Mini-Reviews: Think Like A Man & Chimpanzee

Greetings all,

Today, here are two quick mini-reviews for two of last weekend’s new releases: Think Like A Man and Disney’s Chimpanzee.


Think Like A Man

Directed by: Tim Story

Starring: Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, Meagan Good, Michael Ealy

I will be the first to admit that I initially had no interest in seeing this situational romantic comedy upon seeing the first trailer. “Think Like a Man,” starring Gabrielle Union, Meagan Good, Kevin Hart, and more, shares a story of four men who realize that the women they are romantically pursuing are receiving advice from a book written by Steve Harvey entitled “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” They then decide to give the ladies a taste of their own medicine, and thus the drama unravels. Yeah, this was a “skip” in my book…until opening weekend box office results landed it as #1, beating The Hunger Games. I had second thoughts. After that, (and a requested review from a few regular readers) I reluctantly braved a trip to the theater.

I left pleasantly surprised.

The battle of the sexes continues in this rather entertaining new spin on the age-old contest, and there is something for both sides to enjoy! From the gorgeous women to the sharply dressed men, from Kevin Hart’s hilarious comedy to Steve Harvey’s mustache-topped smile, and from the group of guys that relate to each other (and the audience) to the women and their sharing of relationship dreams as well, both ladies and men can enjoy this film.

Though similar to films such as “Love & Basketball”, “The Wood”, and “Waiting to Exhale”, the mixture of the dual-sided storytelling, and comedy helps make “Think Like a Man” a fun viewing overall. While plagued with somewhat unrealistic characters, situations, turn of events, and a predictable yet slightly cliché ending, it still is a decent rom-com. I’m pretty sure I even heard a few romantic couples wishing they could buy Steve Harvey’s book by movie’s end!

Unfortunately, it almost seems as if that is the ultimate goal for Steve Harvey’s film: to promote sales of his advice book. Because, yes, it is available to purchase here. Now everyone will be out there buying the book and expecting things to play out much like they did in the film. Ah, ya gotta love how “rom-coms” and “dramedy” films paint such a flowery perfect picture of relationships with promise of similar experiences for all who follow in the footsteps of the actions of the characters. But, I digress. ‘Tis another conversation/rant for another time.

“Think Like a Man”: An exaggerated, yet fun look at relationships that crosses all gender, race, and stereotype boundaries with plenty of laughs throughout.

(HAD to laugh at the characters’ numerous mentions of Tyler Perry movies.)
Score: 3 out of 5 stars for Think Like a Man
(This review dedicated to my friend “Irmalicious”)

Directed by: Alastair Fothergill, Mark Linfield

Narrated by: Tim Allen

Ever since I saw the first trailer for this Disney documentary, I KNEW I wanted to see it. I mean, WATCH the trailer! Tell me you don’t think this looks just great!

This is the story of Oscar, who, after an attack from a rival group of chimpanzees in the gorgeous remote jungles of Africa, loses his mother and is adopted by an unexpected member of his group.

(Man, Disney sure does love to have films where parents are absent, don’t they? I mean, Bambi, Fox & the Hound, Lion King, Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Pocahontas, The Jungle Book, etc. Haha, I could go on and on, but I won’t!) 😀

Disney impressively walks the line of showing reality in the jungle whilst being sensitive to the crowd of younger viewers when it comes to events taking place in this film such as the death of Oscar’s mother. While I heard a few kids in the theater wondering what happened to the mom, the theater remained relatively tear-free.

But, I will tell you that an invasion of the happy-bug was present in that theater! 🙂

You cannot watch this documentary without laughing and smiling as you watch Oscar grow and learn. From opening nuts with rocks, to playing with food in his mouth, to keeping older chimpanzees awake by playing during sleep time…Oscar’s youthfulness and playfulness captures the heart of the audience and fills the place with smiles!

Tim Allen’s narration adds the perfect amount of flare to the film and keeps you watching intently as we watch with wonder in anticipation of Oscar’s next challenge. Far more entertaining than the informative documentaries on PBS, Chimpanzee presents a very helpful and informative view into the lives of chimpanzees in the jungle thanks to the arduous and dedicated hard work of the film crew who weathered all sorts of obstacles to bring this story to audiences worldwide.

Even if documentaries aren’t your thing, this one is worth a view. Kids and adults alike will enjoy. It is okay, though, to wait until it releases on blu-ray to watch if you so desire. The sound and visual effects aren’t groundbreaking or anything.

(My favorite part: Watching Oscar crack the nuts open and learning the consequences on not keeping an eye on his own tools!)

Score:  3.5 out of 5 stars for Chimpanzee

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer


  1. Fine reviews, T. I, too, was surprised with the results for ‘Think Like a Man’, and I may now check it out before it leaves the movie theater. Re: Chimpanzee, as my wife reminds me, Disney’s has been killing off or caging moms and milking it for decades now in their films ;-). Well done, my friend.


    • Thanks Michael! I appreciate it. Yes, Disney has seem to got something against parents! lol. jk.

      I was surprised how much I ended up enjoying Think Like A Man for what it was. I’ll be curious to see what your thoughts are if you decide to see it.


  2. Im not mad at all about your review of Think Like a Man. Considering you didn’t even want to give this movie a chance, I think you gave it a pretty fair and honest review. No matter what it lacked, there is no denying that this film was a fun watch that will mostly likely be enjoyed by most movie-goers. Nice review T!


  3. Hmmm…all these good reviews for Think like a man is making me curious about it. And it would be nice to know Cadillac Records isn’t Unions only good flick. A few days ago i checked out a movie called the Box because Gabrielle is in it…it was pretty bad.


  4. I hadn’t heard of Chimpanzee previously but it looks fascinating. Having recently watched, and really enjoyed, Project Nim I’m in the mood for more Chimp-based stories!


  5. It’s refreshing to see a non Tyler Perry movie getting some attention (and I must admit that I didn’t like most of the Tyler Perry movies I’ve seen) and also being quite good. Still not out here, I have heard good stories about it.
    Have not seen “Love & Basketball”, “The Wood” and “Waiting to Exhale” I think I should watch more of these type of movies. I did check out Love Jones last week, which I thought was very good.

    As for Chimpazee, I kind of stick to BBC created nature series (preferrably narrated by Attenborough), they usually are the best ones 🙂


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