Avengers Week: #3 of #10- NICK FURY

Note from T, The Focused Filmographer:

Welcome to AVENGERS WEEK! -where we take a more-or-less chronological shared look at the “prequel” films and characters in preparation for The Avengers. In case you missed the introductory post explaining the next several days, please visit HERE. Let the festivities continue!

Today, my friend, Brys (A.K.A. “Meccadawn”) shares his thoughts/expectations of Nick Fury. Thank you, Meccadawn.


Nick Fury grew up on the mean streets of Hell’s Kitchen in the 1930’s. Recruited by “Happy” Sam Sawyer, who would serve as the commanding officer for most of the World War II, Fury eventually became Sergeant-in-command of the Howling Commandoes  (An elite special forces team who, during the war, fought against supernatural enemies such as the Red Skull and Baron Von Strucker. They also, more famously, fought alongside Captian America).

The Howling Commandos as seen in Marvel's "Captain America". Fury came later.

After the war, Fury worked for the CIA as a liaison for Super heroes who were now starting to pop up in the government.  He was later recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D., and, after proving himself fighting against HYDRA, became its Director.

FUN FACT: Nick Fury was always portrayed as Caucasian up until the Release of the 2002 The Ultimates.According to Wikipedia:

When the character resurfaced in 2002 in The Ultimates, he had been redesigned to look like actor Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson did not originally give his consent for Marvel Comics to use his likeness in their redesign of the Fury character for The Ultimates,[3] and first appeared with this revised look in The Ultimates #1, as drawn by Bryan Hitch. The similarity is even noted within the comic itself, in a scene in which the Ultimates discuss who they think should play each of them in a hypothetical movie about the team. Fury’s answer for himself is “Mr. Samuel L. Jackson, of course, no discussion.” It was only after seeing the redesigned Nick Fury in the first issue of The Ultimates that Samuel L. Jackson learned of the use of his likeness and contacted Marvel in order to secure the role of Nick Fury in any future Marvel movies.

Man! Am I glad they chose Samuel L. Jackson instead of David Hasselhoff (again)!

FUN FACT: Try playing the “Purple Game” next time you watch any movie with Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson’s characters in his films very often feature the color purple somewhere (Unbreakable, Long Kiss Goodnight, Changing Lanes, even Star Wars). It is one of his favorite colors. As a matter of fact, it is because of his often requested inclusion of the color purple, that his character in the Star Wars “prequels” wields a special purple light saber. The first Jedi Master to have a purple light saber, had it because Samuel L. Jackson wanted it! haha

(IMDB– “I never asked for anything except a purple light saber. George said, ‘Well, light sabers are either red or green.’ I said, ‘Yeah, but I would like a purple one.'” 😀

Perhaps purple will sneak in to Nick Fury’s look in The Avengers! Keep a lookout!

Character Thoughts/Expectations:

We saw Fury first in the after-credit scene of Iron Man, then we saw more of him in Iron Man 2, and another after-credit scene in both Thor and Captain America. What do I hope to see from Fury in The Avengers? Talking to some friends who do not know the background for Nick Fury, I would like to see some of that and where he came from. Or perhaps they will tie some of his past in with the Captain America movie, (Which I wish they would seeing how well planned out everything else has been.) Also, I expect to see more of  him as a bad-a#$ with him having the some of the same super human formula that Cap has, and see why/how exactly he became the director. I would just expect it.

Movie Thoughts/Expectations:

Terrence asked me what I would like to see in The Avengers. Really what I want to see is who is going to be the main character, and how will the rest of the characters work in the story with them. This is the first time that I can think of where almost all of the characters have all had their own movie and are now in a main story together. With all of these great stories coming together in one movie, Who is going to shine the most out of them?

-of course, T would say BLACK WIDOW! But, who knows? We finally will get to see a WHOLE lot more of Nick Fury than we did in the previous films!…and that’s a good thing! -Meccadawn

Up Next: A look at Agent Coulson! Stay Tuned. (In case you missed them, be sure to visit the previous posts for all of The Avengers coverage so far in Avengers Week!)

T, The Focused Filmographer



  1. Nice write-up, Brys, a good look at the comic book origins of the character. The snippets we’ve gotten in the movies have been intriguing; I suspect The Avengers will do a lot of fleshing out of the character.


  2. Hi, Terrence and company:

    I’ve always been of the school that believes the late, great Robert Culp would have made an exceptional Nick Fury. Top kicking the Howling Commandos in WWII. Something ABC kicked around for a weekly series to replace ‘Combat!’ in the late 1960s.

    Even more so, with the Jim Streanko run on Fury with Captain America and later, SHIELD in the 1970s.

    Samuel Jackson?… Not so much.

    PS: I’ve guest reviews at FC and FRC that all are invite to peruse and opine uopn.


  3. Oops! My apologies, Brys, Terrence, et al.

    It was obliquely hinted in early editions that Fury and ‘Happy’ Sam Sawyer were cadets at West Point, before Fury left for reasons unexplained. Their paths re crossed in the ETO, possibly due to some help from ‘Happy’ Sam.


  4. I am a big Samuel L. Jackson fan, that being said, I am also a bit of a purist when it comes to my marvel comics. I never bought into that ultimates biznitch. Nick fury is a grizzled looking white dude with gray hair at the temples. I would also like to see him in a classic blue shield uniform not looking like he escaped from the matrix.


  5. I was introduced to Nick Fury when reading The Ultimates, so Jackson’s casting just fit in perfectly with what was in my mind. Of course.. I had seen The Hoff’s Fury – that was just something else!


  6. […] America, Hawkeye, and the lovely Black Widow all in one film. And those are just the Avengers. Nick Fury and Phil Coulson play extremely important roles in The Avengers and without them the plot just […]


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