Fogs’ NYC Flick-Pick

Fogs’ NYC flick-pick!

Dan from Fogs’MovieReviews

Once again, to preface off today’s post, I must inform you that, I asked a couple of friends of mine (including today’s guest author) to spotlight a film that is set in the city that I am currently running around in: The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, The Metropolis, The City of Skyscrapers, a.k.a. New York City! Which they did! 🙂

Yesterday (click here) Ruth shared her love of Gregory Peck’s performance in Mirage. Today, Dan-“The man with the plan cooler than He-Man” takes a look at a completely different film for the second of two NYC flick-picks. Out of the 938-1209 films set in New York (see the links below), here is a fun look at a movie that focuses on some horrific fun in the city itself. Enjoy! -T

Wikipedia lists 938 films set in New York
IMDb? 1209 (keyword New York)


So when T first solicited articles about the “Movies set in the Big Apple,” it was a daunting choice. There are so many good movies to choose from!

I mean, “The Godfather” is set there, “The Godfather: Part II” has plenty of scenes there too. “Dog Day Afternoon”! “Ghostbusters”! “Raging Bull”!

Then I thought, Well, how about a movie that’s about the city itself, like, “Gangs of New York” or “City Hall”?
Or movies where the setting of the city is inseparable from the story, almost like a secondary character in itself, like “Annie Hall” or “Do the Right Thing” or “Taxi Driver”?
Then I thought, nah, &#$% all that. Let’s have some fun.

Let’s rag on…“Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan.”

“New York has a new problem.”

That’s the tagline of “Jason Takes Manhattan.” It sure does, if it’s anything like the filmmakers believe in this movie. The streets of New York City are lined with garbage, covered with graffiti and overrun with rats. The people who live there are junkies, punk rockers, gang members, muggers and rapists. Sometimes all of the above.

The New York of “Jason Takes Manhattan”. Movie shoulda been called “New York Takes Offence”.
You would think Jason would have a field day there, seeing as he loves to slay sinners…
Unfortunately, “Jason Takes Manhattan” should have been called “Jason Takes His Sweet $&#%ing Time Getting To Manhattan” or “Jason Takes a Stupid Cruise Boat” because it takes him 65 mins of a 100 min runtime just to GET to Manhattan in order to “Take” it. I understand that he would need to get to the city somehow, and a boat is as good a way as any. But for 2/3 of the film, Jason is hunting high schoolers on a graduation cruise.

Jason and a disco ball should NEVER happen.

While Jason kills annoying, drug abusing, sexually active (but unfortunately unattractive) teens on the cruise ship, one of the most annoying subplots in the entire series in developed. The heroine of this installment is shown to be suffering from mental issues resulting from a brush with Jason in the lake when she was a child. As the movie goes on, she has recurring hallucinations featuring Jason as a young, drowned, deformed child.

It’s confusing, pointless, and stupid.

Fun though! Look at him! Bleaaaggehhh…

Well… eventually, the movie DOES reach New York City. When enough of the crew and the kids have been killed, and everyone is aware Jason is aboard (because, like all Vorhees victims, these idiots go through a “denial phase”), the remaining passengers are forced to abandon ship in a row-boat and head ashore. To Manhattan. Because that happens all the time.

Jason kills like a couple of people while in New York, and that’s it. And half of them were people on the cruise that came ashore… not even real New Yorkers.

Drink it in right there folks. That’s all you’re getting of Jason in Manhattan! The rest of the movie should be called “Jason Takes a Soundstage”

The finale though, may be the dumbest moment of this heinous atrocity, and the biggest insult to the City New York. It has the gall to put forth that, at midnight, the sewers of New York City flush toxic waste.

Highly toxic waste.

Rivers full of it. In fact, so toxic that it will instantly dissolve you should you come in contact with it… which is how Jason meets his demise in this installment. Not before his melting form reveals a ghostly image of the young boy that our heroine has been seeing momentarily, though. Because we wouldn’t want to not “call back” to the stupidly shoehorned in mental issues the lead has been having (::rolleyes::)

I lost five New Yorker friends and an ex-girlfriend to toxic sewer sludge JUST LIKE THIS

This and the next film in the series closely duel it out for lowpoint of the franchise. In fact, it was the last film in the series to be distributed by Paramount (read: dumped) and the lowest grossing film in the franchise. It’s batting a 10% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 3.9/10 on IMDb. So justice was served.

But its title and its marketing created a lasting impression for me. I think I may always associate Manhattan with someone “Taking it” now.

Have fun in New York, T, don’t let the toxic sewage get ya. 😉


up next: “Trailer Time Thursday”

…and the return of

-T, The Focused Filmographer (as long as that toxic sewage doesn’t get me!) 😀



  1. Low point in the series I’m pretty sure still belongs to Jason X. Rotten Tomato ratings or not, that movie was a stinker. It didn’t even have the blatant and useless nudity of previous installments. Just a Voohrees icecube.


  2. Oh my, some of these just look plain creepy and again, Dan picked a movie I never seen before 🙂 I am so behind on films like these. How many ‘Friday the 13th’ are there? Like, 13?


  3. Hard to beat the original Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis (RT has this at 93%).
    I’ll skip this one thanks to the killer post of this ill-named flick.
    I think I’ll skip cruise ships too.
    Nice post.


  4. I think my fav of the series is Jason X (that’s the one where he goes to space right, or am I remembering something wrong…) Actually I never liked Jason anyway, I’m more of a Freddy fan o.O


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