebook. “It’s not over!” Everyone recognizes Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdam’s famous scene in this romantic piece.

#2: The Shawshank Redemption. This one MUST be on everyone’s rain scene list! Ah, the cleansing power of rain, and the power of this scene! Click the pic!!

AND, coming in at #1…

#1: Singin’ in the Rain. Any other clip at #1 would just be blasphemy! Gene Kelly…your class, style, and talent is sorely missed!

Well, that’s my list of My Top 10 Movie Rain Scenes! Tell me, what are some of yours?

Thanks for reading!




  1. Fun post! I’m looking out of my window at 7.50pm in the UK and… it’s raining! Hope it’s eased off in New Mexico now!

    That Jurassic Park clip is fantastic, it’s a very memorable part of the movie! My number 2 pick would be Pride & Prejudice. They’re absolutely soaked!


  2. Wahoo, nice list! Lots of iconic ones here. Rainy scenes definitely adds the drama to any scene and if filmed well, it could certainly be iconic. I LOVE that you include Road to Perdition, Jurassic Park and my fave scene in Pride & Prejudice. I was initially meh about that adaptation but it’s growing on me and now I actually love it. Why do I get an inkling that the Spidey kiss will make an appearance? 😉


  3. Today we actually got rain just in the early morning. We get these flash storms that come in, drench the neighborhood for 30 mins to an hr with tons of thunder and lightning and then stop. It is beautiful though! And prompted this post. Thank you for liking it. After your fun post of iconic photos (mine will be up Sat morning) I figured you would love the JP one!Have a great weekend.


  4. Great choices. Before reading it I was thinking that Singing in the Rain had to be at number one. As a big action fan I would like to add the final fight in Universal Soldier 🙂


  5. What is it about rain. Believe it or not rain sequences are some of my favourites and I love films that feature them. I was surprised to see this list simply because I thought I was the only one with the fascination. And I still can’t put my finger on why I love them. I think it’s got something to do with the fact movie rain looks and feels different to real rain – there’s something very cinematic about the way it looks and sounds – and I think it reminds me of why I love the cinema so much.

    This is a terrific list. I’m going to have to put something together myself. Incidentally, I think director Robert Zemeckis likes rain sequences too – there’s one in practically every film he’s ever made.


    • Glad to know that you enjoy rain in film as well. You’re right, there is something different about it than in real life. Not only in looks and feel, but also, I think, in sound! Man, it creates great scenes and also the music that corresponds!

      I look forward to you putting something together like this too! Thanks for stopping in and commenting. I appreciate it!


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