*IMPORTANT!!! Introducing, TheFocusedFilmographer.com

Greetings! And welcome to a post of new beginnings!

Towards the end of 2011, I decided to begin to take this blog towards a more professional direction, if you will. Nothing too drastic, but something that made it easier for people to find, navigate, read, follow, and enjoy.

As a result, you may have noticed over the past 6 months a greater focus on regular segments, content, shortened-yet-more-concise reviews, comment-inviting posts/questions, and more. All leading to today and hereafter…the launch of a new domain name and more!

Well, in the words of The Cable Guy: “The Future Is…NOW!”

A desired focus for a continual increase of great content, activities, features, researched articles, reviews, and more that revolves around films (upcoming and released) prompted and inspired the new name change for the page!

Allow me to be the first to welcome you to: TheFocusedFilmographer.com!

Dictionary.com defines “Filmography” as “a collection of writings about motion pictures, especially detailed essays dealing with specific films.” (This is perfect, because this is exactly what my page is all about!)

I know that change can sometimes be a little scary. So let me put your mind at ease with a little Q&A session addressing some questions I have received in regards to this change. If you have any additional questions, I am happy to answer them. Please let me know via the comment section (see the link at the bottom of the post).

Why the change? A few reasons prompted the change.

  1. The difficulty/confusion caused with the “#1” replacing the letter “I” in the web address line.
  2. The desire to head in a more professional direction.
  3. The confusion/inconvenience of not only having to type in “1”, but also adding “wordpress” into the address line. (It is much cleaner and professional owning a .com address.)

Why the name The Focused Filmographer? After trying out several names and testing them with several faithful readers, The Focused Filmographer rang true with the majority of readers and truly seemed to sum up what the intent and direction of my page is! Very happy with the overall result.

Will any of the weekly post segments disappear? No, not at the moment…or rather, not because of this change. You can expect to see more movie reviews, “Movie News Mondays,” “Time to Vote Tuesdays,” “Trailer Time Thursdays,” and more of the fantastic posts you have grown to love on this page!

Should I replace the bookmark I have of the old site’s address with this new one? Yes. While the previous address (http://scarletsp1der.wordpress.com) will still redirect you to this page, please replace the bookmarked address with the new one: http://thefocusedfilmographer.com (Notice the lack of “www” and also the lack of “wordpress” in the address line).

**UPDATE, a technical error is preventing the redirect from taking place. I am sorry to report that http://scarletsp1der.wordpress.com is no longer a working link and will NOT redirect you, or anyone else, to this site! 

You MUST use the new address! (I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.)

Will the Facebook page for the site see any change? Yes and no. I am currently setting up a Facebook page reflecting the changed name. (Thank you for following on FB!). I cannot rename the fan page due to restrictions from Facebook, but look for details to come in order to stay updated with all the great movie info on Facebook! Once the switch is done, the original fanpage will slowly diminish and see a lack of activity as all things will migrate over to the new fanpage.

Will the Twitter fanpage change? Yes. The account as already been set up. @FilmsWith_T. If you were following me before @Scarlet_Sp1der, you are still following me now! Don’t delete me! Nothing’s changed! 🙂 

I am a blogger friend of yours and have your page listed in my blogroll as TheScarletSp1der’s Blog. Should I change it? Yes. Please do. First of all, I count it an honor to be included in your list. Thank you very much. Should you decide to keep me there, please update both the link and the title to reflect the page’s current name. Thank you kindly.

I am a subscriber, will I still receive my emails for every post? Yes. There should be no interruption in the emails you have signed up for. Remember, you can manage the frequency and amount of emails you receive via your free subscription. If you do not see your emails come through, please notify me.

***UPDATE: it may be that some of you that were receiving emails in the past may not be receiving them now. You MAY have to re-Subscribe! FYI. Due to the same technical difficulty as mentioned before, this may be a reality. I am trying to get this cleared up with admin. Please stand by.

Will your email address remain the same? No. While I still will own and use scarletsp1der@yahoo.com, Please begin to use “thefocusedfilmographer@yahoo.com” for any correspondence.

Are there any more changes planned for the near future that I should be aware of? I am always seeking ways to improve your experience here on the page. But while some slight changes may happen from time to time, nothing as drastic as a web address change will be taking place. (Sigh!) 😀

Only a bit of maintenance here and there now!

Has TheScarletSp1der written his last word? For the time being, it appears that way. But who knows? He may not have hung up his webslingers for good! I still remain a HUGE Spiderman fan, and while some of that influence has disappeared from the site, others remain. It will be an ongoing transition of subtle changes here and there. But they will largely remain ScarletSp1der-less.

…Alas, the popcorn has run out.

BUT!! since my love of Marvel and Spiderman has (and never will) NOT run out! Don’t be surprised if you see Spiderman stuff pop up from time to time. You will notice Spiderman related stuff all the time if you pay attention! Even the wallcrawler himself had a recent change and joined the “FF”: the Future Foundation (…or Focused Filmographer?!!). He also had a change of style!…much like my page! 🙂

With this new direction, are we in for more fun and great posts? ABSOLUTELY! So please continue to stay tuned and connected. I hope to have made this transition as seamless and easy as possible! Watch for the new Facebook fanpage, the Twitter account update, etc. As long as you’re watching closely, you’ll catch it all.

What new features have you added to the page? Will there be more? You’ll notice a new “Alert Box” under the banner. (If you are reading a mobile version of this page, you may not have access to it). Always check out the “Alert Box” for important messages and updates. You’ll also notice my Twitterfeed and Facebook fan page in the right hand margin! As I said below…stay tuned for more cool changes as they arrive over time.

(a special “Thank You” to Scott over at Front Room Cinema for creating the very cool banner you see at the top of the page for me!)

Well, Onward with a new focus…and a new title!

If you have any further questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to let me know in the comment section below!


Thank for reading! Happy watching!

Stay tuned and in focus!

T, The Focused Filmographer

up next: “Movie News Monday!”



  1. Of course I’ll make any changes to continue follow your work online, T. I’ve updated my blogroll (and did receive the new post notification via email). Congrats and best of luck on the new site, my friend.


  2. A new beginning. I like it! Congrats on making the move to your own domain Terrence. Looking forward to lots of goodness from the FF!

    PS. I updated my blogroll for you 😀


  3. Good luck with the new direction for the place here. I think it’s great what you’re doing and I’ll be coming back to the new place 😀 All added to my google reader 🙂


  4. Nice introductory post T 🙂
    I will update my blogroll soon. I wish I can make my site without .wordpress.com just straight away .com

    Your new name is quite long…good luck T 🙂


  5. Hi Terrence, love the new look. I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a great year for the focused filmographer. Thanks for the new link, I’ve updated my blogroll. (Love the new banner Scott, you really get around my friend 😉 The very best of luck with the new site Terrence!


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