It’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!” 73

Today is Tuesday! and if you’ve been coming here for any length of time, you know that, for most people Tuesday is just the day after Monday, but for you it means that “Time to Vote Tuesday” is here!! YES!!!

What is “Time to Vote Tuesday”?:

“Time to Vote Tuesday” is the session of fun weekly polls which spark thought, debate, and intrigue! Each poll closes in a week with results posted on the following ‘TVT’!

Last week’s poll, “Muppet Mania” has now closed with a total of 58 votes! :) Click HERE to visit and see which muppets won the top 3 spots in the hearts of those who voted. 1 muppet actually received 0 votes!!! Thank you everyone who voted and made last week’s poll fun!

Enjoy this week’s poll entitled “Powerful Presidential Politics 2!”

It is time, once again, for us to put our electoral privileges to good use. This edition of ‘TVT’ happens to fall on election Tuesday (the 2nd Tuesday of November)

Last year, I decided that it is time for superheroes to be elected as leaders of the United States of America! So, we had our very FIRST Annual Powerful Presidential Politics Poll. Some of you may remember it! Click HERE to get an idea of what to expect and also to see what took place during that monumental election hosted here on TheScarletSp1der’s page!

Well, the winners of last year’s election have finished out their term of office! Some of them have opted to seek re-election, some bowed out of politics altogether, and some new candidates have arisen…and they want your votes.

Last Year's Presidential Candidates

While the selection may have changed this year, the rules remain the same. (Only there are 2 more additional candidates and we hope to see even MORE voters hit the polls. Last year’s was a record ‘TVT’ with 112 votes!)

So…Here are the rules:

  1. There are 10 nominees below for you to vote for.
  2. The political parties are Marvel and D.C. (you don’t have to vote for two in the same party).
  3. You must vote for two!
  4. Leave a comment about who you prefer to be President and WHY!
  5. Poll closes next Tuesday morning. -Most votes wins Prez, 2nd most votes wins Vice-Prez, 3rd wins Speaker of the House…and so on and so forth.
  6. You are permitted to leave Superhero Political Propaganda in the comments section! –highly encouraged!
  7. Share this poll with your friends, Like to get as many votes as we can for this one! Thanks!

EVERY VOTE COUNTS! Hit the vote button! Even if you live outside of the U.S., you can place a vote for The President! 😉

Today, I ask you…(Remember, Vote for TWO!)

CLICK HERE for the official results!

A poll of paramount importance! Let the propaganda begin! LEAVE A COMMENT supporting your favorite candidates! And don’t forget to share this poll via your Facebook, Twitter, Website, text msgs, etc!

Be sure to visit back often! The poll closes on 11-15-11 and the results will post on next week’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!”

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching! Now HIT THOSE POLLS!!!


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  1. Yay, I’m the first voter! 😀 I don’t think Superman qualifies as US prez as he wasn’t born in America, or even earth!! ha..ha.. I voted for Capt. America (well, naturally, right) I just think he’s served in the military and he also has a good heart. I also think Bruce Wayne is quite powerful enough to lead a country, he won’t even need to do any fundraising as he could very well fund his own campaign 😀


    • @ Ruth
      Welcome to this year’s presidential campaign! Cap is a great choice! But how do you rebuttal accusations that he abandoned the U.S. In time of war? He could’ve abandoned ship and survived that plane crash. But he instead chose to evade paying taxes for 7 decades.And Bruce, sure he has money…so did Ross Perot…but that doesn’t mean he should be prez. Too secretive. Do you think the American public can trust him? He was Vice President last year…maybe he can be prez still. Hmm.


      • Whoa, I’m not ready for a rebuttal. Um.. um.. can I still switch my answer? I didn’t see Professor X, I think that was my answer last year. I’d swap Cap w/ Prof. X but I stand by Bruce Wayne. He already had experience as VP, and the secret thing, well EVERY real prez has secrets. At least we know he’s out there saving the world and not cheating on his wife/girlfriend like a lot of real presidents do! 🙂


    • @ Silk Spectre
      X seems wise, but is that because he wants you to think he is? A little scary following a leader and not knowing if it is by choice or not.Wonder Woman is a nice choice…she def has what it takes, perhaps her lasso will make Congress finally be truthful!


  2. I can only vote for me as I only see myself fit for office. My humble beginnings have allowed to see the world from the perspective of the little man and my days of saving the world have given me a macro perspective. I am the ideal candidate, proven on the battlefield and able to empathize with the plight of the people

    Also, I hate that wisecracking guy, Iron Man. What a douche.

    You may ask me any question in the comments about my platform.


  3. Okay I voted for Professor X (he’s so wise!/PICAAAARRRD!) and Captain America (like I said on FB, that seems like the obvious choice). Also, like Ruth said, he served in the military and has a good heart. I WAS going to vote for Batman, but after playing Batman Arkham City, I remembered what a jerk that guy is!


    • @ Stepheny
      Thanks for voting today. But would Professor X be appropriate? His mind control capability surely must come into question.And Cap, an obvious choice, however we must ask him about his apparent 70yr tax evasion scandal. Hmm.


  4. Hi, ScarletSp1der and company:

    I cast my vote for Batman.

    I would have cast my vote for the 1960s, Jack Kirby Captain America, but I’m less than pleased with today’s modern version.


  5. @ Jack
    Thanks for voting. You think Wayne would serve well, even with his deeply rooted troubles. Remember that he would be a true politician in that the face he would show would truly be a facade. Could you trust him as the leader of the U.S.?


  6. Well Captain America is the obvious presidential choice. He is all American! He wants the best for our country! I think the accusations of tax evasion are slanderous and false. He was busy saving the country and was incapacitated for it. It’s not his fault, and he could have just let it happen and then happily paid taxes to fix a broken country! So there. Also, Iron Man because he seems to generally also want good and to put a stop to war. And if I support him, maybe he will let me have an Iron Man suit.


    • Cap is not necessarily the obvious choice! (sorry, Castor)

      Smandero!! Thanks for voting!

      Just because his name has “America” in it doesn’t mean he should win. Trust me. You wouldn’t want the Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn/Green Goblin in an Iron Man suit) to be president. How do you know he wants what’s best for the country? All he wants to do is to get his date with Agent Carter from 70 years ago. That’s all he had to talk and mope about! You saw the movie.

      And I agree, Iron Man DOES want what is good…only he want’s what is good for HIM more than what is good for the country! And so do you…you’re already after getting paid for your vote by claiming your price of an Iron Man Suit. No different than him! 😀 ha!

      At this point, Nick Fury is looking pretty good. at least he will look you Eye to Eye! haha.


      • Well sure he has “America” in his name. But he wanted to serve his country BEFORE he was the Cap! He was just a little weiner kid with a whole lot of heart, and he still has that. As for wanting his date, if you woke up to realize you had been snoozing for 70 years, what would you do? His reaction shows he is still a man! I wouldnt wake up and say “oh well, let’s save America again!” Even our president should be allowed time to grieve that he missed his date 🙂

        As for Iron Man, I’m less sure about him and so would make him VP, under Cap. And I’ll support him without the suit, it would just be a nice bonus!


  7. Professor X and Cyclops. Professor X says he never uses his psychic powers on someone without their permission. So I believe that he’d never deceive people into believing things. He’s also done so much work to create peace between humans and mutants, that it would naturally extend to the rest of the world.

    Cyclops because he knows how to lead people, has worked most of his life under Prof. X already, and it’s nice to have a vice president that can control his shooting (I’m looking at you Chaney!).


  8. Professor X for the big chair, with Cap as VP. Now THAT’S a winning ticket!

    You’ve got the thoughtful, peace loving conciliatory head honcho, with the patriotic muscle to back him up.

    Couldn’t vote Supes, he turned his American citizenship in this year. The douche.


    • the Prof is an amazing candidate, no doubt. but would he truly be able to work politics? He still can never seem to get any sort of bill passed for the peaceful coexistence of mutants with humans! (Hence Magneto’s frustration). He fails at politics!!


  9. Okay so I have finally chosen.

    Professor X – He can read the mind of the enemies and he’ll always go for the peaceful resolution. Imagine being able to know what your enemies are thinking?

    Batman – I’m a huge fan of Batman in general so of course I was going to pick him. He already has a political history with being the president of Wayne Industries. We could be a great choice as well.


    • ha! Glad you could vote! Prof X may always go for the peaceful resolution, but he very rarely attains it! Look how he is still constantly fighting for a peaceful coexistence between man and mutant. He is not very successful at all in peace negotiations.

      Batman is a president of a company, but he uses so much of his company’s expenses for his only personal endeavors. Can anyone say embezzlement, fraud, and impeachment???

      hmm, what say you now about these choices??


  10. Phew, just got my vote in! Like Max, I went for Batman and Professor X. Batman would be president while Professor X would be vice. Batman has a great head on his shoulders and Professor X would be a great person to have on your side, offering advice and pointers.


    • I am glad that you came and voted!! ha! You should read my response to Max on those choices of candidates! 🙂

      Although, I will say, I like that you chose Prof X as VICE-prez as opposed to President. I think that is a pretty solid choice.


  11. I would like to say that Bruce and I thank you all for electing us as your President and VP last year. We hope that we were able to inspire and bring out the best in you all while still protecting you from clear and present dangers as well as the shadows you never heard coming.

    Dr. Banner, though he did manage to avoid any incidents this year, did a solid job leading our military as the secretary of defense but has decided that it was too taxing on him to keep from getting angry at times and thus has decided not to run for office again.

    VP Bruce Wayne worked very closely with Secretary of State Rogers to keep our borders secured and I feel they did a very good job. Despite the clashes that Mr. Speaker of the House Tony Stark and I had during the year, in the end we always manage to work through our differences and come to an agreement that was best for the country.

    During my time in office I’ve learned a lot about how strong the American spirit really is and how great this country can become. Despite what Bruce, Mr. Stark, and Fury tend to think, the human spirit has an incredible capacity for good. We’ve made strides this past year but there is still much more work to be done.

    I would like to continue to lead us, acting as a light to show the way to the incredible heights we can reach. However, there are many great candidates running for office this year, most of which I’ve worked with this past year, so I understand that the choice is a dificult one for all. If you choose to re-elect this farmboyfrom Smallville, Kansas again I will lead this country, once more, with truth and justice. If you should choose someone else as president, I will still serve this country proudly in whatever role I am given. No matter who you choose, let your voice be heard and vote.

    President Clark Kent


    • So, the only time we really hear from you in addressing the voting citizens is when re-election time is here? Your absence and abrupt re-emergence is not very assuring.

      And I’ve heard tell that you have discarded your citizenship of the U.S.

      remind me again, as to why you should be re-elected? Especially if you do not get put into office we still get all of the same benefits. “If you should choose someone else as president, I will still serve this country proudly in whatever role I am given.”

      an interesting statement. I haven’t quite figured out if it is a bluff or truth.


      • Sorry for not commenting as much as I’d like to, SS but I do have a country to run. Even still, I do read your blog with regularity. I have no control over the actor chosen to play me in movies but I assure you that I have not changed citizenship. Likewise, though the actor in the upcoming film is indeed British, he is still portaying an American Clark Kent so even then my citenzeship remains the same.

        Why would you expect me to NOT serve this country proudly no matter what role I’m asked to do? Isn’t that how it should work? Everyone that ran foroffice last year still gave it their all in the jobs they were given after they didn’t win the Presidency. You don’t have to be on top to make a difference and I want to see this country succeed and be the beacon of hope and strength that we expect it to be. In order to do that, it takes all of us doing our best however we can and whatever role is called for.


      • The conversation you’re referring to was to protect the US from retaliation for my actions in Iran. However, I never followed through as it proved unnecessary.


    • did you REALLY just call them “America Man” “For a better America?? That’s your campaign slogan? wow!…wow!

      That’s almost as bad as “I believe in Harvey Dent!” which Bruce Wayne pointed out in The Dark Knight!!


  12. I voted for the two people who represent the country the with there uniform (captain America) and their symbolism of truth, justice, and the american way (Superman). This is cool. I like your site.


    • JJ welcome and thanks for your kind compliment! Don’t make this your last visit. Hang out here for a while!

      Captain America and Superman. Got it! Thanks for voting! We’ll see who wins this upcoming Tuesday! Tell your friends to come vote!!


  13. I voted for Cap and Wonder Woman as VP. I don’t trust Batman, he is kind of emotionally unstable, don’t you think? Wonder Woman would make a great VP. Great Poll, Scarlet Sp1der!


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