5 Amazing Pixar Mash-Up Trailers

Is it an “understatement” to say “Everyone Loves Pixar!”? 😀

I, for one, do! And not only do I enjoy Pixar films, I love great films in general! So, imagine my delight when I came across these 5 videos below!

None of these videos are mine! But several people have spent some great time and effort mashing together the trailers of great films with scenes from Pixar films! Tons of these types of videos exist online, but these 5 were pretty well done! Check ’em out for fun!

1. A Bug’s Life and 300

2. The Incredibles and Fight Club

3. Toy Story1-3 and Spiderman 3

4. Monster’s Inc and Thor

5. Toy Story 2 and The Dark Knight

My favorite is the last one! Which one did you enjoy the most! “Thank You” to all the creators and editors of these vids.

Thanks for reading!


up next: “Trailer Time Thursday!”



  1. I’d have to check these out next week, sooo busy this week trying to juggle so many things. Thanks for your kind DM, I need your prayers to keep my sanity! 😀


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