Happy Father’s Day

Today, it’s time to celebrate those that taught us so much, helped our mothers to raise us, worked to provide for us, or all of the above and then some!

Throughout the years, we have watched many fathers in tv series: Tim the Tool Man Taylor, Dr. Huxtable, Al Bundy, Red Foreman, Benjamin Sisko, Jack Bauer, Charles Ingalls, Ozzie Nelson, Andy Griffith, etc! Which one(s) are your favorite?

Star Trek DS9 Captain Benjamin Sisko from my favorite episode entitled “The Visitor.”

GUIDANCE! One of the biggest jobs of fathers that can, undoubtedly, be hard but also hilarious at times. I always laugh watching this clip from the Cosby Show often reminding myself of my father and I.

We’ve also seen several fathers in movies that we have enjoyed! Today, I have prepared a small quiz for you to click on and test your knowledge on movie fathers. Can you get a 100%? Click the red button below and guess which movie the fathers pictured are from (10 in all)!

Here ya go: Take the quiz! It’s simple and fun! Take the Father's Day Quiz

Take time today to honor your father. Call him, hug him, tell him you love him. And, if your father has already passed, take the time to honor his memory and be thankful for him.

Enjoy a Happy Father’s Day Wish from Pixar’s BRAVE.

To my father, and all the fathers out there: HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Enjoy your new tie, your recliner, your coffee, and your peace and quiet for this one day, because tomorrow…it’s back to normal!

I love you, Dad. (from your “Number 1 Son”) a.k.a…

T, The Focused Filmographer


    • You love DS9 too! You just got a MADDDD level of respect from me right now. The Visitor is such a great episode. It lost out on an emmy, i think, only because of an episode of Law and Order if memory serves me correctly. I will be reading your post here very soon. Thanks for your kind comment.


  1. Thank-you, son. I am most honored by your thoughts and the very good memories you shared with folks on your site. Oh, and thanks for leaving off some of those “other” memories. Your the best son a dad could ask for… Ephesians 3:20.


  2. That cake looks so nice, I’d almost not want to cut a slice from it. I scored a 90% on your Father’s Day Quiz and am happy with that score because I haven’t seen many of the movies listed in that quiz.. Despite my lack of knowledge about certain movie dads that you features, my guess is that I managed to score that 90% due to me knowing what certain actors weren’t in or knowing what the photos didn’t or couldn’t reflect, when choosing my answers.

    For example, I never saw either of the two movie answers listed in questions 4, 5 nor 7, yet there was something about what I DID know that helped me choose the correct answer for them. Some of my favorite TV fathers are Tim “the tool man taylor,” Deacon Ernest Frye and Philip Banks. Some of my favorite movie fathers include Bryan Mills (played by Liam Neeson), Erik (played by Eric Bana) and Sam Dawson (played by Sean Penn).

    P.S. Can you please delete my other comment that I posted before this one, so it’s not posted twice with my email? Thanks.


    • Done! 🙂

      Nice job on the quiz. esp for not seeing a lot of the films. You have some good choices in the fathers you listed. ooh, Brian Mills from Taken is a good one.

      Thanks for commenting today. Hope you had a great weekend.


  3. Lovely post! I love that video of BRAVE, such a cute Scottish dad 😀 Well I posted my top 10 movie dads, so that’s my answer to your question, he..he..

    Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Faulkner! 😀


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