Rants of Whine & Reason #1

Being an avid movie-watcher can, at times, be bittersweet. The “sweet” in a lot of movies comes from the enjoyable surprises, the perfect casting, the great special effects, the appropriate musical score, and so on and so on. The “bitter” in a lot of movies comes from the mundane repetition, the sequels upon sequels, the bad acting, the horrid predictability, etc. This new segment is my focus (complain-fest) on the latter.

Today, I present to you the first edition of: Rants of Whine & Reason

This segment that will pop up from time to time is where I will gripe and whine about something movie-related which bothers me and then give the reason(s) as to why. Ha! It’s going to be a lot of fun! 😀

You are encouraged to comment in support of or in defiance of my views and reasons. My hope is that this segment turns into a discussion thread each time one posts. This is the segment to let out your frustrations about the topic at hand or something else entirely that bothers you. Complain about the current trend of trailers for movie trailers, or Michael Bay’s involvement in the announced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie, or even how in the world Kristen Stewart or Channing Tatum still seem to somehow get work in Hollywood! ha.


I’m sure that some of you will disagree with the things I choose to rant about. And that’s okay. As you agree or disagree, chime in with your thoughts and join in the conversation in the comment section. But, beware. Disagreeing with me runs the risk of me having my pal, Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction, “strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger!” 😉

Today’s Rant of Whine & Reason: TYLER PERRY MOVIES

Whine– I CANNOT STAND TYLER PERRY MOVIES ANYMORE. I used to, but now…nope!

That’s Right! I didn’t stutter! I can’t stand Tyler Perry movies!

Reason(s)– The first Tyler Perry movie I ever watched was Diary of a Mad Black Woman. And I will admit, I laughed and semi-liked it…mainly for Madea’s wild crazy antics that I had never seen before. The super drama in the film didn’t really grab me and honestly was a bit too over the top. But the characters played by Perry made me laugh. Until…I watched another, and another, and another Tyler Perry movie. Leading me to Reason #1:

– They are all the same!

If you’ve never seen a Tyler Perry movie, here is how almost every single one goes. Observe:

Frustrating. Why would I pay to see the same thing over and over again? I mean, perhaps his films would have something different in them if he stopped cranking them out as fast as mommy rabbits have babies. Between 2006 and 2011 Perry released 10, count them, 10 movies (IMDB)! Do you want to know how many Christopher Nolan did during that time? 3! And they were all quality!

Tyler Perry’s all blend right into one another with the same elements and events. No one can remember the difference between most of them. All the same.

PROOF? Just play bingo with the card below (courtesy the Tyler Perry movie survival site attached when you click the picture) and see how quickly you win while watching his films!

Here are just a few other reasons why I cannot stand Tyler Perry’s movies:

Multiple “Perry” parts. Can he not find other actors to play the numerous parts that he does in the films? We’ve already had Eddie Murphy take up the role of black man playing numerous parts in a film. It worked once (The Nutty Professor), and it failed several times after (Norbit anybody?). Oh, and don’t forget Martin Lawrence in Big Momma’s House 1, 2, 3. It’s getting old, Tyler. Stop it. Madea will not be your little hook to get me to see any of your movies anymore. She’s not funny anymore. Idris Elba called it “buffoonery.”

Is anybody really fooled by this teaser trailer?

Drama OVERLOAD. His films never leave anyone feeling good, happy, or excited about life. EVER

Stereotypes. Okay, this is a big one. As a single black man I take issue with the way that so many black men are portrayed in his films. Wife beaters, child beaters, unfaithful, prisonbound, selfish, etc. Granted, people like that exist (across all races might I add), but in so many…not ALL…of his films, a woman is in a bad relationship with a man like that and the next guy that comes around has to work twice as hard to prove to her that good men still exist. Good black men too! I know…I’m one of those good black men!

In addition to the implied stereotype of the majority of black men, is the stereotype of black culture in America period. Let me just be one to tell you that not all black folk live in either upper class suburbian Atlanta, or in the projects, or in the ghetto.

Also, we don’t all beat our kids and wives, leave our families, etc. And…well, I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that for someone who works hard to promote “black Hollywood” he sure seems to be going about it the wrong way. Perry has received criticism from his peers such as Spike Lee and Idris Elba for his portrayals in his films (WIKI), I just find them to be grossly overexaggerated and offensive. It frustrates me.

I do not discredit his accomplishments. I am glad to see him being successful, especially after the hard life he had growing up. (In 2011, Perry was named the highest paid man in entertainment). I just want him to diversify, write better stories, and direct better films with fuller content, plots, and characters.


Well, that’s my Rant of Whine & Reason #1.

What are your thoughts? Do you like Tyler Perry movies? Why? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!

T, The Focused Filmographer.

up next: “Trailer Time Thursday!”


  1. Haha I hate that he puts his name in all the titles. I’ve never seen any of his movies, but Madea seems to be turning into Ernest.


  2. Lol…oh u know I had to chime in on this one. It is no secret that u have a disgust for Perry, and I get that. I don’t think his movies are the best, and some are worse than others. His stories usually have generally the same story. But you know what, it works for him and he has the audience for it. He will always be successful at what he is doing because no matter what you say there is always someone in the audience who can relate to the story he’s telling. His stories depict real life struggles, and no they may not be ur struggles or mine, but there is always someone out there going through or has been through what he writes about. He doesn’t have the best writing or production, but I always walk away from a Tyler Perry movie with renewed faith. Yes you may get disgusted with the use of religion or God in his stories, but some people need that to get by. I also praise TD Jakes for this.

    Not to mention that Tyler Perry employs black actors and actresses that find it hard getting roles in hollywood, so I also give him praise for keeping them employed when the roles for them aren’t out there. Im sure anyone of them who have been cast in his numerous movies, tv shows, or plays, would beg to differ. Tyler Perry is making a “Black hollywood”, where there really isn’t one.

    No you may not like the content in his material and thats why you have the freedom to rant and rave and basically not purchase a ticket. But as a black man, as you so eloquently put it, you should see that what he is doing is bigger than what he puts in the movie theatres. But regardless as I stated earlier, this man is smart and he found a niche, and will always have an audience for his material. Im sure he’s ok if that audience doesn’t include you.

    I like this segment T! 🙂


    • Hi Tajuana!

      I knew you would be commenting. As a matter of fact I was counting on it. and I’m so glad you did.

      I can appreciate what he has done for actors in getting roles in movies (much like the Wayans once did) and I am thankful for that. But it’s the other subtleties that I mentioned that I garner from his films that bother me now. ha.

      Yes, someone is always going through those types of struggles. sadly. and It’s good that he does something to try to help them along, and in no way am I disgusted with his use of God. I wish he would point even more people to Christ through his films and movies…because that is WHERE the greatest HELP will come via Philippians 4:13

      but his movies now cause me to roll my eyes with disappointment more than have them brightened up with enjoyment. Again, I don’t discredit his success…I know I’m not that successful financially! 🙂 I just want to see him explore something else. Experiment. He may find another niche that he’s good at!

      I’m glad you like this segment. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while. Had to wait for Avengers Week to end. We’ll see how it goes. I hope to get plenty of comments to keep the ball rolling. Thanks so much for your insight and compliments! 😀


      • I like a third of Perry’s movies myself. I noticed the points you made in ur rant, but there wasn’t enough space to comment on everything u dislike…lol. I hear complaints like yours about Perry’s movies all the time. And the complaints are usually coming from a man…lol

        We would all like to see Perry expand. But he has even said it himself that he knows his limits right now. He’s not there yet, but he will get there…or perhaps he won’t. Spike and Idris (again men) can complain all they want, but wth is Spike doing? His complaints would mean something if it wasn’t his thing to complain about EVERYTHING.

        But anyway it is what it is…lol


      • WOW, I had NO idea Tyler Perry is a ‘Christian’! I never would’ve guessed from the movies he’s released. I only saw one of the Madea movie and from just seeing the trailers, I totally see the ‘black stereotype’ issues you mentioned here T. As a person of color, I am disheartened by so many stereotypes of Blacks and Asians on films but when it actually comes from a person of color himself who are propelling them, it’s even more tragic.

        As for the ‘faith’ argument, I really don’t see that coming across in his films and I don’t know if that it’s really what drive him to make the films that he did. As you said, the plot seems so sensational and the humor are quite cringe-worthy that if there were any moral message in it, it’s probably lost to the audience.

        In any case, this is a great series, T. I look forward to future discussion on this ‘rant of whine and reason’ Nice name too! 🙂


      • I think that’s a sad comment, on Perry’s case, that you would’ve never guessed.

        his films do make me quite frustrated as of late and this rant was very enjoyable to write out!

        Looking forward to more Rants of Whine & Reason…and thanks for the compliment on the name!


      • Well hopefully there’s still hope that he’d make a film that Christians would not only watch but recommend 😀 Nice job on this series T, looking forward to more!


  3. Great and passionate rant, T. I’m not a big Tyler Perry fan, mostly for what you dislike about his films. It does seem formulaic (the Boondocks clips nails it). Let me ask you, do you feel it’s worst if Perry uses the same stereotypes that others in Hollywood carried on for decades (and recently seems to be re-deploying — Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, anyone?) or is it the same? Keep ’em coming, T!


    • Personally, I think it’s the same. Stereotypes can serve their purpose, don’t get me wrong. But the continued use of them can begin to send the wrong message, and I’m not a fan. of course, that’s just my opinion. I mean, I could give the same rant about Michael Bay’s movies I suppose. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting and for liking the post. I am glad for the response and look forward to continuing this segment.


  4. As said earlier, I hate him because it’s always “Tyler Perry’s racial stereotype movie”. He just comes off cocky doing that all the time. It wasn’t “Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather” or “Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight”. It’s not like anyone is going to go and claim the 14th Madea movie was their idea if it doesn’t have Tyler Perry’s name on it.

    Also, black dude in a fat suit? Didn’t Eddie Murphy do that and we all know how well that worked out for him in the end.

    Granted, I’ll admit I’ve never seen one of his movies because I have never been the target audience for those. 29 year old white kid who likes video games, beer, and comic books. I’ll probably never see one because I have had literally no interest in seeing one. I have more interest in watching some stupid direct-to-dvd Tinkerbell movie (which they are all terrible in case you’re wondering) with my daughter than seeing a Tyler Perry movie.

    But maybe that’s the problem Perry is having. He’s trying to put out movies for a stereotypical black audience. He thinks that’s what they want to see and that is what their lives are like? Not realizing that looking at it through my eyes, he’s making a movie that is playing off of white stereotypes of black people and then marketing it to those same black people.

    Who knows. I’m not expert on the subject of racial stereotypes in movies or whatnot but it just comes off weird to me.

    I’m also probably the only person in Las Cruces who paid to go see House of 1000 Corpses when it was in the theater at the mall. And I enjoyed the hell out of it.


    • Trevor! Thanks for the comment, man, and for taking the time to read my rant.

      The thing is, nobody forces anyone to watch the movies we pick to see. And I like the fact that you prefer to watch a movie with your daughter about Tinkerbell over some of the numerous silly films that are out now. But, it sure would be nice if Tyler Perry could attract a wider audience of a larger demographic in order to set up the creation of other films. How awesome would it be for him to become the guy known for a movie like Inception or The Lord of the Rings and not just the guy who makes movies where he dresses up as a crazy and funny old lady.

      I’d like to see him do more variety and see where it takes him. I’d like to think he can afford to do so now. But, eh, that’s just me!


  5. Thank you everyone for the comments and discussion. I am headed to work, so there will be a pause in my replies, but I will be replying to the comments when I return! Thank you and enjoy the first of many Rants of Whine & Reason.


    • super depressing, yeah?

      ha, if the drama bothered you in that one (while it is a bit more than what’s in some of his movies) I’m glad for you that you ignored the rest of his movies!

      Thanks for commenting on the “whine” today!


  6. Although Tyler Perry seems like a nice gentleman, I never really cared for his movies. They’re just not my sort of humor, and while they do capitalize on stereotypes, there seems to be an audience for them still.


  7. I haven’t seen a Tyler Perry movie so far but they seem to serve a demographic since they are for the most part quite successful at the box office.


  8. You know what? I hadn’t even heard of him before reading this post! I think I consider myself incredibly lucky! Hopefully they’ll be many more years of this ignorance 😀


  9. Great rant, T. I have never seen any of Tyler Perry’s oeuvre (and I’m using that word solely for the joy of the incongruity), so I can’t speak to just how good or bad or offensive they might be. I’m one of those who has been turned off by the marketing and what I can observe just from the trailers.

    There are a lot of things that affect my enthusiasm for watching a movie. Three of the big negatives are people in drag, people in fat suits, and people playing multiple roles. There are exceptions for each (multiple roles are OK if there’s a sane plot-related reason such as clones or identical twins, and Peter Sellers gets a free pass), but in general those are big warning signs to me. So when I see that most of Tyler Perry’s comedies feature him playing multiple roles, one in drag and a fat suit, that turns me away from watching it, just like Eddie Murphy’s movies.


  10. I have absolutely no idea who Tyler Perry is T so I’m afraid I can’t add much to this debate but I like this new segment. The picture you used made me think you were going to vent about Tarrantino movies which I personally think are way over-rated (though I’m sure that’s not a widely held opinion). Ronan.


  11. Tyler Perry should have stayed on the stage! His plays were and still are much much better than any of his movies! Watch the play version of any of his movies and you will see what I mean. Plus you get the pleasure of listening to some truly talented and amazing singers who do quite a descent job at acting as well. Tamela Mann, David Mann, and my personal favorite singer and actress from his plays Cheryl “Pepsii” Riley are just a small example of this. I will always enjoy watching his plays but, I will detest his movies till the day I die. I will however suffer through them with my wife when necessary so as not to have to sleep on the couch! lol


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