Mini-Review for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (pt 1)

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (part 1)

  • Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner
  • Directed by: Bill Condon
  • Synopsis: In the highly anticipated next chapter of the blockbuster ‘The Twilight Saga’, the newfound married bliss of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) is cut short when a series of betrayals and misfortunes threatens to destroy their world.
  • Trailer:

The fourth film of the series, Breaking Dawn (pt 1) continues the story where the previous films left off. With a teenage girl high on emotions and rushing to be married, yet still not certain of her feelings between the pale immortal boy and the angry wolf boy! (Okay, I jest, but that’s not too far from accurate!)

*For those that read my page regularly, you already know my distaste for the would-be acting of Kristen Stewart and her open-mouthed, wide-eyed stare! I will, however, attempt to put that aside for this review! 😉 

First of all, if you are not a Twilight fan…and if you haven’t read the book…then this film is definitely not for you! That is evident in the very slow-paced and boring first hour of the film. Twi-hards and Wolf-boys will undoubtedly appreciate the direction the film takes to slowly take in the moments that they have waited for through the previous films, but the pace and the story itself does absolutely nothing to grab audiences other than the faithful readers of the novels.

Interestingly enough, it was the most boring wedding scene in a film that drew zero emotional attachment and care from this movie goer. (I tried to buy into the beautiful ceremony, but there was nothing there. Heartless? hmm. Call it what you will…I call it a Snoozefest and a Laughterfest)!

SNOOZEFEST– Aside from a yawn of a wedding, laughable honeymoon/lovescene, and subsequent pregnancy, the other boring portions of this film:

  • Bella’s continued innocent teasing of Jacob.
  • Explanation of certain things, i.e. raised animosity between Jacob and Rosalie.
  • Any believable acting (incessant lashing out of Jacob, Edward’s passiveness/moodiness, Bella’s baby-delivering, Bella’s dad).
  • Tease at action, but very little.
  • Vampires fighting Werewolves = No BLOOD afterwards???!! How is that?!

LAUGHTERFEST– Some moments of laughter for myself in this film:

  • Jacob losing his shirt within the very first 10 seconds of the movie.
  • Reference to Jasper’s indiscretion in Eclipse
  • Jacob telling Bella that she looks “Terrible.”
  • How all the Cullens seem to have nothing else to do but stand in the same room together staring at Bella in every scene.
  • CGI of the werewolves.
  • Bella’s lopside-headed baby=strangest (& possibly ugliest) baby I ever saw! 😉 jk

Okay, okay, I will stop at this point. You get where I’m going with this. The film really IS made for those that read the books and can have an appreciation of all it is trying to do, while, at the same time, be willing to overlook such things as the list I made. It is part of the reason the film maintained the #1 spot for 2 weekends in a row so far and just hit $500M worldwide (with a budget of $110M)…IMPRESSIVE!

So much still remained unexplained or tossed to the wind in considering that true fans would already know what was going on. The film sacrifices better substance for an hour’s worth of hopeful emotional moments, love songs, and PG rated honeymoon scenes of swimming, playing chess, and baby-making.

I must say, that one of the strengths of this series is actor/character continuation! With the exception of 1 character in Eclipse (Victoria), all of the characters continue to be portrayed by the same actor. This must be commended and adds great strength to a series. (It is part of the reason I enjoy the Underworld series).

This movie, if anything, is nothing but a stepping stone prepping for the end of the tale! It is too bad it truly cannot stand on its own. I, for one, will be one of the happiest people when Part 2 resigns from the box office and it will all be over. (Sorry, but there’s not much else to write about. Eclipse was better.)

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy Watching!

TheSp1der’s Score: 1 out of 5 stars for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (pt 1)


  1. You say you will be happy when Part 2 is over. But you do realize that you don’t HAVE to see it, right? You can choose not to watch it and end your Twilight experience right now if you so wish.


    • I will be happy, not because of my seeing it vs. not seeing it. I will be happy because after that I will not have to hear about it any longer. Regardless of my viewing or not. I view it to ward off other would be watchers! 😀


  2. Mwahahaha… very entertaining review, my friend. I was thinking of you every time my sister brings up Twilight. She’s a Twihard but not as die hard as most or she probably would have dragged us to Forks which was only 3 hrs away from Seattle, ahah.

    Snoozefest and a Laughterfest is what I’d imagine this movie would be. Even from the trailer the wedding looked boring, I’m sure the sex scene is just as lackluster (yeah ok so he broke the bed, big deal!) I mean that girl had ONE expression no matter the occasion. She looks the same when Edward left her as the time he’s waiting for her down the aisle, that is just ludicrous! I’m glad you saw this movie so I don’t have to! (Ok I take that back sorry, that was mean of me) 😀


    • haha! Thanks for reading it! Your last comment made me literally laugh out loud! haha

      same expression throughout the entire movie!! no joke!

      as for the bed, it musta been made of particle board! hahaha!


  3. Wow I completely agree with all of this. I was falling asleep in the beginning (I have not seen any of the others so I was not into it), and then laughing nonstop for the rest of it. I got so many dirty looks from 13 year old girls.


  4. Lol @ you humor…love this review. We agree on a number of points, and disagree on others.

    I have not read any of the books, but found somewhat of a liking to this Twilight frenzy. Actually can I really call it a liking. I find myself going to these movies knowing that the acting is stale and these films are always slow paced. However, unlike the previous films, I happened to like the acting and the story the best. Thats not to say it was great, but at least a hell of an improvement. Unlike you, I happened to love the ceremony scene. It was one of my favorite parts in the film. Kristen Stewart is not a great actress, but I somehow felt her wedding jitters as she made her way to the aisle.

    I do however agree with you on ur comments concerning Jacob/Bella/Edwards relationship. I was wondering if anyone else thought that their tri-relationship/affair was weird. Happy to know someone shares my views on the oddity of it.

    I happened to dislike Eclipse and the others, but Breaking Dawn had me vested. IDK…different strokes for different folks. I do agree that I am ready for this thing to end…but also unlike you, Im looking forward to Part 2. Can’t wait to see your review on that! lol 😉


    • haha! Thanks so much for visiting and reading! at least we both are ready for next years’ finale! (for different reasons) 😀

      What movies are you most excited for between now and years’ end?


      • Lol…true true…

        The movies Im anticipating for the new year are: “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocal” mainly because the “Impossible” flicks are usually great action movies. Im also rooting for Tom Cruise to make a career comback.

        “Girl with the Dragon Tatoo” Mara Rooney’s transformation for this film is amazing. She doesn’t even look or act like the same actress I remember her as in “Social Network”. I love it when actors abilities are not contained in the same type of role. Im looking for her to shine in this.

        “Pariah” I saw the trailor for this months ago. The material is so deep. I’ve been anticipating the release since I watched the preview. However I think they may have been having trouble with putting some of the material on film because the release date has been pushed back several times. Set release date now is Dec 28…and I can’t wait. Check out the trailer if you haven’t already. Would you see it?

        What movies are on your radar?


      • MI movies are great action flicks…and that was my only criticism of Abram’s MI-3…it was an action flick, but not much of a MI movie. does that make sense? I hope Tom Cruise does well in this one. I like the look of it, but I’m more hopeful for Jeremy Renner and his rising stardom and 2012 releases.

        TGWTDT looks so impressive! You’re right about Mara. Did you watch the original one or read the books. I watched the original and still felt a little lost afterwards. So I hope to see this one explain a little more that the first one apparently may have left out from the books. I am leary, however. I don’t fancy films with rape and had no idea the first one had it til I watched it.

        Pariah looks deep, raw, and real. It is one that I’m sure will be super touching. I may see it, but it is not on my “must-watch” list!

        I am looking forward to Sherlock Holmes 2, MI-4, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Pina, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and The Darkest Hour. Quite a mixture, but that’s what’s on my radar between now and 2012!!! 🙂


      • Love Jeremy Renner as an actor. I don’t doubt that he will shine in this film. He is definitely someone I want to see more of, but Im happy with his body of work thus far.

        TGWTDT…no never read the books. I like to take the movie for what its worth, and not have it be ruined by the fact that I thought it was nothing like the book…ya know. I did not see the 1st installment, but I didn’t hear great reviews about the 1st movie. The trailer for this film was so riveting I was surprised that it was for this series, when the titled was shown at the end of trailer. I can understand that the material may not be to your liking. The content doesn’t bother me, I just hope my expectations are at least partly fulfilled.

        Omg…not looking forward to seeing Sherlock Holmes 2…although I am going to watch it. I found the 1st to be such a bore…yawn. The trailer was great, then the movie was a major snooze fest. I am expecting the same for this 2nd installment, although I am crossing my fingers for a better outcome.

        The Darkest Hr looks absolutely horrible (but I am still going to see it). It looks like a film that starts out as a great idea. But the idea becomes so huge that there is no logical way to resolve it. For example that stupid movie with the aliens who came falling out of the sky (sorry title skips my mind) It had the actor Donald Faison from Scrubs in it. Darkets Hr looks like it may have great CGI, but horrible storyline…IDK. If I had a choice I would personally pass on this from what I reviewed in the trailer alone.

        Definitely looking forward to Extremely Lound and Incredibly Close. Tom Hanks, and Sandra Bullock…enough said for me. The story looks emotionally heart wrenching and joyous. I love movies that pull out emotions. Everytime I see the trailer I want to smile and cry at the same time. I missed this one, but I have to agree this is another movie Im looking forward to.

        Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy trailor threw me off a bit because I didn’t particularly like the way Tom Hardy looked in his role. But I am a fan of Colin Firth, and Im thinking this movie may surprise me. I think it comes out this weekend correct? I can’t wait to see what you have to say about it verses what I will say…lol. 🙂


      • haha! I definitely agree with your points on The Darkest Hour…but I’m okay with it because I expect it! haha. I will laugh, I’m sure.

        You must read my review for SKYLINE…the movie you were trying to remember. It is one of my most favorite reviews I have written. I think you will appreciate it. –it’s #56!! ha

        TTSS does come out this wknd! Ooh, it will be fun to compare reviews!


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