7×7 Link Award

7×7 Link Award

Over the weekend, I was tagged…not once, but twice, by two great bloggers who passed this award my way. I’d like to take a moment and express my gratitude to Claire and Julian for doing so. They have previously been nominated and have some pretty great pages worth checking out. Be sure to visit.

In case you are unfamiliar with the 7×7 Award as I was until I received it- This award, which highlights a blogger’s favorite pieces of work, must be passed to seven others.

The rules of the 7×7 Link Award:

RULE 1 Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you.

RULE 2 Link to one of the posts that you personally think best fits the following categories: Most Beautiful Piece, Most Helpful Piece, Most Popular Piece, Most Controversial Piece, Most Surprisingly Successful Piece, Most Underrated Piece and Most Pride-Worthy Piece.

RULE 3 Pass this award on to seven other bloggers.

Below, everything in THIS COLOR is a clickable link. Enjoy.

1. Something that no one else knows about me.

Umm, some people know that I am very OCD about my movie collection. My movies are in alphabetical order (not by genre though…that’s a bit overboard) by title. The Blu-ray discs have one section (alphabetized), while DVDs have another section (alphabetized as well). In my entire collection, only 1 film is not in alphabetical order. *GASP* That’s right: The Dark Knight.  It sits very neatly right between Batman Begins and Beauty & the Beast! The one and only exception: A Christopher Nolan “Batman” film. Who would blame me? And when The Dark Knight Rises releases…well, you already know where it’s going!

In light of my insistent need for the alphabetic order, I find that I cannot bring myself to purchase any movie combo pack such as this to add to my collection:

A nightmare for me! I HAVE to buy them separately! It doesn’t matter that this case has all 4 movies for $10 and each of them separately are $5 each, I usually don’t want to own 2 of the movies in the combo packs anyways. Packages like these bug me and are an unwelcome site in my dvd collection for that matter. haha. Don’t Judge! 😀

2. Most Beautiful Piece

My review for The Lorax, and a small little post dedicated to my dad, wishing all dads a Happy Father’s day during the 2nd month of my site’s existence.

3. Most Helpful Piece
As Claire answered in her 7×7 “Hopefully my reviews are.” 🙂

But I have found that my most visited piece of all time remains the Spotlight for The Hunger Games which gave a rather extensive look at the story and what to expect from, what was at that time, a movie that was still yet to come! I hope that it was most helpful to those unfamiliar with The Hunger Games. It took quite a bit of time, effort, and research!

4. Most Popular Piece

My most popular post – well, the one with the most comments – is Time to Vote Tuesday 73, entitled “Powerful Presidential Politics 2!”

In this 2nd annual poll that focuses exclusively on choosing the President of the United States, there were only 2 political parties vying for the position…DC and Marvel. This fun continuation from the previous November poll resulted in plenty of mud-slinging and political propaganda in the comments, all the way up to the results post the following week. (Time to Vote Tuesday 74).

5. Most Controversial Piece
I have to answer this with two pieces: First, My contribution to Ronan and Julian’s blogathon entitled “Morality Bites.” It looks to answer the question: Does Hollywood have a moral responsibility to society when it comes to the content of their films?

The second I would have to say is my review for Haywire which, in the comment section, I am referred to as a “sexist” by a reader who expressed their differing opinion (differing opinions are always welcomed and encouraged). But I was definitely surprised and offended, if I may, by the labeling and felt they did not understand my point as it was stated. Perhaps I didn’t make it clearly enough. You visit, read the comments, and decide.

6. Most Surprisingly Successful Piece
I was suprised by the amount of traffic and comments I received on my post entitled: 10 Fun Cameo Appearances and Top 10 Movie Rain Scenes.

7. Most Underrated Piece
I really enjoyed the 3-author post entitled It Should’ve Ended This Way which takes a look at several different films and discusses how they should have ended. 2 special guests participated in the conversation piece including Ruth from Flixchatter.

8. Most Pride-Worthy Piece
I’m going to go for another blogathon piece that was hosted by Anomalous Material in which bloggers from around the world were to come up with a CD of 12 tracks from movies that they would want on their one and only CD should they ever be stranded on a desert island. I’m pretty proud of the CD I made and love the post very much! Desert Island CD post. 

I am also particularly fond of 2 of my reviews that I have written. One for the utterly ridiculous Skyline and the other for the gorgeously performed Black Swan.

And last, but certainly not least: Seven other bloggers -be sure to pay ’em a visit.

1. Aidy at AidyReviews -Aidy loves videogames, movies, books, television shows, and more, and shares her love of all 3 with us on a regular basis. Also has an awesome poetry blog!

2. Dan at Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews – For continual straight-shooting, “tell it like it is” reviews don’t miss Dan.

3. Dan at Fogs’ Movie Reviews – Pretty much the master of awesomeness on a page. Great movie reviews, info, opinions, and discussions held here!

4. Ian at IanTheCool– his name tells it all. A cool dude with a cool site and attitude towards films of past, present, and future!

5. Paula at Paula’s Cinema Club – One of my favorite places to visit and be reminded of some of the classic films that I grew up loving. Share her appreciation of classics with a look at new classics in the making. Pay Paula a visit.

6. Eric at The Warning Sign – This guy blends movies and videogames into a great page that reminds us why we love them so much. And he serves as a warning to avoid others!

7. Adam at EatSleepTelevion -When doing this post, I remembered that I failed to give recognition to another great blogger that honored me by way of passing on the Kreativ Blogger Award at the beginning of the month. Adam, I apologize and thank you for the recognition. I pass this award on to you as well.

Thanks for reading. Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer

up next: Movie News Monday!



  1. Congrats! What a cool idea. I had missed a few of these, will check them out. I have to say I liked the use of metaphor in your Haywire review and did not get the impression of sexism in your comments.

    Thanks for the link as well T! Much appreciated 🙂


  2. Hey, I’m totally with you on the movie collection OCD. Though I don’t have mine in alphabetical order, but I certainly have an order, which is sort of based on genre and sort of not. It only really makes sense to me.

    I also despise multipacks. I won’t even buy the dual pack with Kill Bill 1 & 2. It bothers me to no end that the Star Wars blu-ray set does not have individual cases for each movie. I still bought it because its Star Wars, so I was willing to make an exception. But otherwise I only buy trilogies or franchises if the movies are separate.


  3. Damn I feel your pain on that multipack! Usually they are full of crap movies or there’s at least one real stinker in there. But that one you’ve put up above. I think you should make a exception and buy it. Not sure where it will go in your collection but that’s a great boxset!


    • I don’t disagree that it is a great boxset…but I just can’t buy it man. haha. It will drive me crazy. When I go to look for HEAT, for example, and it’s not in the H-section…bad news! I’ll start going thru my list of movies on loan and calling people up asking for my movie back before I realize it is in an unalphabetized multipack! haha. bad news bears.


  4. Congrats T! Hugely deserved!

    Someone called you out as sexist? Really? Wow. They really weren’t getting your point!

    Oh I’m totally anal when it comes to my DVD/blu ray collection. Like you, it’s all alphebetised. The DVDs are separate from the blu rays. And also the TV show DVD/blu ray collection is separately alphabetised and themselves separated by DVD and blu-ray. There’s reason to our madness – we know exactly where anything is! Right?


    • Thanks.

      Yeah, It was a lil shocking to say the least. But I always have an opportunity to be clearer in communication I guess.

      Transatlantic High Five on the DVD/Blu ray collection obsession!! Thank YOU! there is a reason and you said it. Funny…I completely failed to mention my tv series but, yes, they are in their own spot alphabetized as well. haha


  5. What an honor. Thank you. You have been a welcoming addition to my internet routine. All of you are. Fogs, Jaina, Dan. I will have to pay you all back somehow. Again, thank you. I will have to do my 7×7 today! I think that’s how it goes, yeah?



  6. Woo hoo, congrats!! Your blog is da bomb, T, I love the variety of posts you’ve got here from reviews, news, polls, commentary… you’ve got ’em all covered. I’m always looking forward to your weekly poll and your reviews are always a fun read. Keep up the great work, my friend. God bless you!


  7. Congrats on the award, and thanks again for sending this my way, T! I am also very OCD with my DVD collection (and CDs/vinyl). Everything has to be in ABC order, and I separate the Blu-rays from the regular DVDs. Some people laugh about it, but I can’t see how it can be done any other way!


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