“And the Red Web Award Goes To…”

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Red Web Awards Ceremony!

-Presented by Red Web Productions

T. Faulkner (The Focused Filmographer) reporting to you LIVE from the red carpet:

All of the films of 2011, all of the movie-watching, all of the nominations, all of the voting, and all of the blood, sweat, and tears in Hollywood have led up to this glorious moment! Arriving on the red carpet in full glitz and glamour are all of the members of cinematic royalty! Oh wow! Everyone looks absolutely stunning!

(none of this year's RWA nominees!)

Please join me in a warm welcome for your host of this year’s Red Web Award Ceremony:

The one and only, Stan Lee!

..and without further ado, on to the awards!

Last week, the RWAs launched with the nominees in 6 different categories! (click HERE to see the nomination post). You all placed your votes and the results are in! <drumroll please>

Stan, would you please read the winners!

In the category of 2011’s WORST Motion Picture, the Red Web Award Goes To…Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star.

Click Picture to see overall results

In the category of 2011’s Best Animated Feature, the Red Web Award Goes To…Rango.

Click Picture to see overall results

In the category of 2011′s Best Performance by ANY Actor, the Red Web Award Goes To…Michael Fassbender (Shame).

Click Picture to see overall results

In the category of 2011’s Best Performance by ANY Actress, the Red Web Award Goes To…Rooney Mara (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo).

Click Picture to see overall results

In the category of 2011’s Best Director of a Motion Picture, the Red Web Award Goes To…Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive).

Click Picture to see overall results

In the category of 2011’s Best Motion Picture, the Red Web Award Goes To…Drive.

Click Picture to see overall results

This year’s members of the “Solo Voto” club:

  • The Muppets
  • Jonah Hill (Moneyball)
  • Cars 2
  • Steve McQueen (Shame)
  • Amanda Seyfried (In Time)

Honorable Mentions (not in the polls):

  • Best Actress: Michelle Williams; Meryl Streep
  • Best Picture: Rise of the Planet of the Apes; Hugo
  • Worst Picture: I Am Number Four

Did your favorite nominee win?

I’d like to thank Stan Lee, and all of YOU who helped make this year’s 2nd Annual Red Web Awards such a major success! Those of you who voted; who shared the polls on Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, etc.; and special bit of gratitude to all of this year’s panel judges.

Thank you!

Until next year’s annual Red Web Awards, this is T. Faulkner!

The Focused Filmographer

Today, the 84th Academy Award nominations were announced. Click here to see them and my thoughts!



  1. Okay. Guess I have to watch “Moneyball” to see what all the hooplah about Jonah Hill is all about. After ‘Babysitters’ movie.–meh. Rooney Mara–okay. I truly like the RWA selections much better. Redemption!


    • I liked Moneyball but didn’t think it was special in any way. I need to see it again I guess but as of now, I think it’s wildly overrated. Brad Pitt gives a much better performance in The Tree of Life and Jonah Hill, while solid, really doesn’t do much of anything in the movie.


      • Curious that so many still find Moneyball nothing special. I thought it was great. I’m not a baseball movie fan, yet still found it to be great. Glad that Jonah Hill got his nod. hope it leads to better roles for him.


  2. I’m happy to see a couple of my nominees walking away with Red Web awards. Although I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who nominated them.

    Bucky Larson is uniquely deservant. smh

    Yeah for “Drive”, this takes a bit of sting out of the Oscar blanking.


  3. Stan is hosting? For sure I’ll be watching! 😀 Oooh look at that dashing Fassy there, too bad he’s snubbed at the Oscars. Shame is not my cup of tea but from what I heard his performance is such a tour de force.


    • It took a little bit of string-pulling, but I was able to book Stan Lee! Woohoo! Negotiations finalized just 2 days ago, which is why I couldn’t officially announce it last week when we were still in talks! 🙂

      I haven’t seen Shame either, but I am glad to see Fassbender win the prestigious RWA!

      Thanks for being on the panel this year again Ruth!


  4. I think I am missing something about Rooney Mara’s performance. As I have said, I really liked this version, but I just have not elevated her performance in my mind at least as one of the best of the year.

    I will be catching Moneyball sooner rather than later – have a write-up for the LAMB coming soon.


  5. Ah, I am watching Moneyball today or tomorrow 😀

    Well my movies and actors that I was rooting for didn’t have much success, but at least Rango won! Thanks very much Mr. T for asking me to be a judge!


  6. These are all very worthy winners, spot on Mr Focused Filmographer!

    I finally watched Rango over the weekend and I LOVED it. I’m surprised it was rated PG, though, I won’t let my kids see it until they are teenagers! 😛

    Roll on the 3rd Red Web Awards!


    • Thanks for participating in this year’s Red Web Awards!! Man it was a lot of fun, and I am glad for all the winners!

      Ooh, I’m excited that you loved Rango! Me too. You’re right about the rating…I felt the exact way.

      Next year will be here before you know it. 🙂


    • glad that you were able to be a part of this year’s RWAs. It was so much fun and I am quite pleased with the overall results. It’s too bad the Academy doesn’t consider more of the people’s choice, but ultimately, it doesn’t really matter I suppose. ha


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