“Trailer Time Thursday!” 6.21.12 (PT 1)

Today is THURSDAY!!! And you know what that means!! 🙂 It is officially time for another fun-filled edition of “Trailer Time Thursday!”

Finally, your weekly fix of “Triple-T” (aka: “Trailer Time Thursday!”) has arrived!!

In case this is your first visit to “Triple-T,”here’s what it’s all about:

Seeing as how everyone loves movie previews, “Trailer Time Thursday!” was created to bring all of the trending trailers that you may have missed in theaters, or just need to see, all in one convenient place! It makes Thursdays so great! Get ready! Your Preview Pandemonium awaits!

ENJOY!!! :)

As you can see, this installment is labeled as “PART 1”! There were too many good trailers to share, so later today, PART 2 will publish will more of the fun! Stay tuned. Part 2 is scheduled to post at 1pm EST!

Pitch Perfect. Anna Kendrick and others sing their way into the hearts of the judges in the Glee competition of sorts in her first year at Barton University. The drama and hassle of high school continues. Not quite a musical, but loaded with music, Pitch Perfect is tuning up to be in theaters on October 5.

Resident Evil: Retribution (int’l trailer). This international trailer showcases a little bit more footage than last week’s release. This next installment seems to look much better than the previous. Get ready to battle the zombies on September 14, 2012.

2 Days in New York. Chris Rock stars in this dramedy that adds an international flavor to the already awkward scenario of meeting the “in-laws” and “exes”! Check out the trailer for this August 10 release.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, pt 2. The vampire war continues in this final segment of the sparkle-suckers saga. Bella’s action once again cause an uprising against the Cullen family as her daughter brings controversy to the clan and race. The end finally debuts on November 16, 2012.

Monsters University. Two of Pixar’s most beloved characters Sully and Mike return and share a look at their college experiences before we knew them as the lovable scream-inducers of Monsters Inc. Great to hear Billy Crystal and John Goodman voicing the two characters as before. Mark your calendar (and your syllabus) for June 21, 2013 when class begins for Mike and Sully! Can’t wait.

Dredd. Karl Urban stars as the executor of justice in this re-introduction of the man whose name is synonymous with “The Law.” No Sylvester Stallone in this version of Judge Dredd. The comic book character comes back to the big screen on September 21, 2012. Evil doers dread his name. Dredd is coming.

This Week’s “Special Trailer Spotlight”:

HISHE presents “How Tangled Should Have Ended”

This is a pretty funny clip of HISHE dot com’s ideas behind how Disney’s princess epic, Tangled, should have ended. haha! Enjoy!

Well, that’s it for this round of ‘Triple-T’!

My favorite trailers from PT 1: Monsters University, Dredd, and Resident Evil: Retribution. Which ones are your favorites??

Prepare for PART 2 of today’s Trailer Time Thursday (scheduled to publish at 1pm EST) featuring more trailers, including the most recent trailer for July 20th’s The Dark Knight Rises!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer


  1. …I think even Twilight’s die hard fans have grown tired of the franchise. Is this the last one – I hope so. Looking forward to the new Monster’s Inc though.


  2. Monsters University looks like it should be fun; don’t know if it’ll live up to the original, though. 2 Days in New York could be fun… of course, I haven’t seen Paris. Dredd looks like it’ll probably wind up being as cheesy as the first one (which, remember, didn’t come across that badly in the trailers); but as I had fun with that, I’ll probably have fun with this.


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