New Posters for Star Wars: Episode I in 3D

Coming to theaters once again…only in 3D! Star Wars: Episode 1 is set to make its debut next month on February 10th!

Fan or not, you can’t deny that Star Wars is one of the BEST sagas of all time! While you may not be a 3D fan, the newest posters are pretty sweet! Check out the latest posters courtesy of Collider: (click on 1 of the posters for a full screen display slideshow)!

Pretty sweet posters! Look for the adventure to begin in another dimension next month!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer



  1. I was a HUGE Star Wars fan/geek as a child I mean “memorized all three movies/read all the books/started my own Star Wars Club” HUGE. Damaged irrevocably by Phantom Menace. I have not been able to turn back.


  2. While I am not a huge fan of the newer movies, Star Wars brings backs such great memories for me as a child with incredible movie magic. So, even though I don’t love the later trilogy, i will definitely be seeing it in the theater 😀


  3. Anything that has to do with Star Wars, granted, is awesome, however, I do have to ask one question: when will it stop? Ah well. I have to say first that I am loving your changes here! Certainly encourages engagement! #awesome


    • ha. George Lucas has never been introduced to the word “Stop!” haha.

      thank you very much for the compliment on the page. Still working a few things out (i.e. the location and color of the “Comment” link, etc), but it’s coming along. Appreciate it much! 🙂


  4. Erm, I’m concerned that at the time of voting, that I was the only one who definitively said I didn’t care and there are too many yes-es in that poll!

    Just stop fiddling with Star Wars. Yes it brings home the bacon, but surely they’ll be a day when George won’t have anything to fiddle with in it. No?


    • hahaha. Your comment made me laugh! Lucas continually insists on doing this and that with his movies. and it does get old.

      Well, I just hope that by the time we get to episodes 3-6 that nothing too much messes them up! but I’m sure he’ll find a way!

      thanks for voting and for commenting! Hope you have a great weekend


  5. I know people have already mentioned this but…. I am so tired of the remakes in 3D. It just goes to show that society as a whole lacks any sort of creativity to make something unique. Very disappointed with humans right now…


  6. They need to freeze Lucas in carbonite so he stops screwing with his movies. That being said I will be going to see this at the theater as my little man is Star Wars crazy. I have no idea where he got that from….. I will be seeing the non-3D version as its a struggle to keep glasses on a 3 year-old.


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