Celebrating Gregory Peck’s birthday!

Today, April 5, in 1916, Gregory Peck was born.

Who is Gregory Peck? -if you just asked that question…shame on you! 😀

Born Eldred Gregory Peck, Mr. Peck quickly rose in the ranks of actors in Hollywood and remains one of the biggest classic stars of all time. Compared to the likes of Jimmy Stewart, Gene Autry, Cary Grant, and others, Gregory Peck is well-known for a lot of classic films of time past. He starred in films such as To Kill a Mockingbird, The Guns of Navarone, Cape Fear, Mirage, MacArthur, Roman Holiday, and more.

Gregory Peck unfortunately passed away in 2003, but his films still remain timeless and classic.

Ruth, over at Flixchatter, has, as of late, garnered a new-found love for Mr. Peck and his films. Today, she honors him on his birthday by asking several of us to contribute to a blog event showcasing the great work of this classic thespian. Be sure to visit the originating post of hers HERE. (It will be up and running at 1pm EST)

As I was researching some things about Gregory Peck, I ran across several pages, videos, and articles that shared what the man, the actor, and the political activist was like, but one video in particular really seemed to summarize what Mr. Peck was like, and it features an interview with the amazing Audrey Hepburn. Take a moment to watch the following video:

An amazing man!

Well, do you consider yourself a “Peck-enthusiast”? Think you know all there is about the man? You love his movies? Do you have a favorite? Well, test your Gregory Peck knowledge in my True of False quiz below.

Let’s see how many you got right. (click the photo below)

Well, Happy Birthday, Mr. Peck. Beauty is forever and we thank you for the timeless films you gave us in your many years in Hollywood!

T, The Focused Filmographer

up next: “Trailer Time Thursday!”


  1. Hi, Terrence and company:

    Mr. Peck found his niche as the stoic every man in many films that are rightfully considered classics. Very much like Jimmy Stewart without the home spun stutter. Not so comfortable with accents, as illustrated with ‘The Boys from Brazil’. Over all, a great American actor with a large and memorable body of work that few today can come close to!


  2. LOVE this tribute, T, thanks so much for taking part. The poll is a nice touch! I think I got most of the answers right except for the Walk of Fame one, as I didn’t know he was the fourth actor whose star was stolen.

    Ahah, that’s a good one about him moving to Canada to avoid the draft, now that would be so unpatriotic of him! 🙂 It’s actually because of the famous dance instructor Martha Graham who ‘broke’ his back during his dance training. Yep, could you believe Mr. Peck actually took dance lessons? But he did it to improve his physical flexibility as he spent his college days rowing for the University team.


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