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Review: American Reunion

April 10, 2012

American Reunion

  • Starring:  Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Seann William Scott and several others of the original American Pie cast
  • Directed by: Jon Hurwitz
  • Synopsis: “In the comedy American Reunion, all the American Pie characters we met a little more than a decade ago are returning to East Great Falls for their high-school reunion. In one long-overdue weekend, they will discover what has changed, who hasn’t and that time and distance can’t break the bonds of friendship.” (Collider)
  • Rated: R for language, nudity, crude humor, sexual content, and brief drug usage/teen drinking
  • Trailer:

They’re back! The crew…the entire crew…with the same ol’ type of awkward moments, funny scenarios, and foul-mouthed raunchy in this nostalgic reunion worth attending.

American Reunion, the fourth of the American Pie series, reunites the original crew whose level of raunchiness paved the way for the acceptance of crude and shocking comedies such as Superbad and The Hangover. Jim, Michelle, Finch, Stifler, Jim’s Dad and even Stifler’s Mom return as everyone is back in town for a delayed ten-year reunion (thirteen years after highschool). Catching up with one another, the town’s air fills with old feelings and nostalgia, and, in American Pie fashion, the antics, awkward moments, and inexplicable situations ensue.

American Reunion lends itself to the old adage “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”
Though full of moments of laughter, those expecting the same amount of fun as the first few installments will undoubtedly leave the theater with a sense of dissatisfaction. American Reunion is full of nostalgia, however, that seems to be its biggest allurement. Very little happens in terms of the main plot, making this film the weakest of the series (not counting the horrid spin-offs).

  • In American Pie, the teenagers sought to lose their virginity before college.
  • In American Pie 2, the crew continues their exploits during their first collegiate summer break.
  • In American Wedding, they get together to celebrate Jim and Michelle’s wedding.

In American Reunion there is little to no relevant central plot/quest leaving nothing to relate to in the film short of scenes, jokes, and stories reminiscent of the prior three (including the gratuitous nudity, language, and innuendos of the three). The only plot of any consequence (aside from old flames playing with fire of attraction and old feelings once again), is the one of Jim and Michelle whose marriage has seemingly lost some of the fire of passion they once had burning between them.

Lack of major plot aside, American Reunion is full of its branded humor and Stifler (while stifled) brings most of the laughs. It is the comedic entertainment that keeps the film enjoyable. Don’t expect it to be the “comedy of the year” (that goes to 21 Jump Street so far) and it will be an enjoyable reunion for all who attend. Check out this featurette about the making of this film and the reunion of the cast!

You can, however, give this film one of the “Best Soundtrack of the year award!” with so much music that adds to the nostalgia being from the time period of the first film!

All in all, I enjoyed this trip with the crew. American Pie released when I was getting ready to graduate high-school. American Pie 2 hit theaters while I was in college. I had a few friends getting married during the summer of American Wedding‘s release. And my high-school reunion just passed a couple of years ago! So, it’s been some of the same journey for me as it has been for them and watching them go through some of the same things really made it that much more enjoyable of a series for myself. I could see my high-school reunion going something like this had I actually had any inclination to attend mine.

Some of you will enjoy it for memory’s sake (like me), others of you will enjoy it for comedy’s sake (like…me too), and as long as you look to enjoy it for those reasons, you will have a blast attending this reunion of comedic proportions.

Score:  3 out of 5 stars for American Reunion

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer

15 Comments leave one →
  1. April 10, 2012 6:40 pm

    A 3/5 is pretty much what I expected. I might try to catch a cheap matinee showing if I get the chance, but I won’t be torn up if I have to wait for a rental. Nice review, T.


    • April 11, 2012 10:40 pm

      thanks. Yes, I enjoyed what it brought to the table, but I remember enjoying the previous ones more.


  2. April 11, 2012 1:51 am

    Good stuff. Glad to see fans of the originals will still find plenty to enjoy! Shame it isn’t the best of the bunch but they set pretty high standards with the first couple.


    • April 11, 2012 10:42 pm

      they did set the bar pretty high. I think the other films like Hangover caused a greater de-sensitivity to the shock aspect of the comedy realm introduced by the first American Pie films. Still fun, but not as fun, because we’ve seen more of the stuff by now.


  3. April 11, 2012 2:29 am

    3/5 seems a lot higher than i expected. I have seen many a awful review around the interweb, so to see this one makes me happy!

    Thanks T


    • April 11, 2012 10:42 pm

      tons of awful reviews huh? I’ve seen several mediocre ones, but prob just one bashing it. Glad I could help others realize it is still worth a watch!


  4. April 11, 2012 9:54 am

    I liked it more for memory’s sake I suppose.


    • April 11, 2012 10:43 pm

      still a great reason! 🙂


  5. April 11, 2012 11:49 am

    I’m glad to see it’s still enjoyable for nostalgia’s sake. Although that main storyline seems like something out of a bad sitcom…

    Still, I wasn’t exactly looking for Shakespearian plot developments when I saw the first three.


    • April 11, 2012 10:43 pm

      yes. not a plot of epic proportions, but still fun to watch!


  6. April 13, 2012 9:10 am

    I can’t wait to get a chance to see this. This week has been crazy and this weekend…even worse. Next week should see things calm down quite a bit. Then I can catch this.


    • April 13, 2012 10:09 am

      I look forward to your review Max, once things settle down.


  7. April 16, 2012 6:12 am

    I really enjoyed it…maybe it’s nostalgia, but have not rewatched the original ones since they came out and had a great time. I did feel old as I had a bigger reaction to some of the songs as the mainly younger audience around me 🙂


    • April 16, 2012 12:23 pm

      hahaha. yes…the “old” factor did begin to play on me as I was singing the words to the songs that were playing and younger members around me had no idea about the songs. LOL. oh well. Hooray for nostalgia



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