Checking Out the “Happy-Haps!” (4/21)

What are the “Happy-Haps?!”

…as in the happy happenings that are going on in the movie blogosphere! This is the day of link-love for several movie bloggers and sites that have written articles/reviews that I have not been able to bring to your immediate attention! Today is your day to catch up on many other stories and goings on that just might make you smile…hence the name “The Happy-Haps!” 

(keep in mind that every word highlighted below in gold is a clickable link!)

Happy-Hap #1Jaina at Time Well Spent nabbed over a hundred photos at the UK premiere of Marvel’s The Avengers! Some amazing photos showing the cast and crew as they appear to celebrate the opening of the film that superhero fans around the world are anxiously awaiting. I’m so jealous that Jaina got to be there, but am so glad she shared the photos! Check out my gorgeous wifey (Scarlett Johansson) and more in this wonderful Happy-Hap!

-Check it out here: Happy-Hap#1!

Happy-Hap #2Flixchatter shares a post with contributor and friend, Ted S. that takes a look at seven actors that they think could play MI-6 Agent 007, James Bond. Daniel Craig is currently 44. As he gets older, who do you think would be a great choice to pick up the mantle as the ageless agent. Check out the possibilities and vote in the attached poll.

-Check out the 007 post here: Happy-Hap#2

Happy-Hap #3– Don’t miss Fogs’MovieReviews where Dan, the famous man, takes a moment to review an exciting film that I have YET to see…but can’t WAIT to check out. Fogs’ got to watch and review the action-packed thriller The Raid: Redemption…and I’m not too sure if he liked it or not. 😉 This is the 2nd time I have featured a review of The Raid on The Happy-Haps…you know I can’t wait to see it now!

Check out the trailer below, and if you cannot wait to see the film, like me, be sure to get a precursor by checking out Fogs’ review.

-Be sure to Invade the Raid! click here: Happy-Hap#3

Happy-Hap #4– Nostra from My Film Views continues his weekly segment on Fridays that focuses on the many faces of a particular thespian. Earlier, he looked at the illustrious career of the talented Nicole Kidman. Kidman has been in many roles, some award-winning, some underappreciated. Which of her roles is your favorite? The Hours, Moulin Rouge, Rabbit Hole, etc?

-Check out Nicole Kidman’s cinematography here: Happy-Hap#4

Happy-Hap #5– Pete over at I Love That Film takes an in depth look at the background, marketing, and expectations for one of the biggest anticipated sci-fi films of the year: PROMETHEUS. I, for one, cannot wait for June 8. Click the link below to find out why.

-The Hollywood Case Study of Prometheus is here: Happy-Hap#5

Happy-Hap#6– Red over at Anomalous Material shares the “exciting lineup announced for 2012 Cannes Film Festival.” Taking place next month in France, the film festival looks to be pretty packed full of cinematic offerings that are pleasing and intriguing. Be sure to visit and share which film you are most interested in seeing.

-Check out the film festival entries here: Happy-Hap#6

Happy-Hap#7Impassioned Cinema‘s editor/author, Max, has started his first short film with professional actors and crew, entitled Light and Dust. Having had a sneak peek at the script prior to this announcement, I am very excited to see this film in its full glory. I wish to thank Max for sharing his personal project film with us. Be sure to visit and see how you can help on his first short film project! Do I hear film festival awards in the near future?!

-Check out the link for Light and Dust here and then visit the kickstarter page: Happy-Hap#7

Happy-Hap #8– And, in case you missed Salmon Fishing in the Yemen which released earlier this month, Scott, over at Front Room Cinema not only shares his review/thoughts on the film, which I have been wanting to see, he does it in STYLE! Starring Emily Blunt, Ewan McGregor, and more, this film talks about accomplishing the seemingly impossible and the lengths to which we must be willing to go to acquire our dreams. I look forward to seeing this film, especially after Scott’s review.

-Check out Scott’s review here: Happy-Hap#8

Well, those are the “Happy-Haps” of the day! Which “Hap” made you Happiest?! Leave a note, discuss and debate! Don’t just read and leave! Share the love!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer


  1. LOVED the Raid. 😀 Did that not come across?

    BTW, I still love that Smiley Face. I swear to god, its the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen a blogger do. I’m grinning my ass off everytime I see it. 😀


    • ahaha! I can’t wait to see The Raid. I’m hoping to see it next week myself!

      oh man! ya know, i do what I can with my awesome MSPaint skillz! That Smiley Face accomplishes his mission then if it makes you smile everytime you see the Happy Haps! haha. Thanks man.


  2. Hey thanks for the link love, and to put me in such great company! Thanks and hope you’re enjoying your weekend, T. Guess what I’m working on as I’m checking out your post… [I’m sure you know it] 😉


  3. I only caught a trailer for The Raid for the first time when I went to see Headhunters and it blew me away! Really looking forward to catching it!

    And thanks for the shout out 😀 I tried to kidnap Scarlett for you but clearly I wasn’t forceful enough! 😉


  4. Wow am I proud to be on here with such fine comrades in film blogging! Thanks for the link, I really appreciate it! Some great stuff here! Loved Jaina’s photos. Very cool!


    • Castor! Anytime. Anomalous Material is a great place and holds a little special place for me as it is where I have met several other great movie bloggers as we all mingle! So, paying it forward just comes with the territory. and I am glad to do so! thanks for all of YOUR support and help.


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