A few posts to check out today!

Greetings all.

Having just done a full page ofChecking Out the Happy-Haps a couple of weeks ago, this post will not feature 10 different posts by others for you to check out.

However, after visiting several other blogs over the past week, a couple of great posts sparked my interest that need to be recommended for your considered reading today!

Below you will find 5 quick links to 5 posts that I am recommending to you today. Gotta keep the link-love chain going! Check them out, join in on the discussions, debate/vote/argue/whatever! Most importantly: have fun and enjoy these posts that I enjoyed. (Click the picture to visit its respective link)

1. Nostra continues his segment of “The Many Faces of…” with a look at Denzel Washington. Which of his performances are your favorites? Don’t remember them all? Click the link, visit the post, check them out. Be sure to let him know which role of his is your favorite. It’s a great look at some of this iconic thespian’s work.

2. Victor gives probably one of the BEST reviews for The Dark Knight Rises that I have read. You’ve read a few, I’m sure. Take the time to visit and see if you share his thoughts and views on Nolan’s completion of his Batman trilogy.

3. Fogs’ lists his Top Ten Comic Book Superhero movies of all time. Which ones make your Top Ten list? and why? Are you one of those that just LOVE Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer? [please…no] Is The Dark Knight Rises the best superhero movie ever to you? Do you think that Daredevil belongs in the Top Ten? What about The Amazing Spider-Man? Doesn’t that belong in the Top Ten? Well, click the link and see what made Fogs’ illustrious list, and then create your own in this fun post of his.

4. Max over at Anomalous Material poses a question to the readers: “What is the Greatest Trilogy?” So many people love the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars or Toy Story. Are they the greatest movie trilogies? What makes one great? The money they bring in? The cast? The story? The source content? Take a moment to visit and state which trilogy is the greatest of all. I just know that you all are going to name Rush Hour as the greatest! 😉

5. My good friend, Max at Impassioned Cinema, shares a few nice looks at the upcoming epic from the Wachowski’s (The Matrix trilogy), Cloud Atlas. This beautiful looking film launched an extended trailer last week along with some exclusive looks at the characters. Check it out and share your thoughts.

Well, I hope you enjoy these posts of mention. I did. Be sure to comment and share your thoughts. Especially over at Fogs’ when you see certain superhero movies excluded from his list *cough cough*. Not naming any particular one, but “swing” on over and you’ll see the “amazing” exclusion I’m referring to. 😀

Enjoy everyone!

Thanks for reading. Happy watching.

T, The Focused Filmographer


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