Checking Out the “Happy-Haps!” (6/16)

What are the “Happy-Haps?!”

…as in the happy happenings that are going on in the movie blogosphere! This is the day of link-love for several movie bloggers and sites that have written articles/reviews that I have not been able to bring to your immediate attention! Today is your day to catch up on many other stories and goings on that just might make you smile…hence the name “The Happy-Haps!” 

(keep in mind that every word highlighted below in gold is a clickable link!)

Happy-Hap #1– Ruth at Flixchatter dedicates an entire post on her site to the music of one of my favorite modern musicals: Moulin Rouge. Starring the acting and musical talents of Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman, and more, the music in this film is some of the best of recent years. Visit, listen, and share your thoughts in this musical Happy-Hap of the day!

-Check it out here: Happy-Hap#1!

Happy-Hap #2– Nostra from My Film Views shares his regular weekly segment on Fridays entitled “The Many Faces Of…” In this most recent edition, he takes a look at the many different roles of the one of the most popular actors of late: Michael Fassbender. From 300 to Shame to Prometheus and several more films, Fassbender has been in some pretty solid roles, but perhaps you don’t know them all. Be sure to check it out what he’s been in so far and share your favorite in this dedicated Happy-Hap.

-See Fassbender’s many faces here: Happy-Hap#2

Happy-Hap #3– Scott at FrontRoomCinema takes an in-depth look at an actor that has surprised me lately: John C. Reilly. At first, to me, Reilly was nothing short of just the loud annoying comedy sidekick of Will Ferrell, but he has done so much more than that. Having begun a career of his own that includes several impressive roles, Reilly’s work includes a broad range of characters. Take a look and join in the discussion at this actor-inspired Happy-Hap!

-Read about Reilly here: Happy-Hap#3

Happy-Hap #4– Morgan over at Morgan on Media put up a fine post looking at my favorite movie of 2010, the Oscar-winning and Oscar-nominated Christopher Nolan epic, INCEPTION. A great look at, debate-ably one of the best original films of our time! Have you seen Inception yet? Did you understand it? 😉 Check and see what Morgan’s thoughts were on this ensemble cast movie in this awesome Happy-Hap!

-Read all about Inception here: Happy-Hap#4

Happy-Hap #5– Mr. Courtney Small over at Big Thoughts from a Small Mind has a rather fun “Scene It” game on his page in a post entitled “I Have Scene It Before!” Posting several pics from numerous popular movies, he challenges you to “Name that Movie!” with each scene posted. How much of a movie buff are YOU? Think you can name all the movies? I doubt it! 😀 Challenge Issued!

-Receive the Challenge here: Happy-Hap#5

Happy-Hap#6– With the release of Prometheus earlier this month, Tim from Tim’s Film Reviews shares a look at director Ridley Scott’s work. From Gladiator to Alien to Blade Runner and more, Scott has a signature style and a dedicated following. Take a gander at some of his work and be sure to vote on the attached poll for the movie that you like most from the iconic filmmaker.

-Reveal your favorite Ridley film here: Happy-Hap#6

Happy-Hap#7– If you don’t already know about Dan over at Fogs’MovieReviews then this post that lists the Top 10 Tom Cruise movies is a great introduction to one of the best pages on the web. Fogs’ consistently has tons of segments that do nothing short of inspire debate, conversation, and smiles!…and so does Tom Cruise, I suppose! 😉 Check out Fogs’ Top 10 Cruise movies (not performances) and share yours in this spotlight.

-Read and share your favorite Tom Cruise movie here: Happy-Hap#7

Happy-Hap #8– Don’t miss Tajuana from TajGreene Movies in Review and her review of last weekend’s animated box office winner, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. I’m not a fan of the franchise and don’t plan on watching/reviewing this one, but Tajuana checked it out and you can read her thoughts in today’s Polka-dotted Circus Afro Happy-Hap.

-Move It, Move It to Madagascar here: Happy-Hap#8

Happy-Hap #9– Brian over at The Soap Box Office shares an experience of generational gap movie love as he could no longer hold his tongue listening to teens and pre-teens declare that Tooth Fairy is their favorite movie and that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is the best of the franchise! Sometimes, being a movie critic requires you to use discretion prior to bashing someone’s love for a hated/bad movie, but this time he HAD to “Sweat the small stuff!” Enjoy this fun recap of how he attempted to direct some “misguided” teens to the right path! 😉

-Read and relate to this enjoyable post here: Happy-Hap#9

Happy-Hap #10– David from The Schleicher Spin shares his review of the latest Jack Black film, Bernie. Read what he had to say about “this tale of an affable busybody East Texas assistant funeral director.” I was surprised at some of his thoughts on this dark comedy. Have you seen Bernie yet? Are you a Jack Black fan? Read David’s interesting review entitled “Don’t Mess with Texas or Bernie” and decide if you will be seeing this one soon.

-Read all about Bernie here: Happy-Hap#10

Well, those are the “Happy-Haps” of the day! Which “Hap” made you Happiest?! Leave a note, discuss and debate! Don’t just read and leave! Share the love!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer

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  1. Oooooh “Come Hang Out” is a clever one!

    Too bad my lawyers are filing motions as we speak!!! >:D


    As always, thanks for the linkage, its a pleasure to be in such company with so many other cool bloggers… and just be prepared, T. When I kidnap Mr Happy Hap in an act of revenge for pirating my “Hokk Us Up” concept, it’s not going to be pretty.

    He’s gonna look gooooood on my site. LOL 😀


    • It took me a few minutes to stop laughing enough to type this reply back to you man! hahaha.

      thanks for the props on the “Come Hang Out!” I can’t wait for your lawyers’ puny attempt at trying to prove any wrongdoing! I’m innocent I tell you! Ask Spider-Man! 😀


  2. Yay! Am on another one 😀
    It’s because I am so amazing!
    I have such a big head right now I can barely get out the door.
    Hoping the votes get to 100, because that would be a record for mine 😀


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