Avengers Week: #5 of #10- THE INCREDIBLE HULK

Note from T, The Focused Filmographer:

Welcome to AVENGERS WEEK! -where we take a more-or-less chronological shared look at the “prequel” films and characters in preparation for The Avengers. In case you missed the introductory post explaining the exciting entire week, please visit HERE. Let the festivities BEGIN!

Today, Ted S. shares his review of The Incredible Hulk and his thoughts/expectations of The Hulk. Thank you, Ted.



5 years after Ang Lee’s Hulk came out, Marvel decided to reboot their green giant monster superhero flick.  The result was still the same: the film received mixed reviews and the box office number didn’t change much from the previous version. I think the general audiences just aren’t into a giant green monster superhero flick.

Since Ang Lee’s version already told the origin of Hulk, this version started out fast and decided to show the audience what happened to the character with a montage in the beginning of the movie. The film starts out with Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) living in Brazil while trying to find a cure for his alter ego. He works at a local soft drink factory and after a freak accident, his blood found its way into one of the bottles. Then we were introduced to General Ross (William Hurt), who’s been searching for Banner for years.

After the accident, he was able to locate Banner and he decides to put a team together and goes down to Brazil to find Banner. Here we were introduced to Blonsky (Tim Roth) who later became the Abomination. After a big action set piece that took place at the soft drink factory, the Hulk was able to escape Ross and his men and made his way back to America. He then met up with his love interest Betty Ross (Liv Tyler), and for the rest of the film they both are running from Ross and Blonsky. The film climaxes in a huge battle between Hulk and the Abomination, aka Blonsky.

The first time I saw this film, I didn’t really like it at all, you see I’m one of the few people who actually enjoyed Ang Lee’s version. I thought this version was kind of a mess and didn’t have any plot, it was just a long chase movie. After watching it again for this review, I thought it was pretty good. I just viewed it as a sequel to Lee’s version and not a reboot. In fact, the movie picked up where Lee’s Hulk ended, in South America. Performance-wise, everyone did a good job. I really like Tim Roth’s Blonsky character, he was a good antagonist to our hero. Although I thought the big battle between Hulk and the Abomination looked too cartoonish for my liking and it just went too long. Other than that, I thought it was an entertaining summer flick..

Character Thoughts/Expectations:

I’m definitely looking forward to see how Hulk (now played by Shutter Island‘s Mark Ruffalo) will integrate into The Avengers storyline.

Mark Ruffalo as Dr. Bruce Banner

The way the film ended, we saw Bruce in isolation and from the trailer of The Avengers, it appears Black Widow’s the one who found him. I think Hulk will play a big role in The Avengers. There’s a cool sequence where he saved Iron Man from falling down the building, so I assume he’ll have a few big action scenes with the bad guys.

Heck, at one point, Hulk was going to be the main antagonist in The Avengers. Joss Whedon mentioned last year he wrote a scene where Hulk and Thor had a big battle so I’m definitely looking forward to that scene. From the trailer, looks like all of the superheroes are fighting one another.

Movie Thoughts/Expectations:

I trust Whedon and I truly think The Avengers will be one of the best superhero films ever made. Will it be as good as The Dark Knight Rises? We’ll have to wait and see.

Up Next: An Avengers themed “Time to Vote Tuesday” followed by Jaina’s review of Thor and her thoughts/expectations of the hero in The Avengers! Stay Tuned.

T, The Focused Filmographer



  1. Woo! Another fan of Ang Lee’s Hulk. I loved it. I think the newer Hulk is fine, but it just felt like your a-typical comic book film. Nothing appealed.

    You are in for a TREAT with Hulk in Avengers Assemble. A hand-on-heart treat! Awesome doesn’t cover it.


  2. I think if they were able to combine the more realistic and fully fleshed out characters of Ang Lee’s Hulk with some of the action and chase scenes of Norton’s Hulk (I never even remember the director, just the actor) they would have a spot on movie, which sounds like what we get in the Avengers.


  3. I preferred this to Ang Lee’s. I love Norton and though it all went a bit down hill at the end, it was still great fun with plenty of good action scenes. (and a hell of a lot more straight forward than the first one). Can’t wait to see Hulk smashing up the Avengers movie.


  4. Like several of the commentators above, I didn’t like Ang Lee’s… didn’t have the right tone, and the end was very incoherent. (But then, I’ve yet to see what the big deal is with Ang Lee anyway). This one, I thought was okay. Not great. But decent. More of an appropriate tone for the Hulk, and — rather importantly — more Hulk. But there’s no doubt that of all the movies leading in to The Avengers the Hulk franchise has been the one that’s had the roughest go of things.


  5. Thanks for reading my mini review everyone, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Hulk smashing things up in The Avengers on the big screen this weekend.


  6. Hi, Ted and company:

    Thanks for the clips and excellent write up.

    It looks like Joss Whedon may have gotten things right regarding the Hulk. Where Ang Lee and Edward Norton got them wrong!

    The Hulk is a very simple, yet powerful character. Who doesn’t need a lot of explanation before going to work. “Hulk. Smash!” works just fine. Where Banner has more Ang Lee created baggage than a First Class passsenger on RMS Titantic.

    Have fun this weekend!


  7. Nice one, Ted! Oh I didn’t know Hulk and Thor has a big battle in ‘The Avengers’… that’d be very interesting to see. Interesting that your feelings changed from the original way you viewed the film, kind of like how I feel about ‘Superman Returns’ after watching the BD you just gave me. It’s my 3rd viewing and I certainly have a much better appreciation for it now.


  8. I don’t remember much about Ang Lee’s version but I did like Edward Norton’s portrayal of Bruce Banner. He bought a little intensity to the role.

    But the version played by Mark Ruffalo in Avengers is easily the best yet. Not only as the green monster, but also as his alter-ego Bruce Banner. Ruffalo bought a controlled but nervous energy. Everyone was on edge whenever he was in the room. Marvel Studio’s has said a new Hulk movie isn’t currently in their plans. They’ll be fools not to capitalise on great reception Hulk is getting from the movie.


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