…This Weekend’s Additional Posters

In addition to the posters that released earlier this week, take a look at 3 promo posters for 3 upcoming films! To learn more about the movies themselves…click the title!

1. Step Up 4 (7-27-12)

2. The Cold Light of Day (4-6-12)

3. Now You See Me (1-18-13)

Well, I think that’s enough for the weekend poster spotlights!! 😀 What do you think?

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!




  1. Step Up 4 looks like its gonna be the movie of the year… I’m excited already.

    But seriously, what on earth is up with that poster? My god… that poster can’t be real! 😐


  2. Hi, ScarletSp1der and company:

    Kind of weak selection of posters this weekend.

    ‘Step Up 4’ looks like another ridiculous addition to the pulled beyond belief. Pad it to fill. Beat it to fit and paint it to match, overblown ‘Axe’ commercials that pass for entertainment today.

    Think I’ll pass.

    ‘Cold Light Of Day’ looks interesting. Only if Bruce Willis plays the world weary, cynical sage and Sigourney Weaver plays the villain.

    ‘Now You See Me’ has a ‘Reservoir Dogs’ look, but not its cast. My guess is that Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman play the Wise Men to arrogant rookies, Ruffalo, Franco and Eisenberg. With Harrelson playing both ends from his middle man position.


  3. Hi T! Ted just told me about The Cold Light of Day poster. I actually posted the original one but was asked to remove it as it apparently wasn’t the official one. I actually prefer that version. I’m gonna republish that post again later today as we’ve got an official synopsis of that also.

    Jack, I think Sigourney is playing the villain, or villainess I should say 🙂


  4. The Now You See Me poster is definitely the most interesting of the bunch although a bit too simple and unevocative still. Now the best crop of movie posters I guess 😉


    • it’s horrific! I will admit though…certain scenes of Step Up 3D were rather enjoyable, such as the tribute to older dance in films like Singing in the Rain. However, we do NOT need another Step Up film.


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