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Today is Tuesday! and if you’ve been coming here for any length of time, you know that, for most people Tuesday is just the day after Monday, but for you it means that “Time to Vote Tuesday” is here!! YES!!!

What is “Time to Vote Tuesday”?:

“Time to Vote Tuesday” is the session of fun weekly polls which spark thought, debate, and intrigue! Each poll closes in a week with results posted on the following ‘TVT’!

Last week’s poll, Origins and Originality has now closed with 23 votes. Interesting to see what you all voted as most disappointing among the choices of Prequels, Sequels, Remakes, and Reboots.

Check out the results HERE.

I wish to thank everyone that voted in last week’s polls, shared it with others, and made it fun with your comments!


In this edition of ‘TVT’ this week’s poll, entitled “This Is Your Life”, we take a look at some of best biopics in Hollywood!

Sometimes I wonder what a person has to do in order to qualify for a movie to be made all about them. ?? A monarch who accomplished much without speaking much, a troubled musician, a political activist/antagonizing boxer, a Broadway entertainer. Some are exciting, some are boring, some (plainly put) just shouldn’t have been made!

2009’s Amelia starring Hilary Swank, Richard Gere, and Ewan MacGregor

Are you a fan of biopics? I am…depending on the subject. Yes, they aren’t completely action-packed (life isn’t either), but they very effectively romanticize the era and the thought of the culture from the time period. It’s a fun trip into the past (most times). But what makes a biopic GOOD? Some are good because of WHO they focus on (obvious choices like JFK, Ali, Gandhi, etc), while others are good because of HOW they focus on the person (i.e. Pursuit of Happyness, Capote, Raging Bull). Several of them end up as Oscar-winners showing people’s love for stories of true triumph.

Yankee Doodle Dandy: “My mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my sister thanks you, and I thank you!” -George M. Cohan

Some of MY favorite biopics are: Yankee Doodle Dandy, The King’s Speech, Pursuit of Happyness, and Inception (j/k, that’s not a biopic! haha). What are some of yours? Perhaps you like Gandhi, The Coal Miner’s Daughter, Alexander (?), Nixon, A Beautiful Mind, Capote, The Aviator, Evita, Dahmer, Raging Bull, Amadeus, or even The Social Network as a biopic.

Today I ask you:

The poll closes on 7-3-12 and the results will post on next week’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!” 

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer

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      • That is a valid point about ‘Schindler’s List’, T. The subject matter has enormous gravity and does envelope and overshadow just one person. Still, the character of Oskar Schindler, let alone the real person depicted (even if it covered only a handful of years of the German industrialist and war profiteer), remains quite compelling. As good as Hanks was in ‘Philadelphia’ that year, the fact that Liam Nesson didn’t win still irks me, btw. He was simply phenomenal in the role, IMO. Thanks, T.


  1. Great idea for a poll T, I know Hollywood LOVES biopics so they’ll continue to get made. I voted for Schindler’s List, The Queen and The King’s Speech (he..he.. I love British monarch movies don’t I?) Man I gotta see Lawrence of Arabia soon!


    • Thanks Ruth! This week’s poll took some time to put together in choosing the options. I see you voted for Schindler’s List, I almost didn’t include it only because I’m not certain of it’s deserving to be labeled as such.

      It does focus on Schindler, but not necessarily him and his life. It focuses on the Holocaust and adds his actions during it. In biopics, one often remembers the person far more than the events surrounding, but in Schindler’s List, it’s the other way around.

      Oh, and Lawrence of Arabia. Good choice.

      I’m surprised to see no one really mentioning Yankee Doodle Dandy. If that is any indication of people having not seen this Patriotic and American film then that is truly a sad statement…especially with the 4th of July around the corner!


  2. I went with Walk the Line, Ray, and Milk.I would also add Nowhere Boy considering it kept me interested even though i’m not a big Beatles person. But on the subject of biopics, i feel in the last 2-3 years most have been made as Oscar bait, hence why i haven’t been big on biopics for a while.


    • and, you chose well! 🙂

      now, what do you mean by the most recent ones though? I’m curious. Because your choices are rather recent. Esp, King’s Speech.

      I don’t have much interest in a lot of biopics, (i.e., I still haven’t seen Iron Lady), but several are quite good. Hyde Park has none of my interest for this upcoming December.


  3. I’ve only seen a few portions of THE QUEEN…(that’s the one with Helen Mirren, right?) but from what I watched, it looked good. I liked THE DUTCHESS but was somewhat biased in my liking of it because of my fondness of Keira Knightley. You mentioned one of my favorite all-time biopics…A BEAUTIFUL MIND…and I’m surprised that it’s not on the poll. SCHINDLER’S LIST is a legendary one that many, if not most biopics don’t stand a chance competing against.

    I also liked THE FIGHTER with Christian Bale and Marky Mark but it would be hard to choose between that one and CINDERELLA MAN if I had to vote for one of them. I especially have a soft spot for WALK THE LINE because it introduced me to Johnny Cash’s music and I was unfamiliar with him until watching that movie. Now, I like some of his songs but never would have considered checking them out had it not been for the film.


    • Yes. The Fighter…what a great choice.

      I hesitated to put Schindler’s List on here because I think it rarely stands up as a biopic and that the biography is the backdrop and the holocaust is the focus in the film. When it comes to what people remember about Schindler’s List, most people remember the events and not the life of Oskar Schindler.

      BUT, I know that if I didn’t list it, then the “OTHER” choice would have most of the votes on this poll.


  4. Biopics are usually terrible, especially if they are based off of musicians. Its a pretty standard formula by this point; they have humble beginnings, get their big break, fall into drug/ alcohol problems which also leads to trouble in love life, have some sort of redemptive finish. Yawn!!!


    • You have summed up the majority of musician biopics (sadly), but that doesn’t necessarily make them terrible though. It’s their way in which they overcome those hardships and the journey that makes them unique.

      standard formula, true, but can be powerful. Ray is a good example of that.


  5. T my order is Walk the Line (it’s the man in black come on), Schindler’s List, and other: A Beautiful Mind….can’t really go wrong in my book…


  6. Hi, Terrence and company:

    I went with ‘Other’. Though, I agree with your choice of Cagney in ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’.

    I caught Gregory Peck in ‘MacArthur’ last night on TCM. Exceptional look at an extremely gifted leader.

    Would also add Coppola’s ‘Patton’. George C. Scott at his best! Also a great look at Gen. Omar Bradley, brought to life by Karl Malden.

    Might also mention Coppola’s ‘Tucker: A Man and his Dream’ with Jeff Bridges. Superb, well executed period piece!


  7. I had to go Kings Speech for the story and performance. Schindler’s List for the subject matter and how it was handled and directed and finally, The Queen because you actually forget that you are watching a woman play the Queen! Helen Mirren is amazing in that film.


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