It’s “Time to Vote Tuesday 83!”: The RED WEB AWARDS

It is time <drumroll, please> for The 2nd ANNUAL RED WEB AWARDS!

Last Sunday, the Golden Globes aired on television! Several deserving nominees won the “pre-Oscar” award, and all the glitz and glamour of the evening made for a fun watch!

Award season is always fun! But sometimes, certain films/directors/actors don’t get the recognition I feel they may deserve. So, since the Golden Globes didn’t quite meet up to my expectations, I decided to host my own “Golden Globe Awards” of sorts, in which you get to help participate and choose the winners.

This prestigous award, entitled The RED WEB AWARD, gives homage to the dedication, cinematic success, inspiration, and amazement of the nominees. (In case you didn’t know, I’m a pretty big Spiderman fan.)

The first award ceremony was last year, and it was a huge success! So I present to you now this year’s 2nd Annual RED WEB AWARDS!

Meet your panel of nominating judges that added their nominations for this year’s 6 RED WEB AWARD categories:

7 different movie bloggers:

…and 3 regular readers/contributors to the site

  • Kal-el
  • Meccadawn
  • TheSilkSpectre

All 10 of us nominated possible winners for 6 categories and we need your help to choose!

Below you will find 6 polls. Please do the following:

  1. Think carefully about the performances of the nominees per category.
  2. Vote the  nominee(s) per poll that you think should win The RED WEB AWARD in its respective category.
  3. After voting, please..***pass this along to a friend via facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, wordpress, blogspot, text message, snail mail, pony express, passenger pigeon, etc. (There are “share” links at the bottom of this post).
  4. Leave a comment, if you wish, spreading your own propagandish reasons as to why you think a certain nominee should win.
  5. Keep checking back, the polls will be open until Sunday night. You can vote up until then. Results will post at the RED WEB AWARDS CEREMONY on Tuesday, January 24!
  6. Didn’t see your favorite on the list? Use the comment section to list your Honorable Mentions!

(In the actual Golden Globes there are over 20 categories. I had to narrow it down as best as I could. While some categories I would love to have included, the 6 below were my final choices.)

Are you ready? We need as many votes as possible! Behold, I give you your chance to vote for the recipients of  The RED WEB AWARDS!

POLLS ARE NOW CLOSED! Awards Results Ceremony available HERE

1. 2011’s WORST Motion Picture: Results available on Tuesday 1/24/12

2. 2011’s Best Performance by ANY Actor: Results available on Tuesday 1/24/12

3. 2011’s Best Performance by ANY Actress: Results available on Tuesday 1/24/12

4. 2011’s Best Animated Feature: Results available on Tuesday 1/24/12

5. 2011’s Best Director of a Motion Picture: Results available on Tuesday 1/24/12

6. 2011’s Best Motion Picture: Results available on Tuesday 1/24/12

These are the nominees! My gratitude goes out to all of the judges for joining me on the nomination panel. Now it’s up to you! Vote and help decide who the winners should be for this year’s RED WEB AWARDS! Please be sure to pass this along between NOW and SUNDAYon your sites, etc. Thank you!

Thanks for reading, voting, and sharing! Once again, The Awards Ceremony will be taking place on Tuesday the 24th! Just wait until you see who I got to host the ceremony!!!! 😀

T, The Focused Filmographer

(For those of you looking for the results of last week’s poll entitled “The Great Gosling”, please visit here.


  1. Tough voting! Couldn’t vote in one category – worst picture – didn’t feel it fair having only seen one of the nominees. Looking forward to the results 😀


  2. Hi T! Love this event! Don’t know how I missed it last year. I’m afraid I don’feel qualified to take part as I haven’t seen the majority of films up for Red Web awards this year. Hope those scary judges won’t be too harsh 😉 Thanks for this T!


  3. The only big omission I noticed was Michelle Williams for “My Week With Marilyn”. Just curious, is there anyway I could get on the panel of judges for next year? If not, that’s cool, but this looks like it was fun to put together.

    P.S. Everyone should vote Drive for everything 🙂


    • Ooh! a very deserving nominee that was an alternate choice by some of the judges but didn’t make the primary cut! Good call. “Sorry Ms. Williams.” (she at least got the Golden Globe!) 🙂

      the next Red Web Award will be next January. Please don’t let me forget throughout the year from time to time and I will surely send you an invite to be a panel judge! Thank you for liking the event and wanting to be a part! 🙂 That’s awesome!

      Continue to send more voters! Polls will close on Sunday but the results will no longer be visible after FRIDAY! 🙂


  4. I voted in all of the categories except Worst Picture as I didn’t see any of them. I’m extra glad I didn’t know as well 😛

    I may be going against the majority but I love awards season, not least because of the beautiful dresses that are seen on the red carpets.


  5. There are some massive omissions I think: Michelle Williams and Meryl Streep for example (especially because one of them is definitely going to get the Oscar) and Spielberg and his War Horse ( by all means that film had lots of faults and was not perfect, but o have the Muppets and Super 8 instead I thought it was a bit over the top


    • Thanks for stopping in and voting!

      While I do agree with you on Williams, the Red Web Awards were made not to mirror the Golden Globes but to be a conglomerate choice of movie enthusiasts such as myself that like to give a chance to other films that were grossly overlooked by the globes.

      I can’t wait to see the results of everyone’s voting! I appreciate all the participation.


  6. Voted! I can’t believe Joseph Gordon-Levitt is leading Best Actor so far. You guys need to see more movies 😛

    PS: Hey T, you really need to change the colors for the comment box. It’s virtually unreadable.


  7. Amanda Seyfried in best actress?? ow come on T!! She was so bad in In Time I feel like seeing Indonesian soap opera’s actress.

    How come there’s no Rise of the planet of the apes as best movie? 😦
    That was my number 1 of 2011


    • ha. so, allow me to explain a little better how these noms worked.

      each panel judge submitted their #1 choice and 2 alternates (just in case their first choice was already taken) I put them in as they came. I narrowed down some of the categories to 6 or 7 choices, but the ones with 10 are exactly from the panel to you! 🙂 My choice was not Seyfried…that’s for sure.

      and Rise of the Planet of the Apes was an alternate, just didn’t make the final cut…Andy Serkis, however, is on the list! Hope you voted for him then! 🙂

      Thanks for voting/commenting. Please share the polls as they remain open thru Sunday!


  8. What a fun idea T! I had to guess on some of them cos i haven’t caught up with my viewing yet. Then there’s always that disconnect between who you want to win and who will actually win. I’ll be interested to see the results of this one.


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