The Weekend Wrap

Greetings all!

The weekend is here! And, after a long absence from these pages, The Weekend Wrap returns!

“The Weekend Wrap!”: The segment that brings just a few quick bullet points of news to your attention that will, hopefully, wrap up a few stories/rumors/questions/photos/and trailers that you may or may not have seen and heard. Okay, here we go!

Upcoming Videogame spotlight:

I don’t normally highlight videogames (although I do enjoy them), but this newest trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is pretty well done! You might almost begin to believe you are watching a movie trailer. Even if you are not a videogame lover, you should watch this amazing trailer! Check it out! The video is called, “Redemption.”

Upcoming Movie spotlight: (photos)

Director Tarsem Singh’s upcoming Snow White project starring Lily Collins, Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer, and several others. Take a quick look at some of the recently released new photos from the upcoming tale.

Upcoming movie spotlight: (trailer)

The Raven, starring John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe, has finally released its first trailer. Oh man! This one looks very good! The Raven releases March 9, 2012.

Actor Spotlight:

Johnny Depp’s new movie The Rum Diary is prepping for its theatrical debut, but Depp is far from being out of work. He is currently working on the movie Dark Shadows showcasing the eccentric story of vampire Barnabas Collins. On top of that, However, he is starring down the barrel of a few other upcoming projects!

  1. Depp is looking to still play the part of Tonto in the semi-rescued Lone Ranger Project.
  2. An adaptation of The Thin Man has been started for Johnny Depp to star in.
  3. Depp may possibly play the role of the famous Dr. Seuss in an upcoming biopic.

Let the screaming commence from the Droves of Depp fans! Much more to see him in on the big screen! Is there a Depp project you are most interested in?

Well, that’s a wrap!

Enjoy your weekend!




  1. They want to remake The Thin Man? Hmm, not sure about that…. How can Johnny Depp hope to compete with William Powell’s amazingly witty performance, and who could he possibly find to star next to that would have as great of chemistry as Powell and Loy?
    I think Hollywood should focus more on remaking films that can actually be improved upon.


  2. I like my games a lot as well, although Call of Duty really isn’t my thing, just can’t enjoy FPS games as much as I used to. Haven’t been gaming a lot lately….

    Looking forward to see The Rum DIary!


  3. Caught “The Raven” panel at comic-con. Looked pretty good.

    I’ll tell you this, Cusack knows his Poe cold. Someone from the audience asked him a question about Poe, and he rattled off this huge answer that absolutely showed off all the research he had done to the point where the cynic in me wondered if the question had come from a “plant” in the audience. LOL


    • Hey we were in Hall H at the same time then as I saw the panel at Comic-Con, too! I had known about it as I had been following Luke Evans a bit, but after seeing the trailer then I was even more intrigued. Yeah, seems like Cusack’s done his research a little too well, ahah.

      Anyway, the trailer that’s now released looks very similar to that one that’s shown.


      • wouldn’t it have been something else if you both had known you were there at the same time? very cool.

        I wish I could’ve been there too! Glad to see this great trailer.


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