From TheScarletSp1der’s shelf to yours…#9

It is time once again for one of my favorite segments! It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these segments. (You can actually see ALL of the previous ones by clicking HERE).

Sometimes, instead of choosing to go out to watch a movie, you may feel like watching one at home. Only…which one do you watch? Every so often I like to make movie recommendations for you from the movies that I have in my own personal stash through a segment that I love and love to call “From TheScarletSp1der’s shelf to yours…”

Do you like to collect movies? If you do, you know that the value of a worthy movie collection lies not in quantity, but in quality. As I’ve said before, “You may have 500 movies, but if 375 of them are horrible….then your neighbor with 75 classics has a better collection! In my opinion.” Hopefully these segments will help you in your quest for the perfect movie collection. Several great films never get the recognition that they are due. So, I choose to share the ones I know of with you! Here’s another peek into my own personal movie stash. Enjoy!

My movie to share from my shelf to yours today is: Away We Go  

Synopsis (via IMDB):

A couple who is expecting their first child travel around the U.S. in order to find a perfect place to start their family. Along the way, they have misadventures and find fresh connections with an assortment of relatives and old friends who just might help them discover “home” on their own terms for the first time.

This Focus Feature from 2009 grabbed me initially just from the trailer alone! I remember being excited to see this one and hoping the film itself carried the same feel as the trailer did!

Here’s the trailer:

I am glad to report that the film did not disappoint!

Director Sam Mendes (whose resume includes directing Revolutionary Road, American Beauty, Road to Perdition, and the upcoming James Bond film Skyfall) brings a fantastic story to life that connects with audiences because it is about real life! John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph pull off an amazing performance and present one of the realest and truest type of relationships I have ever seen on film. They make it seem as if they truly are the longtime lovers that they characterize!

This movie takes you with the two main characters as they go away to find a place to call home and build their family. Our travels with them take us to different areas in and out of the country and to many different types of people and living situations. With everyone that the journey leads us to meet up with (from emotionally detached and rather selfish parents, to friends and family members all seeming to try and find something in their lives), Away We Go does nothing short of present real-life situations with real characters, yet makes it so enjoyable with the moments that cause laughter, head-scratching, and heart-warming! (A lot like family and friends actually do!)

Away We Go is perfectly cast. Everyone in the film adds a uniqueness to the story and their character and thus allows the film to very quickly establish a sense of believability and press forward with telling the story and meaning!

While John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph are the main characters and should’ve received more attention for their roles than they did (They truly make the movie what it is!), the rest of the supporting cast were just as perfect in their roles.

Additional cast members: Catherine O’Hara, Jeff Daniels, Allison Janney, Jim Gaffigan, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Chris Messina, and more!

The beauty of so many films from Focus Features is the strong character development that is so prevalent in the majority of their movies. (Pitch Black, The Pianist, Lost in Translation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Brick, Jane Eyre, Hanna, Pride and Prejudice…and the list goes on and on). The blend that Sam Mendes accomplished between character development and enjoyable classic entertainment is highly impressive and was cause for this film to be ushered directly to my shelf the day it released on home video. Not much out of Hollywood portrays real-life in such a true, yet enjoyable way. We all know people like the people in this movie, and the film takes full advantage of that which allows for even greater storytelling!

Rated R for language and some sexual content, Away We Go chronicles a great journey of two young people looking for a place to call home and start a family! Their adventure together is one that introduces them to so much, brings so many small enjoyable moments, gives reason to pause, and ultimately leaves you feeling so good!

An IMDB Must-Mention: “This is first Sam Mendes film where Thomas Newman did not compose the original score. Newman has scored every Mendes film since American Beauty.” And it is one of the other main reasons I love the film! Alexi Murdoch (Garden State, Gone Baby Gone) did the score and it’s perfect for the film!

For your in home viewing pleasure, it is my great pleasure to recommend Away We Go “From TheScarletSp1der’s shelf to yours!”

Thanks for reading! Again, you can click HERE to see the other previous recommendations from TheScarletSp1der’s shelf to yours!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Sp1der’s Score: I’m not going to rate the movies in the “Shared Shelf” segments….I already own them! That’s gotta tell you something! :D

Thank you to IMDB for the trivia info!

up next: “Trailer Time Thursday!”



  1. For me John Krasinski makes this movie, the female lead not so much. I LOVED Krasinski’s character in the Office and I like him just as well here. Unfortunately though, this was one of Mendes’ disappointments for me :/

    Nice review T!


      • I liked it, probably about a 7/10, but I guess Mendes being a great director I was expecting more. I sort of felt like the film did not finish well, but then it did at the same time. It just didn’t work for me like other of his work 😀


      • I can understand that. though I feel it is one of his best because he veered out of his normal comfort zone! Glad he wasn’t so predictable. as I see it anyways!

        Thanks for expounding on your thoughts!


  2. Nice post! I think this was one of 2009’s more underrated films, and I loved all of the cameos from Maggie Gyllenhall, Jim Gaffigan, etc. And, of course, it was great to see John Krasinski in a lead role. Glad to hear you enjoyed this one as well.


  3. Ah Man so nice ot see Away We Go get a mention. I absolutely loved the film. Really sweet and not as twee to make me sick. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of a film I had almost forgotten about


  4. I really enjoyed this film too. Like you said, the character development in the film is so nicely done and to me, it felt realistic in the sense that I could see a couple about to embark on family-dom to go through similar things. Sure some of the characters were way out there, but the couple themselves were grounded and real.


    • Glad you like it too! It remains a favorite of mine! The eccentricity of some of the characters is out there, but I just saw it as the culmination of our family members and friends in one! haha. Maggie G had me laughing!


  5. Great choice, T, it’s one I haven’t seen but been meaning to. I forgot it’s a Sam Mendes’ film, wow no wonder it’s good! I have to watch this one soon!


  6. Wow, it seems that you love the movie more then I am. But I agree that it was pretty real and both leading characters are great, especially Maya Rudolph. Great review! 🙂


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