It’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!” 90

Today is Tuesday! and if you’ve been coming here for any length of time, you know that, for most people Tuesday is just the day after Monday, but for you it means that “Time to Vote Tuesday” is here!! YES!!!

What is “Time to Vote Tuesday”?:

“Time to Vote Tuesday” is the session of fun weekly polls which spark thought, debate, and intrigue! Each poll closes in a week with results posted on the following ‘TVT’!

Last week’s poll, Project: Party Central” has now closed with 37 votes. Click HERE to see party was favored most by voters. I was actually a little bit surprised myself with the final results. Thank you to everyone that voted in last week’s polls and made it fun with your comments!

In this edition of ‘TVT’ this week’s poll, entitled “Double the Fun!”, takes a look at some twins of Hollywood fame.

There are so many movies that feature twins. Some twins are played by 2 actual identical twins (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen), while others are played by the same person (The Winklevoss twins in The Social Network).

Ah, the fun games that twins are able to play. When I was younger I envied my twin aunts and often wished that I had a twin brother just to be able to play mind tricks on so many people with it. Oh, just imagine if you had both “Terrence and Terrell” running around causing havoc and mischief! LOL. Okay, I digress. Back to the task at hand.

Several twins in films have graced the screen for several years. Today we take a look at those “twins” that actually performed on the screen together. In other words, the poll below will not be including digitally imposed twins that feature the same actor playing the part of two separate people. So, no Lindsay Lohan, or Eddie Murphy, or Nicolas Cage, etc. You get the point.

So with that in mind today I ask you…

Place your votes. Leave a comment. Which 2 sets of twins are your favorites?

The poll closes on 3-20-12 and the results will post on next week’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!”

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer

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up next: Review for 21 Jump Street followed by my Hollywood Fantasy Movie Draft Pitch


  1. I keep forgetting that Luke & Leia are twins! Well, I picked that and the HP twins, they’re so adorable and it’s sad what happened to one of them in the finale.


  2. I went with the Grady girls, mainly because i feel like they are still referenced today. Not sure if the HP twins will have the same shelf life

    btw have you gotten any further with the 3rd act of your pitch?


    • hey Julian! Thanks for voting. I thought abt u last nite as I watched Silent House. It was bad though. will u b seeing it?

      I am almost done and will have it posted tomorrow! Am making my rounds in the blogosphere today (my day off) and will be sure to not miss your page! Thank you for checking in on me and my post man! Appreciate that for sure!


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