Countdown to the Oscars

On February 26, 2012, the 84th Academy Awards® ceremony will air live on television, and the world will watch in anticipation as some of our favorite movies, actors, directors, screenwriters, and more wait anxiously to hear their name pronounced after these famous words: “and the Oscar® goes to…”

This year’s Academy Awards® are produced by Brian Grazer (24, Cowboys & Aliens, Arrested Development) and hosted by returning host Billy Crystal (Monsters, Inc, When Harry Met Sally). Crystal has hosted the Academy Awards® 8 times before and his return is a welcome sight to so many viewers.

Here is the first trailer for the upcoming ceremony of thespian royalty! Watch as Josh Duhamel and Megan Fox hunt down the legend himself to host the  Oscars®! 

Some of my favorite parts of the Oscars®:

  • seeing how great everyone looks on that evening (Sandra Bullock looked AMAZING last year!);
  • seeing all the awards given (Congrats to Mr. “Class Himself”, Colin Firth!);
  • seeing the emotion of the culmination of all of the winners’ work;
  • watching the silly antics of the hosts and presenters (James and Anne were so-so last year.);
  • watching as the music played rushes the winner’s acceptance speech to an interrupted end; 😀
  • watching to see which other actors I can spot in the audience as the camera pans! -A fun game of  “I Spy!” or “Where’s Waldo?”!

Even though 2011 served as one of the lowest dollar-grossing years in cinema in over 15 years, many of last year’s movies are vying for the prestigious awards this next month. The official nominations for the 84th Academy Awards® are scheduled to be announced on Tuesday, January 24 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

Taken from the official website for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, here are the awards categories that are up for grabs:

“Awards of Merit in the form of the gold statuette trophy of the Academy (Oscar) shall be conferred annually for the following achievements:”

Do you have your list of hopeful nominees and winners chosen already? Let me know in the comments section! The Oscar® ceremony approaches quickly!

Thanks for reading! Happy watching!


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  1. These are my bets (I know… a bit early, but it’s the Oscars so it’s all going to be rather predictable as always):
    Best Picture: the Artist
    Best Director: Michel Hazanavicius (the Artist). Second choice: Spielberg (War Horse)
    Best actreess: Meryl Streep (The Iron Lady). Second Choice: M. Williams (My week with Marylin)
    Best Actor: Ryan Goslin (or George Clooney for the Descendants)
    Best Supporting actor: Kenneth Branagh, (Christopher Plummer was amazing though).
    Best Supporting actress: no idea.. but my vote goes for Shailene Woodley
    Best Original Screenplay: 50/50
    Best Adapted Screenplay: Descendants, The
    Best Music: John Williams (War Horse)… but the Artist could win
    Best Animated Film: Adventures of Tintin, The: The Secret of the Unicorn (without a doubt)
    Best Cinematography: Artist, The (though really War Horse should win)
    Best Editing: Artist, The (though We Need to Talk About Kevin deserves it)
    Special Effects: Rise of the Planet of the Apes
    Sound: War Horse


  2. The nostalgic side of me is happy to see Crystal back. However, I am curious to see which films get nominated this year. Unlike previous years, the field seems to be very wide open. No one film is dominating the award circuit.


  3. I’m rooting for The Artist and now that I’ve seen WARRIOR, I do hope it gets at least a nomination. Yay for Billy Crystal hosting again, he’s so much fun to watch!


  4. I like that trailer. Pretty basic, but funny.

    For the last two years, I’ve done Oscar predictions on my blog. I’ve been running about about 67% correct predictions. We’ll see how I do this year. Right now, even though the noms aren’t out yet, I’m already thinking Descendants might be taking home the Best Picture.

    Are you planning on doing any sort of predictions on your blog?


  5. Hey T! Nice new digs here 🙂 I just saw The Artist last night and though I’ve not seen some of the films mentioned as frontrunners, I’d be fine with it winning Best Picture. So so good.

    I’m hoping Fassbender gets an Oscar nomination for something, he did four great projects this year if you ask me, but I think Shame is his best chance and I feel that film just isn’t going to do well with the Academy.

    My favorite thing about it is all the gowns and jewelry, i usually buy People and Us that week so I can look at them more closely. These people are our royalty you know 😉


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