Take a Peek at This Week’s ADDITIONAL Trailers!


Every so often a week presents several trailers that are pretty fun to watch and there are too many to place into Thursday’s post (“Trailer Time Thursday!”).

It is in those weeks that you are able to be fortunate enough to have a sequel of sorts when Friday rolls around! 😀 This was one of those weeks!

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are the additional trailers of this week that are definitely worth a peek! Enjoy!

The Raven (trailer #3).

Do you think Edgar Allen Poe himself is the killer?


Who is the person they found and what is his intent?

The Raid: Redemption.

Want more? There is a much more graphic and action-packed trailer that released months back. You can view it HERE if you wish. (be warned, it’s for Mature audiences, so if violence isn’t your thing…don’t click.)

Wrath of the Titans (trailer #2).

Mullet-Man takes on the scourges of the underworld…and Zeus isn’t as powerful as we thought! 😀

John Carter (featurette).

Are you ready for this Disney adventure?

Some additionally fun trailers this week. In other trailer news: Expect a new trailer for The Avengers in the next 5 days, along with a first look at the upcoming remake Total Recall in the next month. Stay tuned.

For more of this week’s trailers, don’t miss yesterday’s post “Trailer Time Thursday!” 2.23.12

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer



  1. Yaii…for the raid!!! I want to watch that movie too 🙂

    I am going to watch and review Merantau, a movie by the same director, soon. Hope you can come by to read it later 🙂


  2. The Raven looks more intriguing than I would have thought. Might be a worthwhile film there.

    Been seeing promos — including theater standees and such — for Wrath of the Titans for a short while now. I haven’t seen the previous one yet… it has quality visuals, I’ll give it that much.

    John Carter is starting to look better. Still not sure how good it’ll actually be or well it will do, though.


  3. Seriously, what is up with Sam’s hair in Titans!? Though, it does look like a lot of nonsensical fun.

    The Raven looks like it could do to John Cusack’s career what Sherlock did with Robert Downey Jr’s.


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